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Quum leges aliæ super alias accumulatæ, eas de integro retractare, et in Corpus fanum habile
redigere, ex vfu fit.

Mifera Servitus est ubi Jus est vagum aut incognitum.

4 Inf. 246.


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HE Editor, having engaged to publish a cheap Edition of the Revised Laws of the State of New-York, now presents. the Public with the first Volume.

This Volume contains all the Laws to the eleventh Session, which is one Seffion more than is comprised in the first Volume of Gaine's Edition : This was done to equalize the two Volumes as much as posible; the Second, however, will probably contain the greatest Number of Pages.

The Types and Paper were manufactured in this Stateanxious to give public Satisfaction, and fearing, after the

Publication of his Proposals, that the Types therein proposed to print this Work upon would not hold out good to the End, the Editor engaged Mr. Mappa, of this City, an ingenious Type-Founder from Holland, to cast a new Fount for it,which unavoidably delayed the Publication for near two Months. However disagreeable this Delay may have been to the Subfcribers (as well as to the Editor, who suffers most by it) it is to be presumed, that the Confideration of giving EncouTagement to the Manufactures of our State, will more than compensate. The Types are not so perfe&tly Regular as those from the London Foundaries, which have been improving

for Centuriesbut, no Cash went to London for themand our infant Manufa&ures ought to be encouraged, that they also may improve.

Several Gentlemen of the Profession of the Law have been so Polite, that not a Sheet of this Work has been put to the Press without a careful Revisal by one of them— And it is hoped, that it will meet with the fullest Approbation of the Public.

The Editor presents his grateful Thanks for a generous List of upwards of Fourteen Hundred Subscribers : Their Names shall be annexed to the second Volume, per Counties, in alphabetical Arrangement. With unremitted Endeavors to merit the Patronage of the Public, the Editor subscribes, their obedient Servant,


* This Edition contains only the Laws now in Force, no Notice being taken of those which are either repealed, expired, or obselete ; and this is the Reason why the Chapters do not always follow in regular Succesion.

PRINTING-OFFICE, New-York, Fanuary 2, 1792.

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