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szeding seven years, to such person or persons, and at such yearly rent as they shall deem proper, the right and privilege of setting up, keeping and maintaining a ferry across the Eatt river, to and from the respective town. fhips before mentioned; and the rent to be reserved as aforesaid, shall be applied towards the maintenance and support of the poor of the respective townships aforefaid.

III. And be it further enaĉled by the authority ofurcsuid, That the faid Richard Sands, his heirs, executors and adminittrators, shall, if he or they Inall set up a ferry by virtue of this act, erect a convenient dock or landingplace on fuch part of the lands of the said Richard Sands, near Sands's-Point, at Cow-Neck aforesaid, as shall be most suitable for the purpose ; and shall, by writing under hand and feal, covenant and agree with the overseeis of the poor of the township of North-Hamplead, in Queen's county, for the time being, that he the said Richard Sands, his heirs, executors and administrators, shall, and will keep and maintain a good and fufficient ferry, and will not take or receive, nor suffer to be taken or received, any greater price or rate of ferriage than are herein after allowed to te received or taken; and shall also pay to the overseers of the poor of the township of North-Hampsead, for the time being, for the use of the poor of the said township, such annual rents as Imall previously be agreed on, by and between the said overseers of the poor Justices, in their for the time being, and the faid Richard Sands. And that

hon sovenant thejustice or juftices of the peace, resident in the faid several mies, to maintain townships of Oyfler-Bay and New-Rochelle, and the overfaticient ferries, and seers of the poor of the said res ećtive townships for the certain

time being, or a majority of them, in the leases to be by them respectively made, shall covenant and agree with the person or persons to whom they shall respectively lease the right and privilege of setting up and keeping a ferry as aforesaid, ihat such person or persons shall, during the term of his or their faid lease, keep, support and maintain, a sufficient ferryboat, ready at all reasonable times and seasons, to carry and transport the perfons and articles following, and at the rates following; That is to say, From the township of Oyster-Bay to the township of Rye, and from the township of Rye to the township of Oyster-Bay, for each man and horse, six shillings, for a foot passenger, if one only, three frillings; if more than one, then each iwo shillings; for a horse and chair, with travellers, eight snillings; for every head of neat cattle, two shillings ; for every sheep, calf, or hog, lix-pence;

a fled and two horses, with travellers, ten fiilings; for a fled and one horfe, with travellers, eight snillings; and fo in proportion for other things : And from the ferry, to be kept by the said Richard Sands, his heirs, executors or administrators, to the town ip of New-Rochelle, and from the township of New-Rochelle to the place at which ilie ferry Mall be kept by the faidi Richard Sands, his heirs, executors or administrators, for the pertons and anicles before enumerated, at and alier ihe rate of one-third less than is before affixed as the rates or prices of ferriage: for such articles and persons.

IV. And be it further ona by the authority aforesaid. That If any greater rates if the above-mentioned Richard Sands, his heirs, exccutOS begin the offender tofor- or administrators, or any ferry-m.n, or person employed feir twenty fillings. by him or them, or any other person or persons what to ever, to whoin the right and privilege of fitung up and keeping a ferry fall be granted in pursuance of this act, or the ferry-man, or person employed by thein respectively, shall take, exact or receive, any greater or higher rates for iransporting perfons, goods and chattes, 01 o her things whatsoever, than


own boats.

are herein before limited and eftablished, he or they, or any of them, so offending, shall forfeit and pay, for every fuch offence, the sum of twenty fhillings, to be recovered in any court within this state, having cognizance thereof, by any person who shall sue for the fame. Provided always, That No perfons to be

nothing herein before contained, shall be construed to execluded by this act, clude any person or persons, living or inhabiting on the frinn

shores of the said Eaft river, within the counties of Queen's

and Westchester, from the right of carrying and transporting themselves and their goods and chattels respectively, in their own boats, without paying any rate of ferriage.

V. And be it further enaĉied by the authority aforesaid, That if any perfon or persons shall set up, keep or maintain a ferry, or shall carry or transport any person, goods or chatiels, for hire or pay, across the East river, between the said counties of Queen's and Westchester, other than such person or persons as shall be authorised to set up and keep a ferry in pursuance of this act, and other than such person or persons as shall keep and maintain a ferry across the aforesaid river, by virtue of any patent or charter right here. tofore granted for the purpose, and not fince annulled or vacated; luch perfon or persons shall, for every such offence, forfeit and pay the sum of two pounds, to be recovered in any court within this ftate having cognizance thereof, by any person who shall sue for the same.

VI. And be il further enilled by the authority aforefaid, That at the expiration of the term hereby granted to the said Richard Sands, his heirs, executors and administrators, for setting up and keeping a ferry in the manner aforefaid, or if the said Richard Sands, his heirs, executors or administrators, fhall sooner decline, neglect or refuse to keep and maintain such ferry, it Inall then be lawful for the justice or justices of the peace, resident in the aforesaid township of North-Hampstead, and the overseers of the poor of the said townThip, or a majority of them, to lease the right and privilege of setting up and keeping a ferry from the said township of North-Hampitead to the township of New-Rochelle, in like manner, and under the same rules and regulations as are herein before prescribed for the townships of Oyster-Bay and New"Certain furies not Rochelle. Provided always, That nothing in this act conto be affccted by this tained, shall be deemed or construed to extend to, or affect

any ferry or ferries now kept to the westward of the townMip of Fluling, in Queen's county, or to the westward of Frog's-Neck, in Westchelier county: any thing herein before contained notwithilanding.

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С НА Р. XLIX. 7ch 64.

An ACT to amerid an 18t, crititled, Anza for the sjecký

Sale of the confiscated and forfeited Erares unthin this Sato, unid for other Purposest.crein mentioned, pojed ihe 12th o'ntay', 1784.

Palled 311 March, 1785, HEREAS by the seventh section of the above-aid act, entitled, An

act for the speedy sale of the confiscated and forfeited dates will in this state, and for other purpo es there'n mentioned, it is required, that wheneter the commillioners of forfeitures Mall make sale of any lands, tentments or hcreditaments, by public vendue or private sale, the person or pertons to whom such fale be nade, Niall immediately pay unto the said coithiloner or commilioners, one third part of the purchase-money, and ile serairing fun due on or before the fun day of June, in the year one itouanderendun


On fixture Gales of

onc turd o. the pur. ca-..

mo aths,

dred and eighty-five: And it appears that the aforesaid time of payment may, in many initances, prove too short and inconvenient:

I. Be it enacted by the people of the fate of New-York, represented in fenate end afembly, and it is hereby encacd by the authority of the fame, That in all

sales of forfeited etiates to be made by the commissioners of cortidard property, forfeitures, to any person or persons whatever, after the

to be palling of this act, such person or persons so purchaling, perdin detta innihe ihall immediately pay to the said commissioner or commi

fioners, one third part of the purchale money, and the reAltered, oth feff. ch, sở. c, 3: maining sum due, within nine inonths from the time of such


[The second leđion of this act is obfolete.) III. And for the better securing the payinent, in all cases, of the residue of the faid purchase-money; Be it fir her endled by the authori y aforesaid, That on the delivery of the conveyance by the coinmissioners, the grantees shall refpectively execute a bond, in the usual form, to the commissioners

, in their own name, for the payment of the said residue of the faid purchasemoney, and the commissioners shall endorfe on such bond, a description of the lands in payınent for which the said bond shall have been taken; and which bond shall contain a warrant of attorney, in the usual form, to confets a judgment thereon. And if default shall be made in the payment of the principal fum fpecified in the condition of such bond, with the interest thereof, in cases where such principal suin shall be deemed to bear an intereit, as herein before mentioned, it shall be the duty of the commislioners to cause a judgment to be entered up on such bonis, in the inferior court of common pieas of the county where the lands in payment for which such bond shail have been given, Íhall lie; and to proceed to execution on luch judgment, and always in the firft instance by fieri facias : And all conveyances or mortgages, inade or executed by the laid obligors respectively, of the said lands conveyed to them, and all judginents ayainit the said obligors, after the conveyance to them from the commiilioners, and before the whole of the monies made payable by the faid bonds refpectively, shall be paid and fatis fed, as far forth as such conveyances, mortgages or judgmenis inay tend to delay or defeat the payment of the said monies, shall be deemed, and hereby are declared to be fraudulent and void.


С Н А Р. LII. A: ACT to grant to cac lan Ilick, and others, an cxclufive Right okey

ig Stage-075 0 the E:/ Side of Hudon's-Roer, between the cities of New-York aid dibany, for the Term of Ten Years,

Pafled 4th April, 1785. HEREAS Isaac Van Wyck, Talmage Hall and John Kinney, have,

by their petition, prayed, that on account of the great expence and labour attending the undertaking, an exclufive right of carrying on a stage from the cities of New-York and Albany, might be granted thein for ile tern of ten years : And whereas the erecting a fiage as aforesaid will tend io promote the ease and benefit of the people of this state :

I. Be it enutrd by the peo; le of the fate of Net-Tork, represented in fenate ad afpembły, ad it is hereby enacted by the authority of the lume, That the faid laac Van Wyck, Talinage Hall and John Kinney, and their respetive executors, administrators and assigns, shall have, hold, pofless and enjoy, and

are hereby given, granted and allowed, the fole and exclusive right, liberty and permiilion, for the terin of ten years, the came to commence on the first day of June next, to erett, fet up, carry on and drive, at all time and times hereafter, during the term aforelaid, all and every such fage-waggon or Waggok, from the laid cities of New-York and Abany respectively,

to the orier, on the east fide of Hulion's-River, as they may judge luificient for the purpose of accommodating such a number of pallengers as may, from time to time apply : And that it ihall not be lawful for, nor shall any other perfon or perlons, upon any pretence whatever, prefume, during the terin aforejaid, to erect, let up, carry on, or drive any itage-waggon or waggons, or any other carriage or carriages for the like purpose, from the said cities respectively, under the penalty of two hundred pounds, to be recovered by any person or persons who shall prosecute for the same, together with costs, in any court of record having cognizance of the fame.

II. Aidbe il further crafted in the authority a orefid, That the said Ifaac Van Wyck, Talm age Hall and John Kinney, their executors, adminittrators and ailigns, shall furnish and provide at leait two good and sufficient covered Itage-waggons, to be drawn each by four able horses, for the purposes aforefaid; and that the price for each and every palienger therein, shall not exceed four pence per mile, including the liberty of carrying fourteen pounds weight of baggage ; that for every one hundred and fifty pounds weight of Rate of tare in the baggage, a like fun of four pence per inile shall be paid for fid itage.

the fime; and so in like proportion for every greater or less quantity. And that such itage-waggon or waggons (hall proceed at leat once in every week, during the laid terin of ten years, on the paliage or journey aforesaid, from the respective cities aforesaid, unless the same are prevented by the badne's of the roads, or fome uncon:non accident. Provided always, That in case the said lae Van Wyck, Talmage Halland John Kinney, their executors, adininiftrators or ailigns, mall neglect or refule to do and perform the duties aforelaid, according :o the true intent and meaning of this act, that in such case this act shall cuale, and bé nuiland void.

An ACT 10 retrain 1.2wkers and Pedrs.

Palled oth April, 1785; and all mbly, add i' is hereby enn icá by ihe zurorily of the fiume, That

le from ani afer the firit day of July next, no person or persons shall or nay ule or exercile the profe:liin or calling of a lawner or pedlar in this state, under the penalty of five pounds for each ofence, to be recovered, with coils, in any court having cornizance to try the same, the one half of which faid penal.y hall go to the prson or persons wiro shill sue and profecute for the jame, and the other hill to the poor of the town), inanot, diftrict or precinct where the olence small be comin'ited. Provided always, That this act inali not be contraeito debar any person or persons from carrying, conveying or selling any goods, wares or merchandize, of the growth, produce or manufacture of duis state, or of any other of the United States of America ; and that all suits to be brought for any otence against the true intent and inganing of this act, thall be brough, within thirty days after the offence r:lle committed

CH A P. LVII. in ACT for granting certain Privileges to the Township of Platsburgh.

Passed 4th April, 1785.
E it enacled by the people of the ftatc of New-York, represented in fenata

and embly, and it is hereby enaĉled by the authority of the fames That the several tracts of patented lands, lying on the west side of LakeChamplain, at a place called Cumberland-Bay, and Cumberland-Head, in Washington county, bounded north by Beekman's patent, weft by unpatented lands, south by unpatented lands, and a tract of land granted to i'eter Stuart, and eatt by Lake Champlain, be, and the same are hereby made one town, Tip, by the name of Platsburgh.

II. And be it enacled by the authority aforesaid, That the freeholders and inhabitants of the said town of Platsburgh, shall be, and hereby are vested with power to chuse annually a supervisor, assessors, town-clerk, collector, commissioners for laying out high-ways, overseers for keeping in repair highways, overseers of the poor, fence-viewers and pound-mafter. And the freeholders and inhabitants of the said township shall meet together on the third Tuesday in June next, at the house of Charles Platt, in the said township, and then and there, by plurality of voices, elect the town-officers above named, to continue in office until the firft Tuesday in April then next following, at which day a new election for town-officers shall take place, and the election thereafter for town-officers shall be held annually in the said townTaip, on the first Tuesday in April, at the place above named, until such time 15 7 majority of the freeholders and inhabitants thereof, at any such meeting, Atall agree upon some other place of meeting for the following year ; and then such place, so to be agreed upon, shall be the place of annual meeting for the purposes aforesaid, until the fame shall be altered in manner as aforesaid.

III. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it Zephaniah Pláttand shall and may be lawful for Zephaniah Platt, Esquire, and for ten years to take his associates, to take as much ore out of the iron ore bed are out of a certain on the west side of Lake-Champlain, near Crown-Point,

and reserved to the people of this state, as they shall have oce casion to manufacture in the said township, for a term not exceeding ten years, on such conditions as the commissioners appointed by the act, entitled, I de feff. ch. 63. | An act for granting certain lands promised to be given as

bounty lands by the laws of this state, and for other purposes therein mentioned, palled the 11th of May, 1784, shall deem expedient.

Сн А Р. LIX. AI ACT for giving Relief to Lehees de rived of the Benefit of their Loafes

during the late Ilar.

Passed 4th April, 1785. were, by reason of the invasion of the late eneiny, compelled to abandon the possession before the terms of such leases were expired, whereby they were deprived of the use or profits of the houses, lands or tenements so kealed, and are liable to pay the rents or penalties reserved or incurred thereby, and some such persons have been prosecuted and put to expence by Katon thereof: Therefore,


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