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OCTOBER, 9, 1775.

Resolved, That Mr. Duane do apply to the committee of safety of this province, and request them to lend to the continent one ton of gunpowder to be sent to New York; and from thence, what of it can be spared to be immediately forwarded to general Schuyler, by the convention of New York.

Ordered, That the delegates for Pennsylvania do receive from the treasurers the gold and silver they have collected, in order that the same may be forwarded to general Schuyler, to-morrow morning, under a proper guard.

A letter from the convention of New York, enclosing a proposal for procuring gunpowder, was taken into consideration, and referred to the secret committee.

OCTOBER 10, 1775.

Resolved, That the silver and gold collected be sent to general Schuyler, with an escort of four of the light horse of this city.

Adjourned for an hour.


The President reported that he has despatched an express to general Schuyler, with six thousand three hundred and sixty-four pounds, Pennsylvania currency, in silver and gold, equal to sixteen thoasand nine hundred and seventy dollars and two-thirds of a dollar, with an escort of four of the light horse.

OCTOBER 16, 1775.

Resolved, That Mr. Randolph and Mr. Hopkins be appointed to join Mr. J. Rutledge, in order to confer with Mr. J. Macpherson on the subject contained in bis letter.

OCTOBER 19, 1775.

The committee appointed to confer with captain Macpherson reported, that they have executed that service; and, upon conversing with him, do apprehend that the scheme he mentions in his letter is feasi. ble; and that therefore it would be proper he should repair to the camp. Whereupon,

Resolved, That captain Macpherson be requested immediately to repair to the camp at Cambridge, and confer with general Washington on the subject contained in his letter to Congress ; and that the committee who conferred with him do prepare a letter to be sent by him to the general, and report the same.

OCTOBER 20, 1775.

Resolved, That an order be drawn on the treasurers, in favour of captain John Macpherson, for three hundred dollars.

OCTOBER 26, 1775.

It being represented to Congress that a large quantity of blankets and shirts remain in the king's stores at New York

Resolved, That it be recommended to the convention of New York immediately to take possession of the said blankets and shirts, and forward so many of them as may be necessary to general Schuyler, for the use of the army under his command.

NOVEMBER 8, 1775.

Resolved, That the secret committee appointed to contract for the importation of arms, ammunition, &c. &c. be empowered to export to the foreign West Indies, on account and risk of the continent, as much provision or any other produce, except horned cattle, sheep, hogs and poultry, as they may deem necessary for the importation of arms, ammunition, sulphur and

salt petre.

Resolved, That the committee of safety of Pennsylvania be requested to furnish the colony of New York with five hundred pounds of powder, and forward the same immediately to Dobb's ferry. That the convention of New York give orders to receive it there, and send it as soon as possible to the fortresses in the highlands.

[blocks in formation]

NOVEMBER 9, 1775.

Resolved, That every member of this Congress considers himself under the ties of virtue, bonour, and love of his country, not to divulge, directly or indirectly, any matter or thing agitated or debated in Congress, before the same shall have been determined, without leave of the Congress ; nor any matter or thing determined in Congress, which a majority of the Congress shall order to be kept secret. And that if any member shall violate this agreement, he shall be expelled this Congress, and deemed an enemy to the liberties of America, and liable to be treated as such; and that every member signify his consent to this agreement by signing the same.

NOVEMBER 10, 1775.

The Congress resuming the consideration of the report of the committee on Nova Scotia

Resolved, That two persons be sent at the expense of these colonies, lo Nova Scotia, to inquire into the state of that colony; the disposition of the inbabitants towards the American cause; and the conditions of the fortifications, docks, yards, the quantity of artillery and warlike stores, and the number of soldiers, sailors, and ships of war there, and transmit the earliest intelligence to general Washington.

Resolved, That general Washington be directed, in case he should judge it practicable and expedient, to send into that colony a sufficient force to take away the cannon and warlike stores, and to destroy the docks, yards, and magazines, and to take or destroy any ships of war and transports there belonging to

the enemy.

NOVEMBER 29, 1775.

After the resolution permitting Downham Newton to export provisions

Resolved, That the said Downham Newton give bond, with two sufficient sureties, in a penalty equal to double the value of the cargo he shall have laden on board his vessel, the condition of which bond shall be, that the said Downham Newton shall, on or before the 15th day of February next, import into the port of, Newbern, in the colony of North Carolina, and there deliver to the commanding officer of the continental troops in that colony, good muskets and bayonets, or gunpowder, to the full amount of the proceeds of such cargo; and that, on giving such bond, he shall receive from this Congress a permit, to be signed by the President, allowing him to export said cargo.

Resolved, That the executing the above business, and taking the bond from Downham Newton, be referred to the committee who brought in the report.

Information being given to Congress that there is a farge quantity of powder in the island of Providence

Ordered, That the foregoing committee take measures for securing and bringing away the said powder ; and that it be an instruction to the said committee, in case they can sécure said powder, to have is

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