Crazy Little Heaven: An Indonesian Journey

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 When Mark Heyward first went to Indonesia, to teach at a small school in East Kalimantan, little did he realise how life changing his decision would prove to be. Within three years his Australian life would be behind him and he would be travelling, with fellow adventurers, across remote Indonesian Borneo. The story of that remarkable expedition − a true travel adventure – coalesces with the author’s longer journey into the complex heart of Indonesia. It is a journey that spans two decades, that takes the reader from a treasured childhood in Tasmania to a new life in the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Along the way the author travels from one end of the archipelago to the other, from the jungles of Kalimantan to the riots and political turmoil of Jakarta. When he meets and falls in love with Sopan, he must make another life changing decision.


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Touted by one reviewer as the best book on Indonesia he has ever read, he may in fact be close: “Crazy Little Heaven” (2013) by Mark Heyward uses the story of an early 1990s trip across Kalimantan to ... Baca ulasan lengkap


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Born in Tasmania, Australia, in 1957, Mark Heyward has spent the last twenty years living, travelling and working in Indonesia. He now lives with his wife and two children in Lombok. Mark currently works as an international education consultant. In his spare time he writes, makes music, and takes long walks in the hills.

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