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JULY 11, 1775.

On motion,

Resolved, That the delegates from Pennsylvania bave liberty to treat with, and employ, fifty hussars, who have been in actual service, and send them forward to join the troops before Boston, under general Washington.

JULY 17, 1775.

Resolved, That the President write to general Wooster, directing him to send, in the most expeditious manner, one thousand of the Connecticut forces under his command to Albany, there to remain en. camped until they shall receive orders from general Schuyler as to their future proceedings.

Upon motion,

Resolved, That Mr. Cushing, Mr. Henry, and Mr. Deane, be a committee to confer with Mr. Kirkland, and report what in their opinion is an adequate compensation for his services among the Indians.

The address from the deputies of the several parishes of the islands of Bermuda being again read

Ordered, That the President return them an answer, acknowledging the receipt of the address, and informing them that it will be considered ; and desiring them to send an account of the provisions imported for some years past for the use of the inhabitants of that island; and also enclose them a copy of a resolve entered into on Saturday last, respecting the importation of gunpowder, &c.

The committee appointed to confer with Mr. Kirkland brought in their report, which, being taken into consideration,

Resolved, That there be, and there is hereby allowed to the reverend Mr. Samuel Kirkland, three hundred dollars to discharge the expenses he has been at among the Indians of the Six Nations, to defray the expenses of his journey from and to the Oneida country, and that he receive the same out of the continental treasury.

And it is hereby recommended to the commissioners of the northern department, to employ the said Mr. Kirkland among the Indians of the Six Nations, in order to secure their friendship, and to continue them in a state of neutrality with respect to the present controversy between Great Britain and these colonies.

JULY 19, 1775.

That a company of matrosses be raised in the city of Philadelphia, and sent to Boston.

That a committee of three be appointed to devise ways and means of raising the above company.

The committee chosen are Mr. Lynch, Mr. Lee, and Mr. Gadsdep.

That the President be desired to write to the powder committees, or committees of safety, in this city and New York (where it is said a supply of powder is lately arrived) to forward to the camp as much gunpowder as they can spare.

JULY 25, 1775.

The Congress being informed that a quantity of the continental gunpowder, amounting to about six tons and half, was arrived in this city

Ordered, That the delegates of this colony take measures to have it sent under a safe convoy with all possible despatch to general Washington, at the camp before Boston.

That the delegates be empowered to order a detachment of the riflemen raised for the continental

army, consisting of at least two officers and thirty men, to meet the powder wagons at Trenton, and from thence to escort the same to the camp.

JULY 27, 1775.

On motion,

Resolved, That the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars be paid by the continental treasurers to Reese Meredith, George Clymer, Samuel Meredith, and Samuel Mifflin, merchants, of the city of Philadelphia ; and that the like sum of twenty-five thousand dollars be paid by the said treasurers to Philip Livingston, John Alsop, and Francis Lewis, merchants, of New York, to be by them applied to the purpose of importing gunpowder for the continental armies ; and that they be allowed out of the same five per per cent. for their trouble and expenses therein : That they keep all their proceedings, as much as possible, a secret from every other person, but the Congress, and

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the general of the continental forces for the time being: That they keep up a correspondence with the said general; and make such dispositions of the powder they may import, as he shall order.

JULY 28, 1775.

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The Congress being informed that a quantity of gunpowder belonging to the continent is arrived in some part of New Jersey

Ordered, That the delegates of New Jersey do take care that the said powder be safely conveyed to Dobb’s ferry on the North river.

On motion made,

Ordered, That the colony of Virginia be supplied with one ton of gunpowder from the next quantity arriving here; and that from the same supply Pennsylvania be repaid the powder heretofore borrowed by the Congress, if the same shall not be wanted by general Washington.

JULY 29, 1775.

Two petitions were laid before the Congress respecting disputes between the people of Connecticut and Pennsylvania, on lands lying on the waters of Susquehanna ; and the same being read

Ordered to lie on the table for the perusal of the members.

AUGUST 1, 1775.

Resolved, That the sum of two hundred and ninetythree dollars be paid to the delegates of South Caroli.

na for the expense and freight of transporting a quantity of powder from South Carolina to this place, by order of Congress.

Resolved, That out of the powder belonging to the continent now in this city, five tons be sent to general Washington, in the speediest and safest manner, by the delegates of the colony of Pennsylvania.

That out of the next that arrives, the delegates of New Jersey be allowed to purchase one thousand pounds for the use of the western parts of their colony; and that the delegates of the lower counties on Dela. ware be allowed to purchase one thousand pounds for the use of said counties.

That out of the same parcel the quantity of one ton be reserved for North Carolina, to be lodged in the magazine of New York, and delivered to the order of the speaker of the assembly, or president of the convention of North Carolina ; provided, the necessity of general Washington and general Schuyler will adnit.

The Congress resumed the consideration of the petitions respecting the disputes between the people of Connecticut and Pennsylvania ; and after some debate,

Resolved, That the farther consideration of this matter be referred to the next meeting of this congress.

The Congress having reconsidered a resolve passed the 11th July, respecting the employing of fifty hus


Resolved, That the delegates of this province be desired not to proceed in executing said resolve; and



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