The Budget Report of the State Board of Finance and Control to the General Assembly, Session of [1929-] 1937, Volume 1,Bagian 2

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Budget report for 1929/31 deals also with the operations of the fiscal year ended June 30, 1928 and the estimates for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1929.

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Halaman 11 - States useful information on subjects connected with labor in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and especially upon its relation to capital, the hours of labor, the earnings of laboring men and women, and the means of promoting their material, social, intellectual, and moral prosperity.
Halaman 193 - Fuel for yard locomotives Water for yard locomotives Lubricants for yard locomotives Other supplies for yard locomotives Enginehouse expenses — Yard Yard supplies and expenses Operating joint yards and terminals — Dr.
Halaman 98 - Total freight revenue Average amount received for each ton of freight Average receipts per ton per mile.
Halaman 239 - All Extensions of Road put in Operation. 2. Decrease in Mileage by Line Abandoned or Line Straightened. 3. All other important Physical Changes. 4. All Leases taken or surrendered. 5. All Consolidations or Reorganizations effected. 6. All new Stocks issued. 7. All new Funded Debt issued.
Halaman 101 - Manufactures: Petroleum and other oils . Sugar ..... Naval stores .... Iron, pig and bloom . Iron and steel rails . Other castings and machinery . Bar and sheet metal Cement, brick, and lime . Agricultural implements . . Wagons, carriages, tools, etc. Wines, liquors, and beers . Household goods and furniture Other manufactures Total .... Merchandise .... Miscellaneous — other commodities not mentioned above Total tonnage . Freight originating on this road.
Halaman 233 - Has each share of stock one vote? Yes. Has any issue of securities contingent voting rights ? No.
Halaman 138 - All other important physical changes. 4. All leases taken or surrendered. 5. All consolidations or reorganizations effected. 6. All new stocks issued. 7. All new bonds issued. 8. All other important .financial changes.
Halaman 33 - Every person or corporation managing or operating any factory, or owning or controlling the use of any other building where more than five persons are employed, shall provide and keep in good sanitary condition suitable water-closet accommodations for the use of the persons employed.
Halaman 122 - Company, on my oath do say that the foregoing return has been prepared, under my direction, from the original books, papers, and records of said company; that I have carefully examined the same, and declare the same to be a complete and correct statement of the business and affairs of said company in respect to each and every matter and thing therein set forth, to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief...
Halaman 67 - ... surrendered, revoked, canceled, annulled or suspended, and in the event that it has, whether or not renewed authority to act under such certificate of authority has been granted as provided in section 625a of the Political Code.

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