Babysitting for the Billionaire (College Girl and Billionaire Erotica)

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Bloomingdale Books, 28 Des 2014

In her freshman year as a fashion student, Rebecca realizes she needs to earn some extra money. Responding to an ad for a babysitter on the college noticeboard, Rebecca finds out she is to work for Robert, a billionaire oil magnate.

Robert's wife however, is suspicious, but one night when Rebecca is babysitting, Robert has to return home alone from a party with his wife, and the rapport between Robert and the babysitter leads to something neither can refuse to act upon.

Warning: Contains scenes only suitable for adults!

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Bestselling erotica/erotic romance author author Anita Dobs, was a teacher that turned to writing erotic literature as she says, "it's almost as much fun as the real thing!" her goal is to bring you the naughtiest, sexiest stories that will get you all hot and bothered.

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