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Oxford University Press, 1987 - 121 halaman
How do learners learn to speak a foreign language? What differentapproaches have been developed to teach this important skill? Speaking dealswith both these questions, providing clear explanations of recent research anddevelopments in methodology. In the final section the author suggests practicalways in which teachers can gain a better understanding of the role of oralclassroom activities.

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Speaking as a skill
Differences between speech and writing
Interaction skills
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VIRGINIA SAMUDA is Researcher in Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University, . She has worked as a language teacher, teacher educator, materials writer and classroom researcher in North and South America, SE Asia and the UK. Throughout her work, she has had a long-standing interest in tasks and task design. She is particularly interested in how tasks function in classrooms, and the ways in which teachers and students work with them.
MARTIN BYGATE is Professor of Applied Linguistics and Language Education at Lancaster University. He teaches and researches in second language acquisition and second language education. He is the author of "Speaking" and co-editor of "Grammar and the Language Classroom" (with Alan Tonkyn and Eddie Williams) and "Researching Pedagogic Tasks: Second Language Learning, Teaching and Testing" (with Peter Skehan and Merrill Swain).

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