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Anteers to receive 10 hier rewar. for their forvi


crates or caks, and provisions in casks, under the penalty of ten pounds, like money as afureigd, for every such offence, to be recovered in inanner as is herein before directed.

Viil. sud be il fikruizer Chiccd by te wuthorily a refaid, That any and every vendue-mailer or vendue-mailers, auctioneer or auctioneers, who shall receive or accept of any higher or further reward for his or their service in

the faie or disposal of any goods, wares, inerchandize or

cicis, which mall or may be committed to his or their us ti do 2 ani i-2 per care and management, than at and after the rate of two

pounds ten fni ings for every hundred pounds in valiw, to which the fuld goods, warus, merchandize or effects, by him or them acially foid and disposed of, shall amount; unless a previous agreement be mile in writing between the cwner of such goods, wares, merchandize or effact, and such vendue-mafier or auctioneer, for a higher or further reward, shall forvii the fun of one hundred pounds like money as aforefaid, for every ficcolince; which forfeiture fall be recovered in the manner herein before dicatul

19. Proriurd alw.dys, 01!1d it is liereby enzied by the authority afircfiid, That a'l linis and tenuinints, and goods, bxlonging to this state, or the United States of America, and all goods and chatiels which shall or may be seized by any public oficer, for or on account of any forfeiture or fortèitures, peArticles exempted nalty or penalties, ships and vefels

, goods and effects of from t'i dilty. deceafed persons, or goods diitrained for rent or taken in execution, effect; ot in folvent debtors, utensils of husbandry, goods damaged at fea, and fold for the benefit of the owners or insurers, within twenty days after the fame Mail be landel, under the inspection of the master and portwardens of the port of New-York, or of such inspector or inípectors as are herein after mentioned; horfes, neat cattle, hogs, sheep, and also al articks the growth, produce or manufacture of this fiate, shall in no wise be subject tv, but are hereby exerpted and declared free from the duty above mentonet, and may be fold by any pcrfon or perfors being a citizen or citizens of this fiate, in any part of this itate, other than the city and county of NewYork, any thing herein before contained to the contrary in any wise notwith:tanding. And that goods damaged at fea, and fold for the benefit of the owners or insurers, in any other city or county in this state than the city of Neiv-Yerk, hall be fold under the inspection of such person or persons as shall be thereunto appointed by the civil officers in such city or county respectively, who by this act are authorised to grant licences to vendue-malters or auctioneers; and the faid civil officers are hereby authorised and required to appoint, in each such city or county, one or more, not exceeding three discreet persons, to be inspectors of such damaged goods as aforesaid.

X. id bc it further erudied by the aumuriy afraid, D. Tinen or criers That no bellinan, or crier, shall be employed at any vendue shea tu bc cirplused.

or auction in the city of New York, except at the file of such articles as by this act are allowed to be sold at other places than the refidence of the respective vendue-mailers or auctioneers; and that every perfon acting as bellinan, or crier, at any vendue or auction in the city of NewYork, except as before excepted, fall for feit and pay for every fuch offence, thie tum ortwenty fillinga, with cols of suit, to any person who will fitt fue for the fune, before any of the allermen of the faid cty.

0:fcens fees on li XI. And be it firther cadied ly the truthor:/ corefiid, exes and recogni

That the mayor, recorder, or judge, who fhall grant 'uch

licence and take fuch recognizance in manier as by this at is required, shall not exact or receive any greater or other fees tran the fin often shilings, for taking the said recognizance, and granting the fid licence as atorefaid.

Xll. And be il further encccd ly the al::lorily afirefoid, That the treafurer of the state for the time being, Thail, and is hereby required, to keep exact and diitinet accounts of the monies to arise from time to time, by virtue of this act.

XIII. And be it further cnaied by the methority afurejud, That if any person shall be guilty of any fraud or deceit in the eccution of this act, or in cluding or defeating the operation thereof; such person shall, on being legally convišted thereof, forsęit the sum of five hundred pounds, as a penalty for every fuch offence; when recovered, to be paid, the one half to the trena surer of the state, for the use of the latt, and the other half to the use of the person who shall sue for the fame,

с н д Р. VIII. Aa ACT to enable the Frecholders of the Tou 1 of Huntington, to holu heir aniiual Town Mee:ings on the fiili Tucsday in April.

Palled 17th March, 1784.

town of Huntington, in Suffolk county, by their petition in behalf of themselves and the said freeholders, have set forth, that by their charter, bearing date the firih day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand fx hundred and ninety-four, they are obliged to hold their annual townmeetings on the first Tuesday in May, which is found to be attended with great inconvenience, and have prayed the legitiature to enable them to hold the said meetings at an earlier period;

Be it therefore ended by the people of ihe fate of New York, refr. fented da fendte arid olembly, and it is hereby ende een by the core!hurity of the pictures That from and áfer the palling of this act, it fball

and may be la wil, 10 and for the freeholders and inhabitants of the town of Huntington aforesaid, to hold their annual town meetings on the frit Tuesday in April in every year, Ammi tomyn-ince, and on no other day; and then elic truites, a supervisor,

Huntington to town-clerk, aliè flors, constabies, overleers of the poor, overTulay in April.

feers of the highways, and force viewers; and at tuch an

nual town-meetings, to make all such rules and regulations respecting the faid town, and to tranzét all such buiiness in the fame manner as it was lawful for them to do at their annual 10:1-117(eings heretofore; any law, usage or cultom, to the contrary in any wile notwithlianding.

b held


IX. An ACT to remove Doubts which may have ari, en ref eFing the Charter Riches of the Minister, Eliers and Deacons of the Reformed Proiekant Dutch Church of the City of New York, in Coquem é of the late Invafron of this state.

Batanii Marcii, 178.4.

During the firena front pro optation

poration, to 13e miniller, c!ersuni dercons, or the w 2:0, arba evar. rezormed fretellit Dach churuth, of the ciy of News

York, granted by the late king William the third, bearing date the itth day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand fix hundred and ninety-fix, hath been luipended by the war lately waged by the present king of Great-Britain, against the United States of America'; in order therefore to put the faid corporation, in the fame state of activity which they enjoyed at the commencement of the said war,

1. Be it enacted by ihe people of ile jlnie of Neu-York, represented in senate aid sozuly, and it is hcreby eracted by the authorily of the litine, That the said

The faid charter charter, and all and fingular the estates, rights, powers, aucontinued, notwili thorities, liberties, privileges, franchises, preheminences and or oil-fer, between immunities thereby granted and confirmed, and which the bliver before the laid corporation and the members thereof, did actually hold, aćt.

exercise and enjoy on the nineteenth day of April, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, by virtue of the said charter, or by virtue of any act of the legislature of this ftate, whilst the fame was the colony of New-York, shall be, continue and enure in full force, virtue and efficacy, to all intents, constructions and purposes in the law whatsoever, notwithitanding any non-user or mif-user thereof, or of any part thereof, between the eighteenth day of April, one thousand seven hundred and seventyfive, and the day of the passing of this act. And that all and fingular the members of the said corporation, shall be fully able and capable in the law,to exercise all and singular the powers and authorities, to their several and re-. spective offices and places belonging, as well as their joint and several authoritics in the election or appointinent of such officers as ought to have been elected or appointed by them, jointly, or by any one or more of them separately, at luch times as are directed by the faid charter or the said laws, notwithstanding any want of conformity to the said charter or the said laws, in such election or appointments, or either of them. And that the minister, elders and deacons, who from an adherence to the cause of their country, were compelled by the British army to leave the said city, or fuch of them as since the evacuation of the faid city by the said army, returned thereto, shall be taken and deemed to be the minister, elders and deacons, of the reformed proteflant Dutch church of the city of New York, until others Mall be appointed or elected in their stead, according to the faid charter.

. II. And whereas there is contained in the faid charter or letters patent, a clause giving power to the said minister, elders and deacons, by and with the content and advice of the members in communion of the said church, or the major part of them, to make rates and assessments upon all and every of the ineinbors in communion of the said church, for the purpose of raising money for the payment of the yearly ftipends and salaries of the respective officers of the said church ; and also for repairing, amending and enlarging the said church and steeple, belirey, cemetry or church-yard, and other things neceffary, belonging to the faid church; which power having heretofore never heen exercised, and the present miniser, elders and deacons being willing to furrender the fame; But therefire further ended by the uutioily aforeld, That the aforesaid power Mall not at any time hereafter be exercised by the present ininifter, elders and deacons, or their succesors, but all be, and the bame is hereby altogether abrogated, repealed and annuled.

Yurten-Irland af.

An ACT to appropri.ite certain Buildings to public Uses.

Pailed 29th March, 1784.
E il cnačied by the people of the flate of New-York, represented in fenate
and afsembly, and it is hereby enaĉled by the authorily of the same, That

the island called Governor's or Nutten-Iland, shall be, and figned to the use of the fame hereby is assigned to, and for the use of the goveruz guvernor

nor or person administring the government of this state for the time being, to be held and poflefled by him until the legilature shall otherwise order and direct; and that it shall and may be lawful to and for the governor or person administring the government, to have and take the charge and superintendance of Fort-George, in the city of New-York, and other fortifications and public works and buildings, within the said city, erected for military purposes, on lands which are the property of the state, and to give such orders and directions from time to time as he may deem neceilary to secure and preserve the faid fort, fortifications, public works and buildings, from wafle and destruction.

II, cind be il finther exaced by the uthoriy aforcfuid, Corrniilimmers of That it shall and may be lawful, to and for the commissionand a:Tigr. a houle,čce. ers of forfeitures for the southern district, or any one of them,

to set apart and aflign such one of the houses forfeited to the See the line ch. 64. people of this state, with the stables and other buildings . 58.

thereunto belonging, as his excellency the governor shall make choice of for his residence, except the house and buildings hereafter afiigned for the use of the secretary of this state.

III. And be i further enabled by the authorily aforcfuid, A bouf; and lot ap: That the lot of ground, with the dwelling house, out houses, propriated to the use of the secretary. ftables and other buildings, thereon erected, situate on the west side of the street commonly called the Broad-way, in the ward distinguished by the name of the West Ward, and now vested in the people of this itate, by the attainder of William Axtell, Esq. late one of the members of the council of the colony of New York, shall be, and hereby is appropriated to the use of the secretary of this state, until the expiration of two years, from and after the last day of April next, for the accommodation of his family, and as a deposit for the archives and records of this state, unless other provifon thall sooner be made by law in the premises. And the commiilioners of forfeitures for the southern diftrict, or any one of them, are hereby authorised and required, without delay, to put the secretary of this fare for the time being into the poilefion of the said lot of lard, and of the dwelling house, out houses, and other buildings thereon crected ; any law to ihe contrary notwithstanding.

de governor.

CH A P. XVI. An ACT to empower the Surveyor-Gercra! oʻthis far, o procure the flats,

Papers and Records, which apperained in the Offices of Surreyor-Geral, or Receiver-General of the late Color y of Neu-York.

Palied ad April, 178.4. BELE E it enated in th people of the site of New-Yuik, opielarter! in jimde

und af by, and it is 'herchy erdhed ly tic vaiherings not the fines,

Executors, &c. of That it shall and may be lawful to and for the executors or driver policial papers administrators of Alexander Colden, Esquire, late furveyorto the furveyor yene guneral of the colony of New-York, and they are hereby

leverally required, to deliver to the surveyor-general of this state for the time being, or to his order, all papers, books, inars and records, together with the chests, trunks and boxes in which the fame may be Contained, which they or any of thein may be in polletion of, and which did appertain to the office of surveyor-general of the said colony, or to the office of receiver-general of the fame.

II. And be it further endded by the authority oforcoid, That it snall and may be lawful to and for the secretary of this rate for the time being, and he is hereby required to deliver to the surveyor-general of this ftate for the time being, or to his order, all such papers, books, maps and records, which may be in custody of the faid fecretary, and which did heretofore appertain to the office of furveyor-general, or to the office of receiver-general of the late colony of New-York, together with the chells, trunks and boxes in which such papers may be con cained.

III. And be it fitrahcr en tied by the che rily firefid, That it has and may be lawful to and for any other public officer or private person whatsoever, into whose custody any papers, books, maps and records whatever, may come, aprertaining to the said offices of surveyor-general, or receiver-guneral of the late colony of New-York, and they are hereby required to deliver the fame to the furve yor-general of this ffate for the time being, or to his order.

IV. And be it further crac!ed ly the au hority afirefroid, Secretary to give That the secretary of this ílate shall from time to ime, when papers to le furvey. thereunto required by the surveyor-general of this state,

funilh the fad furveyor-general with certified copies or extracts of such parents, Indian purchases, locations, surveys and other papers as he shall from time to time fignify that he Itands in aced of, in order more eilcctually to execute the truit repofed in him as furveyor-general.


с нА Р. XVII.
AN ACT to alter the Names of the Cournies of T. you a:rd Char'ot!l.

Paliüd zd April, 178.4.
BE -

ain'oferty, and it is hereby cruded by the arıtharily on the lime, That from and afier the paling of this act, the coun:y of Tryon fall be called and known by the name of Montgomery, and the county of Charlotte fall be called and known by the name of Tamingion.

II. And be it further encicled by the authority aforesaid, Alt om ofnores That all writs, precepts and other process iffued out, and These wo ati ci provets. from the interior courts of common pleas, and the courts of general feilions of the peace in the said countics, in and by the name of the county of Tryon, and in and by the name of the county of Charlotte, for be and remain in the fame fate and condition, as if the fame had been red from the said courts by the name of the county of Montgomery, and hy the 71mc of the county of Wallington, and that all perfons bound by ricognizance 1o appear in ite faid courts of general fulens ofthe peace, fall opearinhemannet, as if the natureofthed counties had not changed; any ling in any former act: contrained to tie contay notwik'anung.

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