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. . 61 and therefore pray to be incorporated, and to have the said piece or lot of land and buildings thereon, confirmed to them and their successors and are figns for ever;

1. Be it therefore enačied by the people of the state of New-York, represented in fenate and fembly, and it is hereby enačied by the authority of the same, That Samuel Verbryck, minifler of the said reformed protestant Dutch church of Tappan, or town of Orange, in Orange county ; Teunis Blau

Minister, elders and velt, Robert Sickles, Abraham I. Haring and Martin Paulus, danes, and tixir fuc. elders; and Abraham T. Blauvelt, Barent H. Nagel, John cchers ixcxporated. I. Haring and Gerret Jos Bauvelt, deacons of the fame church, and their fucceffors, elected, chofen, or appointed according to the mode practised in or by the reformed proteftant Dutch churches or congregations, be, and they are hereby made and constituted a corporation and body politic in law and in fact, to have continuance for ever, by the name, state, and title of, The minister, elders and deacons of the reformed protestant Dutch church of the town of Orange, in Orange county.

II. And be it further ena ed by the authority aforefid, And enabled to hold That they the faid minister, elders and deacons, and their the amount of sool. successors, by the name, stile and title aforesaid, fall for

ever hereafter, be persons able and capable in law, to have, take, receive, acquire, purchase, potless and enjoy lands, tenements, heredizainents, and goods, chattels, property and effects, of whatsoever kind, Dature or quality, as any person or perions, or any corporation or body poEtic, can or lawfully may do, to the annual value of five hundred pounds, equal to one thousand one hundred and eleven ounces, and one ninthi part of an ounce, of Sevil

, Pillar or Mexico plate, and no more; and the fame lands, tenements, hereditaments, goods, chattels, property and efects, to leafe, grant, demise, alien, bargain, fell and dispose of, at their own will and pleasure.

III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforefaid, That they the faid minister, elders and deacons, and their fuccessors, by the name, stile and trie aforesaid, at all times, for ever hereafer, shall be persons able and capaTa size and be sued.

ble in law, to fue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded,

to answer and be answered unto, to defend and be defended, in any court or courts, in all and all manner of suits, complaints, pleas, caules, matters and demands, of whatsoever kind, nature or form they may be, and all and every matter and thing therein, to do in as full and effectul manner, as any other person or perions, or corporation, or body politic within this state, may or can do. To have a common

IV. And be it further ended ly the auhurily aforcaid, fal.

That they the faid miniser, elders and deacons, and incir fuccessors, shall have full power and authority to make, have, and ute one common feal, u h such device and inscription as they shall think proper ; and the fame ital to break, alter and renew, at their pleasure..

V. and be it firther cracd ly the uuthoriy aforesaid, potreban kereta te forte That it shall and inay be lawful, to and for the faid minifter, ar'rlik, how to be

elders and deacons, and their successors, from time to time, to elect, from among themselves, a president, and to clect and appoint, from 2nong:heinelves, or others, a treasurer, a clerk, and such other oficers as idey shall land in need of; and the fame pretent, treasurer, clerk, and o ir oficers, or any of them, at their pleasure, to remove, charge or con inue.

eh teu.

Their title to the VI. And be it further enaĉled by the authority aforesaid, faid lot confirmed.

That all the estate, right, title and interest, which they the

said herein before named Daniel Declark, Peter Haring, Johannis Blauveit, Lambert Smith, and Cozine Haring, or any or either of them, immediately at and before their executing the aforesaid deed-poll, had of, in, or to the herein before described piece or lot of land, and buildings and improvements thereon, be, and the fame are hereby vefied in, and confirmed to the said minister, elders and deacons of the reformed protestant Dutch church of the town of Orange, in Orange county, and their successors and alligns, to have and to hold the same unto them, their succeflors and aligns, to and for their only proper use and behoof for ever.

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CH A P. XXXI. Remedy extended An ACT for granting a more efferal Relief in Cafes of cor7th feil. ch. 54. fec.2.

tain Trejajc.

Palled 17th March, 1783. BE

Eit enailed by the people of the fate of New-lok, rugreje,ted in female

and assembly, ond it is hereby enuced by the authoriy oj ihe jume, That it shall and may be lawful for any person or persons, who are, or were in

habitants of this state, and who by reason of the invasion of titled to bring fits, the enemy, left his, her, or their place or places of abode, and against whom,

and who have not voluntarily put themfelves respectively into the power of the enemy, since they respectively left their places of abode, his, her, or their heirs, executors or adminiftratois, to bring an action of trespass against any person or persons who may have occupied, injured, or deftroyed his, her or their eitate, either real or personal, within the power of the enemy, or against any person or persons who shall have purchased or received any such goods or effects, or against his, her or their heirs, executors or administrators, in any court of record within this state, having cognizance of the fame; in which action, if the same shall be Defendant held to brought against the person or persons who have occupied,

injured or deftroyed, or purchased, or received such real or personal estate as aforesaid, the defendant or defendants shall be held to buil.

[The remainder of this act is repealed, foth ledi. ch. 71.]


An ACT for fufpending the Prosecutions therein mentioned.

Pafled 21st March, 1783.


WHEREAS many zealous friends to the freedom and

independence of the United States of America, have, during the present conteli with Great Britain, committed and done acis in support of the faid freedom and independence which were not conformable to the strict letter of the law; and whereas no sufficient discrimination can be made before the restoration of public tranquillity, between wanton acts of violence, and acts which proceeded from a defire to promote the public fafety ;

I. Be it therefore cured by the people of the flate o New-York, rejrefined i.: sporate and asembly, and it is hieroby enated by the authority of pie fame,

No prosecution for That no action, suit or prosecution, for any imprisonment, the American cause. escape, affault

, battery, or trespass, done or committed by

any such person or persons, with intent to further the common cause of America, from and after the nineteenth day of April, in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, and before the first day of January last, shall be commenced, fued, brought, or profecuted by bill, plaint, indictment or information, by any person or persons whomsoever, until the further order of the legislature : And that any person or persons againt whom any fuit or action shall be commenced for such imprisonment, elcape, assault, battery or trespass, either by bill, plaint, indictment or information, shall and may plead this act in bar, and discharge of such suit, action or prosecution ; and that in cases where any such fuit, action or profecution has already been commenced, and not determined, the defendant or defendants may give in evidence this act, on the trial, upon any illue already joined or to be joined : Provided, That nothing herein contained, hal afect any action, luit or profecution, in which judginent has been rendered, and execution awarded and levied.

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CH A P. XLIII. 4:1 ACT more effeclually to prevent the purchuling or receiving Articles of public Property, from the Solliery.

Palled 2 1st March, 1783. Eit ena led by the people of the flatc of New York, represenied in fenate and

assembly, and it is hereby enacted by ihe authorily of the jume, That if Perfas purchasing any person or persons whosoever, within this state, shall en the Bobtiery, to directly or indirectly purchase, or shall take or receive for

his, her, or their own use, or for the use of any other perfon or perfons, from any non-commillioned officer or private of the army of the United States of America, any arins, accoutrements, cloathing, or other munition of war; the person or persons so purchasing, taking or reaiving, shall forfeit trebie the value of the faine, to be sued for and recovered with costs of fuit, before any justice of the peace of the county where the offence shall arise, by any person who will sue for the fame; the one moety thereof to the prosecutor, and the other to the use of the poor of the ditrict where the conviction shall happen, and be fubje&t to indictment for an offence against the people of this state.



LAWS of the State of NEW-YORK.

Passed in the Seventh Session of the Legislature, held at

the City of New-York.


CH A P. IV. Amended 14th fefAn ACT for the Regulution of Sales by Public Auction, di. 27.

Palied 20th February, 1784. Preamble.

HEREAS it is neceslary that provision should be

made for the better regulation of fales at public vendue or auction within this itate;

I. Be it therefore enacted by the people of the state of New-York, represented in fenate and affembly, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the Jame, That all goods, wares, merchandize and effects whatsoever, which Goods exposal to

shall or may, at any time or tiines, from and after the pailsale at public vendue ing of this act, be exposed to fale at public vendue, auction highett bidder, and or outcry within this itate, by any vendue-mafter or venduelubject to a duty of 2 masters, `auctioneer or auctioneers, or by any person whatand 1-2 per cent.

foever, who shall be duly qualified and licenced as by this act is hereafter prescribed and directed, shail be struck off to the highest bidder; and shall be, and hereby are declared to be made subject to a duty of two pounds ten shilings, for every hundre: pounds of the value or price at which the same shall be sold as aforelaid, and at and after the same fate, for every greater or lefler fum, to be paid by such person or persons, who shall fo fell and dispose of the fame; and in all cases where the venduemaster or auctioneer, or the owner or owners of such goods fo exposed to fale, or any perfon or persons employed by them, or any or either of them, shall be the highest bidder, the faid goods shall be subject to the payment of the laid duties, as if they had been soid to any other perfon.

II. And be it further enačied by the aui hority aforefid, That no person or persons whatsoever, other than such person or persons authorised and

No pez Pons to fall licenced in the manner herein after prescribed, shall, from gooisa vendue with and after the patiing of this act, fell, dispose of, or expose to

sale, at public vendue, auction or outcry, within this itate, any goods, wares, merchandize or eficets whatsoever; and that it shall and may be lawful, to and for the persons hier in after mentioned and described, by licence under their hands respectively, to authorise and empower such person or persons, citizen or citizens of this state, or any other of the United States of America, as fhall or may apply for the same, qualified as in and by

By whom licences this act is required and prescribed, to act as vendue-master or are to be granted. vendue-mailers, auctioneer or auctioneers, in the counties in which such person or persons granting tuch licence or licences, Mall refpectively be mayor, recorder or judge: That is to say, in the city and county of New-York, the inayor thereof, or in cale of a vacancy in the said office, the recorder of the faid city and county for the time being; in the city of Albany, the mayor thereof, or in case of a vacancy in the said office, the recorder of the said city for the time being; and in the county of Albany, and

out licence.

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in the other counties, the first judge of the inferior court of common pleas of the faid counties, or in case of a vacancy in the said office, or abience of such judge, either of the judges of fuch court in the said counties respectively.

III. And be it fierther eniled by the col!iis vi y afire ud, Perforis applying for That no licence shall be granted to any person or persons licenco,

in the manner herein before mentioned, until sucir person

or persons applying for fuch licence, shall have entered into To enter into recoge a recognizance to the people of the state of New-York, with

two Surficient freeholders as fureties, before the mayor, re-
corder, or judge, who shall grant such licence, in the sum of two thousand
pounds, lawful money of the said state ; conditioned for the payment of the
duty herein before mentioned, to the treasurer of the state for the time being;
and also thit the perfon or persons licenced as vendue-maller or vendlies
matters, auctioneer or auctioneers shall in all things, well, truly and faithfully,
behave and conform himself or themselves, according to the true intent and
meaning of this a&t : Of the record of which recognizance, the inayor, re-
corder or judge, before whom the fame is taken, hall make duplicates,
one whereof to be delivered as soon as conveniently may be, to the treasurer
of this state, and the other to be retained by fuch mayor, recorder or judge,
in his own pofleflion.
(The remainder of this clause, requiring perfons applying for licences to produce a certificate of

der characters, is repxaled, 9th felr. ch. 29. fec. 2. and the next ciaule, being the ford fiction
of Duis aut, is repealed, Bch 80. lec.13. and provided for by fec. 14. and 15.01 dic fane ici.]

V. And be it further enabled by the auturily afurefil, Aztioneers neglect. That if any vendue-master or vendue-masters, auctioneer or sunt and pay the dir auctioneers, shall neglect or refuse to deliver such account zooi. for each offenc., on oath, and to pay the duties within the time limited as

aforesaid; he or they fo neglecting or refusing, shall respectively forfeit three hundred pounds, lawful money of this ftate, for every such offence; which forfeirure the treasurer of the state for the time being, is hereby empowered and directed to lue for and recover, in the name of and for the people of this state, in any court of record within the fame; and every vendue-malter or vendue-maters, auctioneer or auctioneers, who Mall neglect or refuse to render such account, and pay the duty according to the true intent and meaning of this act, Mall be deemed for such neg'ect or Tefufal to have forfeited his or their licence, and be thereafter disqualited from acting as a vendue-master or auctioneer, by virtue thereof.

VI. And be it further enaied by the authority afori claid, That any person or persons who shall presume to sell or dispose of any goods, wares, merchandize or effects by way of public vendue, auction or outcry, without Penalty for felling having previoully obtained a licence as in and by this act is guris at vendue withi- before directed and prescribed, shall forfeit the sum of fifry

pounds, like money aforesaid, for each respective article to exposed to fale ; to be recovered in manner as is herein before directed.

VII. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the authority afurefaid, That no vendue-malter or vendue-inallers, auctioneer or auctioneers, Mall Vetshoe-masters in expose to fale by public vendue, auction or outcry, within An - Yu's and Allie the cities of New-York or of Albany, any goods, wares, klu atsirloit's merchandize or effects, liable to the day aforetiid, but at Articles excepeil.

their respective houses or stores, except rum, wine, brandy,

molaties, indigo, rice, coffee, cotton, fugar, cordage, oneco, mohogany, logwood, bratillerto, fulück, cainwood, earthen ware in


wur licence,

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