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furveyor-general, one fourth part of the purchase-money; and having paid the fame, the furveyor-general shall give unto such purchaser, a certificate, containing such a description of the bounds of the land purchased, as that the same inay be inserted in the letters patent to be granted therefore, and Thall endorse on fuch certificate the sum by him received, and also the sum Atill due on such purchase. And if the purchaser shall not, within fixty days next afier the date of fuch certificate, pay the sum so still due to the treasurer of this state, the purchase made by every such delinquent purchaser shall be, and hereby is declared null and void, and the money fo paid shall be forfeited to the use of the people of this fate; but if the sum so remaining due shall be paid to the said treasurer within the time herein limited, he shall endorse a receipt therefore on the faid certificate. Provided always, That none of the interest arising on any public securities with which such suin fo unpaid shall be discharged, and which shall have accrued subsequent to the date of such certificate, Thall be allowed by the said treasurer. And provided alo, That if any purchaser shall not, immediately after such purchalé, pay the said one fourth part, the said surveyor-general shall, at the fame vendue, again expose the lands fo purchased, to fale; and every purchaser who shall refuse or neglect, for the space of twenty-four hours next after such pur. chase, to pay the said one fourth part, shall forfeit to the people of this state, the sum of twenty pounds, to be sued for and recovered by the said surveyorgeneral, in his own name, in any court of record within this state; and such purchase shall be, and hereby is declared to be null and void.

IX. And he il further chated by the authority afireluid, That if any purthafer, by himself or herself, or his or her legal representative, shall produce such certificate with such receipt as aforesaid endorsed thereon, to the faid commisioners, it hall and may be lawful to and for the said commissioners to direct leners patent to be prepared and illued for granting the lands de cribed in such certificate, to the purchaser thereof, or to the purchaser and such other person or persons, as he shall, under his hand and deal, fignify to be concerned in the purchałe fo by him made in the manner herein before mentioned.

X. And whereas a tract of land, commonly called Jessup's purchase, was heretofore laid out into town hips of fix miles square, and into tracts of leis dimensions, a great part whereof remains unpatented; Be it therefore enaded by the athori y aforesaiz!, That it shall and may be lawful to and for the faid commissioners, to direct the surveyor-general to sell all or any of the faid townships and smaller tracts remaining un patented, in such parts and parcels as they hall direct; and the faid surveyor General shall advertie, fell and ceriify the same, in manner herein before directed; and the treasurer Ihall endorse on every fich certificate, on payment of the purchase-money, and letters patent Thail país for the same as herein before directed.

XI. Aidbe it further enaĉed by the authority aforefaid, That in every township io laid ou, or to be laid out as aforesaid, the surveyor-general Mail mark one lot on the map, gospelund lhools, and one other lot, for promoting libroinre, which lots shall be as nearly central in every townhip as may be ; and the lots fo marked shall not be fold, but the lot marked, gospel and Ichools, shall be reserved for and applied to promoting the gospel and a public school or schools in such township; and the lot marked, for promoting liierature, Mall be reserved to the people of this state, to be hereafier applied by the legillature for promoting literature in this state.

be located.

XII. And be it further cračled by the authorily aforesaid, That the faid furveyor-general shall, within thirty days next after the sale of any of the lands herein before directed to be sold by virtue of this act, make return of every such fale to the treasurer of this state ; and if the purchalers, or some other persons on their behalf respectively, do not pay the purchase-money due on the fale, within the time or times herein before limited, the faid treasurer shall transmit to the said surveyor-general, the name of every delinquent purchaser ; and the surveyor-general shall thereupon advertise all the lands fo fold and not paid for, to be again fold at a time and place in such advertisement to be mentioned, and in manner aforesaid,

XIII. And it be further enacted by the authority aforesaid, Commissioners to That the said con missioners shall designate every township naine the townships.

to be laid out by virtue of this act, or which is already laid out, by such name as they shall deem proper; and such name shall respectively be mentioned in the letters patent for granting a township, or part of a township.

XIV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforefid, Lands which may That all lands for which letters patent have at any time

heretofore been granted, and which have since been vacated by laws of the late colony of New-York, all lands having been so granted, and which have been resigned to the crown of Great-Britain, whilit this state was a colony, and not re-granted, are hereby declared lands on which locations might have been and may hereafter be legally made.

XV. And whereas by virtue of acts heretofore pafled for granting bounty lands, fundry locations have been made on lands belonging to the Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca nations of Indians; And whereas an attempt to settle such lands by the persons entitled to letters patent therefore, by virtue of the said acts, may involve this fate in a difagreeable controversy with the faid Indians: Therefore, Be it enažied by the authoriy eforejaid, That it fall Permilion granted


may be lawful to and for any person having made texitlurawicacions such location as aforesaid, to withdraw fuch location, and

each and every of them are hereby authorised to locate on Sie Izt fell. ch. any of the lands to be sold by virtue of this act, excepting

on the lands purchased from the Oneida Indians as aforefaid; and to receive from the said surveyor-general a certificate of such location, directed to the said commissioners, who shall thereupon direct letters patent to be prepared; and having approved the same, the governor, or perfon adminiftring the government of this state for the time being, fall cause the great seal of this state to be affixed thereto: Provided, That locations to be made for any bounty lands, in pursuance of any law of this state, Shall not be made on any lands directed to be laid out for sale by the said commillioners, afier such lands shall have been directed by the faid commillioners to be set apart for sale, unless such locations shall be made for any whole lots, or number of whole lots into which any township shall be iubdivided. And provided also, That no such locations, or grants in consequence of such locations, shall be made for any lands included in the purchase made of the Indians by the people of this state, on the twenty-eighth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five.

XVI. And be it further enašicd ly the authority aforesaid, Lands in Southern That none of the vacant and unappropriated lands within Cated or granted. this fate, and which lay in the southern district thereof, shall be located or granted by virtue of this act, or any clause thercof,

and to where.

41. fec. ii.

dillrét not to be lo.

200 acres.

XVII. And be it further enaĉicd by the authority aforefaid, That it fall be lawful for any perion who shall heretofore have made any location for bounty lands, or who Mall hereafter make a location for such lands, and whole locations have not been, or hereafter shall not be allowed of by the faid commillioners, or the surveyor-general) to locate on any of the vacant and unappropriated lands, subject to location for bounty lands, in and by this act.

XVIII. And be it further cnačied by the authorily aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful for the said cominislioners to grant such and so much of the lands under the water of navigable rivers, as they shall deem necessary to promote the commerce of this state. Provided always, That no such grant shall be made in pursuance of this act to any person whatever, other than the proprietor or proprietors of the adjacent lands. And provided alo, That every applicant for tuch grant shall, previous to his or her application, give notice thereof, by advertisement, to be published in cne of the newspapers printed in this state for fix weeks fuccellively, and shall cause a copy of such adverti ement to be put up at the court-house of the county in which the lands lay, so intended to be applied for, and if there be no courthouse in the county, then at such place as the said commillioners small direct.

XIX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforefuiel, Where imprarereof That where any person is now in the actual pofiullion of to have a grant for any of the said unappropriated lands, and hath been so po?

fetled, prior to the twenty-fifth day of July, one thousand See !ith feff. ch. feven hundred and eighiy-two, and hath made improve89. fec. 2. 12th well. chi, 44. ments thereon, it shall and may be lawful for the comruifion

ers aforesaid, to grant to every such person, in fee fimple, a farm not exceeding two hundred acres, including such improvements, upon such persons paying as aforesaid one Shilling an acre for the same. Provided always, That the person so in possession is the original setter, or the heir or legal representative of such original fertler, or Thall have purchased tuch improvements from the original settler, or from his legal representatives, and that such original settler did not go off, or join the then enemies of this fate Time of application. during the late war. And, Provided also, That such

perFurthertineziven, son fhall make application to the said commiflioners furiuchi 12th felf._1.44. fec.13. grant, within six months after the passing of this act.

XX. And be il further crawed by the authority afores. 1.2, Lands granted to That it Niall and may be lawful to and for the said commit:


oners, to appropriate atract of land equal to eight miles square, in any of the townships to be laid out in pursuance of this act, for the use of colonci Timothy Church, major William Shattuck, and major Henry Evans, and such other persons of the counties of Cumberland and Glouceller, as snail be deemed by the said commissioners to be sufferers in opposing the goverila ment of the pretended Nate of Vermont, and to grant the land in such township, in such proportion to each of such sufferers, as to die faid commiffioners shall seem ineet and proper, and to direct letters patent io be prepared accordingly; and having approved of the fame, the governor, or for en adminiilring the government of this slate for the time being, Niall caute the great seal of iliis fiate to be affixed thereto. 6th left. ch. II.

XXI. And whereas by the act, chuki, † An act to sle:

vent grants or locations of the lands therein mentioned, pared the 25th of July, 1782, a curtain at of land was ut apart or tlie

fec. 13.

use of such of the inhabitants of this state as had served in the army of the United States : And whereas from sundry circumstances which have intervened since the passing of the faid act, the lands so intended to be granted would be of little use to the faid inhabitants laving fo served : Therefore,

Lands fet apurt for Be il cnabied by ihe authority aforejud, That the faid comthe common Sec!ith missioners shall be, and they are hereby authorised to direct 12th ca. ch. 4. and the surveyor-general to lay out the following tract of land, rzth 59.

to wit : Beginning at a certain point in the north bounds of Jeliup's purchase, thirty miles distant from the north-east corner of two certain tracts of land granted to Philip Skeene, by letters patent, bearing date the fixth day of July, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-one, and running thence north to the north bounds of the state, ther.ce eafterly along the same twenty miles; thence fouth to the north bounds of Jeflup's purchase aforesaid, continued easterly thence to the place of beginning : All which tract of To be laid out in Jand shall

, on a map thereof to be made by the surveyortownships.

general, be laid out into town hips of ten miles fquare ; and each township shall

, on the said map, be numbered; and the commillioners shall thereupon, from time to time, devise such regulations for laying out los of such dimensions as they shall think proper, for satisfying out of the said tract of land, such claims of all such persons who are or shall be entitled to grants of lands by virtue of the tenth, eleventh and fourteenth clauses of the act, entitled, An act for granting certain lands promised to be given as bounty lands by laws of this state, and for other purposes therein mentioned, or such of them as are still un satisfied, as to the said commillioners shall appear beit calculated to enable the persons holding such rights, to participate as equally as may be in the advantages derived from locating the faid lands to which they shall be țespectively entitled. Provided, That all persons claiming such rigli's, and who have not already exhibited their clainis, full exhibit their respective claims to the said cominiffioners, on or before the first day of January next, or shall be precluded from the fame.

XXII. And be it further cated by the authori y aforcluid, Canadian refugees That it shall and may be lawful to and for the taid commif

sioners, to appropriate a tract of land in or adjoining to the land set apart in and by this act, for the life of persons entitled to grants for military services, not exceeding in quantity fix thousand acres, to live divided between such refugees, who, during tlie late war, or since, have come from Canada, and who, in the opinion of the faid commissioners, may be entitled to the bounty of this fiate, or of thie United States, and who are not provided for by any law of this state.

XXIII. And be il further enaĉled by the culorily afuresid, That on the lands to be granted by this act, or any foriner act, there shall be an actual settlement made for every fix hundred and furty acres which may

be ed to any person or persons, within seven years from the first day of January next after the date of the patent, by which such lands shall be granted, and on failure of such settlement, the unsettled Lands shall revert to the people of this state; any thing in this act to the contrary notwithstanding.

XXIV. And be it further coed by the authority firefil, on

Cales te noemenThat where equitable claims have heretofore been allowed One luers patent. of by the commillioners appointed by former acts, and the claimant or claimants have not sued out letters patent, the claim or claim of fuch claimant or claimants shall be null an roid, unieis he, :e or they fail, wirin fixty days next after the pasting of this act, or if such chiin írall Mauro



after be allowed in pursuance of'any law of this siate, within sixty days after the allowance thereof, pay the purchase-money, at the rate of one shilling per acre, into the treasury of this state; and shall, within forty days next after the expiration of the laid fixty days, fue out letters patent therefore, and pay all the charges accrued on such claim or claims.

XXV. And be il firher enated by the uthorily aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful for the said commillioners to direct letters patent to be prepared and granted in manner aforesaid, to grant to James Deane, his huirs and alligns, in fee fimple, the following tract of land, to wit: Beginning at a cer ain place where the weft line of the patent of Coxborough crois the fiream or brook, formed by the junction of the Itreams or brooks called Kanaghtarageara and Kanyonikotta, it being one of the branches of the Oriskany creelt or river, running thence north twenty-four degrees and thirty minutes weit, forty chains; thence fouth fixty-five degrees and thirty minutes well, one hundred and fixty chains; thence fouth twenty-four degrees and thirty minutes east, one hundred and fixty chains; thence north fixiy-five degrees and thirty minutes eaft, one hundred and fixty chains ; thence on a direct line to the place of beginning: And to Abraham Wemple, his heirs and ailigns, in fee simple, fix hundred and forty acres, in a square, next adjoining to, and on the south side of the tract to be granted to James Denne aforesaid : To Samuel Kirkland, the quantity of six hundred and forty acres, in a square, to be bounded on the tract to be granted to the said James Deane, and on the tract to be granted to the faid Abraham Wemple : One moiety whereof, in fee fimple, to the said Samuel Kirkland, and the Ciher moiety to the faid Samuel Kirkland, in trust for any minister of the gospel, who may hereafter, for the time then being, be employed by the Oneida Indians, to preach the gospel among them.

XXVI. And be it fitrici enitted by the authority aforesaid, That the commisioners and the secretary shall respectively be entitled to the following fees, for the fervices performed or to be performed by them respectively, by virtue of the acts, or any of them herein afier in part repealed, or to be performed by virtue of this act, and to be paid by the person or persons in whose favor any letters patent shall issue; that is to say, To the governor for his attendance on figning and atăxing the great feal to letters patent, the sum of three pounds four snillings for a whole township; the sum of two pounds eight Inillings for three quarters of a township; the sum of one pound twelve filings for hali or one quarter of a township, and the sum of fixteen Millings for any les quantity. And the others of the said commissioners jointly, exclusive of the secretary, Ihall be entitled to take and receive a fum equal to one half of the fees allowed to be taken by the governor by virtue of this ait, on the isluing of each patent, to be divided between them, in such proportion as to a majority of them shall seem proper : To the secretary for preparing the letters patent, recording and keeping the minutes of the faid commilioners, the like fees as allowed to the governor by virtue of this act.

XXVII. di be it firriker enačied by ihe authorily aforefuid, That it shall ani nay be lawful to and for the said surveyor-general to receive and take the foes herviu afer mentioned, for all services performed in the office of Ta rtyor-general, previous to the first day of May, one thousand seven hundreiind eighty-five, for the benefit of the faid furveyor-general and his predeefilor in office, to wit: For filing every certificate, transfer, endorsement or location, at and after the rate of one shilling for each and every of thien fied; for his warrant of furvey; for entering a copy thereof; for

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