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from the Cayuga lake, being known by the name of Teyagokaryen, and running thence southeriy along the north-eatterly bank thereor, to a ford at the north end of the pond or lake, called and known by the name of Waiko ; thence fouth-west to the Cayuga lake; thence northerly along the bank of faid lake, to Teyagokaryen, the itream first above-mentioned: And the surveyor-general is hereby also frictiy inhibied from receiving and accepting of any locations on any part of the lands contained in the tract iali described.

11. A.d be it furiver en.sued by the authorily aforefitid, Toreceivelorations That it Thall and inay be lawful for the surveyor-general to towníhip Ivea miles receive locations in that part of thie tract by this act set apart, Repealed"oth fel. for the use of the troops of this itate, serving in the army of

the United States, for a quantity of land equivalent to two townships of seven miles fquare each, in that part of the tract so set apart, which lies between the Seneca and Cayuga lakes, and adjoining to any locations heretofore made.

III. And be il fu there ancd by the authority aforefaid, To refife certificates That it hall and inay be lawful to and for the surveyor-geder certain circum- neral, and he is hereby required to refuse certificates to any

Repealed 90' 8.9. person or perfons, who already have, or hereafter shall ch. 67,2;. 36. S:e locate any lands, which, at the time of such location, were 11th fec.2.

actually occupied and possesied by any person or persons, subjects of this state; or which have been in the actual pollulion and improvement of any person or per ions, subjects of this state, tince the commencement of the present war with Great-Britain ; or which were heretofore, when this state was a colony, reserved and applied for public utes; any thing in any law of this state, to the contrary notwithiłanding : Provided always,

That nothing in this clause contained, shall be taken or Allowing firveyor- deemed to inhibit the said surveyor-general, from palling icates for any dlands certificates for any lands located, or to be located, and of the fix nations of wlich now are, or heretofore were poffefied and occupied

by any of the Six Nations of Indians, the Oneida and I'ufProvifs, in fivor of caroras excepted: Provided also, That the surveyor-genercertain prior locati al shall not refuse any certificates to perions who have loca

ted lands, which they were authorised by law to locate, and which they themelves occupy and poffefs, except for such lands before mentioned, which were heretofore reserved and applied for public uses.

Preamble, IV. And whereas it has been represented to the legislature, Settin: forth fears that fears and uneasiness prevail among the inhabitants of King's district, with King's district, in the county of Albany, by reaion of sug

gestions and preences by other persons, that the whole or part of the lands comprised within the faid district, are ftill vacant, as having never been granted : For removing fuch fears and uneasiness, Be it enacted See 14th cr. ch. by the authority aforesaid, That the eftate, right, title, or

intereft of any person or persons, of, in, or to any lands within the said district, and not wishin any grant or patent, inade or issued under the great seal of this state, while the fame, is the colony of New-York, was subject to the crown of Great-Britain, shall noi in any wife be impeached, questioned or injured, by reason or colour that such lands were not hereto

in due forin of law, granted in fee simple by the government of this state, while the fame was a colony of New-York; or fince the declaration of the independence thereof.


and Tufcarora excepted.



the cause thereof.

42. fec. II.

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V. And whereas the wardens and vestry of the two churches at the HighLants and Peek's-Kill, with fundry inhabitants of Cortlandt's Manor, by their nemorial presented to the legislature of this ftate, represented, That in the Fear one thousand seven hundred and seventy-two, Beverly Robinson and Sufinaah, his wife, tendered to convey to the said wardens and vestry, the farm tea in poffeffion of Ebenezer Jones, near Çontinental Village, containog two hundred acres, for the purpose of a parfonage and glebe : That the memorialits, in consequence of such tender, purchated the improvements of the sid Ebenezer Jones, and proceeded to build the house now on said farin, caled the Yellow-House; that they were in poliellion of he said farm and houk, until the service of the country demanded them to yi ld the same for public we; Be it enacted by the authority aforefaid, That it shall not be lawful for the commiflioners of forfeitures, of the middle district of this state, to

or dipose of the said house and farm; nor the commissioners of sequestraton to let or demfe the fame, until the legislature shall specially order the fame; and that the faid wardens and vestry shall and may occupy, pofieis, and enjoy the faid premises, until such further order Niall be made.

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LAWS of the State of NEW-YORK, ,

Passed in the Sixth Session of the Legislature, held at

Kingston, in Ulster County, by Adjournment.

CH A P. XII. Ar ACT to prevent private Lotteries, to remit certain Penalties, and to repeal

the Acts therein mentioned.

Palled 14th February, 1783: handle. WHI

HEREAS experience has proved, that private lot

teries occafion idleness and dillipation, and have been produttive of frauds and impositions ;

I. Be it therefore enacted by the people of the fate of New York, represented in fenate and affembly, and it is hereby enačied by the authority of the fame, Luteries deemed a That each and every lottery, other than such as shall be Cance,

authorised by the legislature, shall be deemed a common and public nuisance; and the justices of the supreme court, and all other jutices of the courts of oyer and terminer or gaol delivery, and the jultices of the courts of general or quarter fellions of the peace, at their several Courts, within any of the respective counties in this state, shall have cognizance of such offence, and are hereby enjoined and required, in all and every of their charges hereafter to be made or given by them to the grand jurors in their respective courts, ftrictly to charge luch grand jurors diligently to enqu're Az indiáable. of, and to present of indict all offences against this act; and

the court to which an indictinent or presentment shall be preferred for such oilence, Thall be, and are hereby empowered and enjoined,


to prosecute such indictment, or cause the same to be prosecuted in the usual manner of profecution ; and upon conviction to adjudge such fines and penalties as are herein after directed, together with the costs of prosecution, and to order execution ; and to direct the fines or penalties, when recovered, to be applied in the manner herein aficr directed.

II. did be il firther endeled by the authorily a orfaid, Lotteries proibited. That no person or persons shall, within this state, open, fer on foot, carry 07, promore, draw or make, publicly or privately, any lottery, game or device of chance, of any nature or kind whaisoever, or by whatever name, denomination or title it may be called, known or distinguilized, or mall by any fuch ways or means, expose or set to fale, any houfes, lands, tenements or real estate, or any goods, wares, merchandises, cash, or other thing or things whatsoever: And that every person who shall offend *Offenders to furfelt,

in the premises against the true intent and meaning of this on conviction, thi act, and all thereof be convicted, by the oath of one or che bery,

more credible witness or witnesses, in either of the courts herein before mentioned, in any part within this itate, shall forfeit the amount of the whole fum or value for which such lottery was made ; and if such sum or value shall not be satisfactorily ascertained to the faid court at the time of the trial, then each such ojender fo convicted, shall forfeit five hundred Or gool.

pounds; and that such offender shall be committed to the common gaol of the county, until such forfeiture, with the

costs of profecution, be paid; the one half of such forfeiture Huw applied.

to be paid to the treasurer of this state, for the use of the peo

ple of this state, to be applied for the support of government; and the other half to the person or persons who shall have voluntarily given information of such ofience, and profecuted the same to effect; and for defect of such voluntary informant, then to be paid and applied as the first moiety of such forfeiture, is hereby directed to be paid and applied.

III. Ald be it further enaded by the authority aforesaid, Pollins filling of That if any person shall vend, fell or barter, or ofer to any ways concerned vend, fell or barter, any ticket or tickets of any such private in pronioting botteries,

lottery, game, or device of chance; or if any person or per

sons shall purchase the same, or in any other way become adventurer or adventurers therein, or be any ways concerned in any fuch lottery, game, or device of chance; either by printing, writing, or any other ways publishing an account thereof, or where tickets may be had or obrained for the fame, or be in any wise aiding or aslifting in the fame ; every person To ofending, shall, on being convicted thereof as before-mentioned, in any of the courts before-mentioned, forfeit and pay for every such offence, the Forfeit fol,

sum of ten pounds; and the costs of profecution, to be

levied and applied in like manner as is directed with respect to the other forfeitures herein before-mentioned.

IV. And be it further enaĉted by the authority aforesaid, That if any person or persons, who shall be adventurer or adventurers in any such lottery, game, or device of chante as aforesaid, for transferring of any property by lot or chance, shall become entitled to any prize or prizes, he, Îne or they,

Adventurers to for. Mall be liable to forfeit, and shall forfeit the fame, with costs fet cheir prize. of suit, to such perforror persons who shall give information thereof, fo that such o ender mav be convicted in manner before directed; and for the recovery of such prize or prizes, such perfon or persons fo informing, shall be entitled to maintain an action in any court of record within

this ftate, against any person who shall have opened, set on foot, carried on, or made fuch lottery, game, or device of chance, or against any person or persons who shall have sold, or offered for sale any ticket or tickets : And if the person or persons fo informing, be or shall have been an adventurer only in such lottery, game, or device of chance, he, she or they shall

, upon giving such information as aforesaid, be exempted from the penalty otherwise incurred by this act: And any person or persons adventaring as aforesaid, whose ticket or tickets shall be drawn or turn out blank, Inall

, upon giving information as aforesaid, so that the person or persons who shall liave opened, fet on foot, carried on, drawn, or made the faid lottery or other game, or device of chance, or shall have sold or bartered, or offered for sale or barter such ticket or tickets, may be convicted, be entitled to recover against any such person or persons fo convicted, double the sum which he, the, or they advenured in such lottery, game, or device of chance, with double costs of suit, by action of debt in any court of record within this state. And if any person or persons who shall have so opened, set on foot, carried on, drawn or made“ such lottery, game, or device of chance, as aforesaid, fall nuither before or after the drawing or finishing of the faine, give information thereof, fo that the persons who have adventured therein, shall be convicted in the manner before directed, he, she, or they, so giving information, shall not only be exempted from the penalty otherwise incurred by this act, and be En:itled to the reward allowed to persons in such case informing, but shall also have a right to retain all such monies or other effects, as he, ske, or they may have received by the sale or barter of tickets.

V. A.d be it further enafied by the authority afirefud, That every grant, bargain, falc, conveyance or transfer, of any lands, tenements, hereditaments or real estate, or of any goods or chatteis whatsoever, which shall hereafter be made in pursuance of any such lottery, game, or other device, to be deKrmined by chance or lot, are hereby declared void, and of none effect.

VI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforefaid, That where any two or more persons shall be concerned in setting on foot, carrying on, drawing, or making any such lottery, game, or device of chance, as áforfaid, or be joint adventurers in the same, the penalties l:erein before directed, for such offences respectively, may be recovered againit and levied from all, or each, or either of them; any thing herein contained to the contrary notwichitanding.

VII. And be it further enated by the authority aforesaid, Ocenes against 2

That all ofences against an act, entitled, An act for the Fornet act par lored, more efectual prevention of priva e lotteries, palled on the Asd friner laws re: ninth day of March, 1774, committed iince the fourth day Pealed

of July, one thousand feven hundred and feventy-fix, and trot hitherto prelented or indicted by a grand jury, are hereby pardoned ; and all penalties and forteitures thereby incurred, are remed; and die faid act, except as to fuch person or pertons, agiinit whom pre’enimenior prefentments, indictment or indictments have been presented, is hereby roşealed. And that as to all such person or perfons, againit wliem any prefeniment or indi&tment has been preferred for such olence, and judgment remains io be rendered, such court to wlich such indictment or presen ment was precrred, shall and may, at a future feflion of such court, discharge the ofender or offenders, on his, her, or their paying the coils cf pro.ecution, respectively : And for neglect of payment of the colls of profecution, that such court before whem fuch offender is indkted, do cuimit fucho enders respectkay

vent lotteries.

to the common gaol of the county, until they shall respectively have paid the costs of prosecution; and that all former laws of this Itate respecting lotteries, be, and the same are hereby repealed.

VIII. And be it fierther enaticd by the authority afore suid, Jurices and other That the justices of the peace, mayors, snerifis, bailiffs, civil oficers to pre

conftables and other civil officers, within their respective jurisdictions, are hereby empowered, directed and required, to use their ut moit endeavours, by all lawful ways and means, to prevent the opening, setting on foot, or drawing of any such unlawful lotteries, games or devices of chance, prohibited by this act. Provided always, That this act, or any

United States lor. matter, clause or thing therein contained, shall not affect, or teries not affected by be deemed, judged, or confrued to affect any lottery or

lotteries, estab ished or to be established by, or under the authority of the United States in congress assembled, or any act, matter or thing, done or to be done in any wise, relating to such lottery or lotteries, by any person whomsoever.

this act.

CH A P. XVII. An ACT to incorporate the Minister, Elders and Deacons of the Reformed

Proteftant Dutch Church, of Tappan, or Town of Orange, in (range County.

Passed 25th February, 1783. Prcamble,

HEREAS Daniel Declark, Peter Haring, Johannis

Blauvelt, Lambert Smith and Cozine Haring, oriReciting the borinola ginal patentees of the tract of land called Tappan, or the granted to the Dutch town of Orange, in Orange county, did, by a certain deedchurch at Tappan. poll, bearing date the thirteenth day of October, 1729, release, quit claim, and confiim unto the then church officers of the reformed protestant Dutch church of Tappan aforesaid, and their successors, to the use of the said church, a certain piece or lot of land, lying and being in Tappan aforesaid, in the said county of Orange, beginning by a beech-tree, standing a little to the north of Gysbert Bogert's path; and from thence running weft twenty-seven chains, to the line of Johannis Meyer, to a tree there marked; then fouth, nine degrees west, one chain and ten links, to a stake ; then eaft, one degree south, seventeen chains, to an oak marked; then south, nine degrees welt, thirty chains, to old Tappan road, to a fake ; then eaft by north, eighteen chains, to the Spar-Kill ; then northerly along the SparKill and the land of Gysbert Bogert, to the place where it first begun, containing fifty-five acres. And whereas the prefent minifter, elders and deacons

And tie petition of of the church aforesaid, by their humble petition, prejenied tie minner, elders to the legislature, set forthi

, iliat from the time of the conveyance aforeoid, until the present day, the church officers of the church aforesaid, for the time being, have held and enjoyed the faid piece or lot of land; and that the predecellors of the faid petitioners have been at confiderable expence in erecting on the said piece or lot of land, a decent edifice, in which the public worlhip of God is carried on, according to the usage and custom of the reformed protcftant Dutch churches of tlie United Frovinces in Europe, and in erccting other buildings for the reception and conveniunce of ihe miniser of the faid church: And further, That they t.e faid setitioners and their predeceffors, for several years fall, have laboured under dificulties and disadvantages, for the war: of corporate powers ;

and deaco:is.

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