The Statutes at Large, the United States from ..., Volume 30

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1899

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Halaman 1151 - War; and it shall not be lawful to excavate or fill, or in any manner to alter or modify the course, location, condition or capacity of, any port, roadstead, haven, harbor, canal, lake, harbor of refuge, or inclosure within the limits of any breakwater, or of the channel of any navigable water of the United States, unless the work has been recommended by the Chief of Engineers and authorized by the Secretary of War prior to beginning the same.
Halaman 1754 - President of the United States of America, have caused the said Convention to be made public, to the end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.
Halaman 1073 - That in expending the money appropriated by this act, a railroad company which has not received aid in bonds of the United States, and which obtained a grant of public land to aid in the construction of its railroad on condition that such railroad should be a post route and military road subject to the use of the United States for postal, military, naval, and other government services, and also, subject to such regulations as Congress may impose restricting the charges for such government transportation...
Halaman 1751 - In case they remain in the territory they may preserve their allegiance to the Crown of Spain by making, before a court of record, within a year from the date of the exchange of ratifications of this treaty, a declaration of their decision to preserve Huch allegiance; in default of which declaration they shall be held to have renounced it and to have adopted the nationality of the territory in which they may reside.
Halaman 1127 - Provided, That a contract or contracts may be entered into by the Secretary of War for such materials and work as may be necessary to carry on such improvements, to be paid for as appropriations may from time to time be made by law, not to exceed in the aggregate three hundred thousand dollars, exclusive of the amount herein appropriated.
Halaman 1345 - Provided, That all such articles when sold or withdrawn for consumption in the United States shall be subject to the duty, if any, imposed upon such articles by the revenue laws in force at the date of importation, and all penalties prescribed by law shall be applied and enforced against such articles and against the persons who may be guilty of any illegal sale or withdrawal.
Halaman 1153 - Act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $2,500 nor less than $500, or by imprisonment (in the case of a natural person) for not less than thirty days nor more than one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court, one-half of said fine to be paid to the person or persons giving information which shall lead to conviction.
Halaman 1289 - ... person before whom it was taken, had authority to administer it, with proper allegations of the falsity of the matter on which the perjury is assigned...
Halaman 1153 - That whenever any arrest is made under the provisions of this act the person so arrested shall be brought forthwith before a commissioner, judge or court of the United States for examination of the offenses alleged against him; and such commissioner, judge or court shall proceed in respect thereto as authorized by law in cases of crimes against the United States.
Halaman 1300 - On the trial of an indictment for any other crime than libel, questions of law are to be decided by the court, saving the right of the defendant to except ; questions of fact by the jury. And although the jury have the power to find a general verdict, which includes questions of law as well as of fact they are bound, nevertheless, to receive as law what is laid down as such by the court.

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