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81st Congress, 1st Session

(January 3-October 19, 1949)


VOL. 3





480. To repeal act relating to Swan Island animal quarantine station.

481. Providing 1-year extension for disposition of farm-labor camps.

482. Amending sec. 359 of Agricultural adjustment act relative to 2-price pro-

gram for peanuts.

483. Amending Merchant marine act so as to permit transportation of coal to

Ogdensburg, N. Y., in foreign vessels.

484. Relief of Stone & Cooper Coal Co., Inc.

485. Bridge across Rio Grande near Del Rio, Tex.

486. Transfer of title to certain Government-owned facilities for international


487. Attendance of Marine Band at 59th annual reunion of Confederate Veterans

at Little Rock, Ark.

488. Consenting to compact between Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming

rel. to waters of Yellowstone River.
489. Providing for temporary deferment of annual assessment work on mining

claims held by location in U. S.

490. Exchange certain private and Federal properties within boundaries of

Acadia National Park.

491. Establishing uniform code of military justice.

492. Relief of George H. Whike Construction Co.

493. Relief of certain officers and employees of foreign service of United States.

494. Conference report on bill authorizing establishment of joint long-range

proving ground for guided missiles.

495. Consideration of bill to establish uniform code of military justice.

496. Amending War claims act of 1948.

497. Relief of Pearson Remedy Co.

498. Relief of Ray G. Schneyer and Dorothy J. Schneyer.

499. Certification of aureomycin, chloramphenicol, and bacitracin under Federal

food, drug, and cosmetic act.

500. Reorganization of State Department.

501. Regulate hours of duty and pay of civilian lighthouse keepers and civilians

employed on Coast Guard vessels.
502. Payment of compensation to Swiss Government.
503. Payment of noncitizens' claims against United States.
504. Adverse report on resolution requesting information regarding denial of visas

to Pierre Cot and Konni Zilliacus.
505. Providing for use of State course of study in schools operated by Indian

Affairs Bureau in South Dakota.

506. Changing name of Culbertson Dam on Republican River in Nebraska to

Trenton Dam, etc.

507. Issuance of patent in fee to Thomas A. Pickett.

508. Authorizing Secretary of Interior to sell land of George Peters under existing


509. Issuance of patent in fee to Lulu T. S. Iron Bird.
510. Issuance of patent in fee to Jeanette P. Burns.
511. Including dependent husbands under act providing increases of pension to

disabled veterans with dependents.

512. Veterans Administration to reconvey certain lands to Helena Chamber of

Commerce, Helena, Mont.


513. Clarifying provisions of National service life insurance act rel. to payment of

accrued installments.
514. Providing that all employees of Veterans Canteen Service shall be paid

from funds of Service.

515. Survey and study of postal service, utilization of railway mail cars on return


516. Consideration of bill constituting Federal Security Agency a Welfare Depart-


517. Consideration of bill to strengthen and improve organization and adminis-

tration of State Department.

518. Consideration of bill providing for payment of compensation to Swiss


519. Consideration of bill regulating subsistence expenses and mileage allowances

of civilian Government employees.

520. Relief of certain employees of Veterans Administration.

521. Relief of First-Citizens Bank & Trust Co., administrator of C. A. Ragland, sr.

522. District court for eastern district of South Carolina to hear claim of Oteein


523. Relief of Florence B. Peters and E. B. Peters.

524. Relief of estate of James F. Delahanty.

525. Relief of Thelma L. Rynaard.

526. Relief of St. Elizabeth Hospital, Yakima, Wash., and others.

527. Relief of Robert E. Bridge and Leslie E. Ensign.

528. Relief of Thomas M. Bates.

529. Relief of certain officers and employees of Office of United States Commis-

sioner to Philippine Islands.

530. Relief of Ignacio C. Cruz.

531. Relief of Gloria E. Diaz, Lydia Velez, and Gladys Prieto.

532. Relief of Sarah J. Miller.

533. Relief of Erwin F. Earl.

534. Relief of Ever Ready Supply Co. and Harold A. Dahlborg.

535. Increasing compensation of heads and assistant heads of executive depart-

ments and independent agencies.

536. Amending and supplementing act of June 7, 1924, relative to cooperative

forestry programs.

537. Making civil service retirement benefits applicable to employees of Columbia

Institution for the Deaf.

538. Confirm title in V. LeBlanc and C. Riccard to lands in West Baton Rouge

Parish, La.

539. Protecting scenic values along Oak Creek Canyon, etc., in Coconino National


540. Restoring to tribal ownership certain lands upon Colville Indian Reservation.

541. Granting consent of Congress to Pecos River compact.

542. Granting consent of Congress to negotiation of Canadian River compact by

Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.

543. Granting consent of Congress to Arkansas River compact.

544. Ratification of contract for purchase of lands from Three Affiliated Tribes

of Fort Berthold Reservation.

545. Requiring settlers on public lands in Alaska to record notice of settlement

claims in district land offices.

546. Consideration of bill amending Commodity Credit Corporation charter act.

547. Permitting Federal Communications Commission to acquire land for radio

monitoring stations.

548. Relief of Sadako Takagi.

549. Relief of Hoy C. Wong.

550. Relief of Wlodzimierz Onacewicz.


551. Relief of Denise S. Boutant, now Denise S. B. Peterson.

552. Relief of Jan Liga.

553. Relief of Central Bank, California corporation, assignee of John C. Williams,

operating as Central Machine Works.

554. Relief of Alvin G. Patton.

555. Relief of Arthur Holbert, estate of Ernest L. Gass, and estate of James L.


556. Relief of Louis Brown.

557. Revision of title 14 of United States Code, entitled Coast Guard.

558. Conveyance of land in Missoula County, Mont., to Montana for use of

Montana State University.

559. To provide for collection and publication of cotton statistics.

560. Authorizing acquisition by Missoula County, Mont., of certain lands for

public use.

561. Exempting temporary employees of Library of Congress and Federal courts

from application of retirement act.

562. Improving administration of Civil aeronautics act of 1938.

563. Grant additional authority to award contracts for transportation of mail

by aircraft upon star routes.

564. Continuing authority of Maritime Commission to sell, charter, and operate


565. Relief of Toshie Okutomi.

566. Admission into United States of Jacob Gross.

567. Authorizing changes in classification of Crow Indians.

568. Authorizing furnishing of water to Yuma auxiliary project through works of

Gila project.

569. Further contributions to International Children's Emergency Fund. 2 pts.

570. Conference report on resolution granting consent of Congress to Gulf States

marine fisheries compact.

571. Relief of Doris B. Cox, widow of Lamar P. Cox.

572. Relief of Mary Leimgruber.

573. Expenses of investigations by Post Office and Civil Service Committee.

574. Providing for holding memorial services on Wednesday, May 25, 1949.

575. Utilize part of frieze in rotunda of Capitol to portray story of aviation.

576. Providing funds for Judiciary Committee.

577. Telephone and telegraph service and clerk hire for Members of House of


578. Establishment of Women's Reserve of Coast Guard Res ve.

579. Restore land in Alaska to public domain and authorize its sale to Ford J. Dale.

580. Liberalizing requirement for payment of pension in certain cases to veterans

and their widows and children.

581. Amending Displaced persons act of 1948.

582. Benefits for members of reserve components of armed forces who suffer

from injuries incurred while in training.

583. Providing pay and physical disability retirement for members of uniformed


584. Conference report on 1st deficiency appropriation bill, 1949.

585. Consideration of bill amending Federal crop insurance act.

586. Creating Joint Committee on Lobbying Activities.

587. Issuance of patent in fee to L. J. Hand.

588. Establish Federal Interagency Committee on Recreation.

589. Return of rehabilitation and betterment costs of Federal reclamation projects.

590. Housing act of 1949.

591. Amendment of United Nations participation act of 1945.

592. Amendment to joint resolution creating Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.

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