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resentative, harks back to the feudal days of England and ought to be abolished or very materially modified. A very large number of decisions from other states have been cited in this book, care having been exercised to make sure that the statutes under which they arose were sufficiently like ours to make them pertinent. The probate statutes of Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Oregon, are in most particulars the same as our own, so that decisions of those states construing their statutes are especially valuable in considering ours. The probate statutes of the New England and western states are generally sufficiently like ours to make the decisions of those states construing their statutes pertinent here. The decisions of New York relating to estates, powers and trusts are well-nigh controlling on our courts. All the probate statutes of this state are printed in this book in full, except in a few cases indicated. All the decisions of the Supreme Court relating to probate matters, published prior to August 15, 1922, are included. The forms in this work are to be used only in the absence of any settled practice in the particular court in which the proceedings are had. Unfortunately there is no uniformity in the practice in the various counties of the state. The forms have been prepared in the hope that they may prove useful to the profession of the state notwithstanding this lack of uniformity of practice. The official forms prepared by the Attorney General for inheritance tax proceedings, and by the Board of Control for proceedings for the commitment of insane, feeble-minded and inebriate persons, are omitted.

Owatonna, Minnesota.


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