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Halaman 240 - These are the heroes that despise the Dutch And rail at new-come foreigners so much ; Forgetting that themselves are all derived From the most scoundrel race that ever lived ; A horrid crowd of rambling thieves and drones, Who ransacked kingdoms and dispeopled towns ; The Pict and painted Briton...
Halaman 239 - These in the heralds' register remain, Their noble mean extraction to explain. Yet who the hero was no man can tell, Whether a drummer or a colonel: The silent record blushes to reveal Their undescended dark original.
Halaman 242 - The royal refugee our breed restores, With foreign courtiers, and with foreign whores : And carefully repeopled us again, Throughout his lazy, long, lascivious reign, With such a blest and true-born English fry, As much illustrates our nobility.
Halaman 249 - 11 starve themselves and families. An Englishman will fairly drink as much As will maintain two families of Dutch : Subjecting all their labour to their pots ; The greatest artists are the greatest sots. The country poor do by example live ; The gentry lead them, and the clergy drive : What may we not from such examples hope ? The landlord is their god, the priest their pope. A drunken clergy and a swearing bench Has...
Halaman 275 - Could but our ancestors retrieve the fate, And see their offspring thus degenerate ; How we contend for birth and names unknown, And build on their past actions, not our own ; They'd cancel records, and their tombs deface, And openly disown the vile degenerate race : For fame of families is all a cheat, T is personal virtue only makes us great.
Halaman 279 - It is now near fourteen years 1 that the glory and peace of the purest and most flourishing Church in the world has been eclipsed, buffeted, and disturbed by a sort of men whom God in His providence has suffered to insult over her and bring her down. These have been the days of her humiliation and tribulation.
Halaman 295 - ... gibbets, and scaffolds : your sparing this Amalekite race is our destruction, your mercy to them proves cruelty to your poor posterity." How just will such reflections be when our posterity shall fall under the merciless clutches of this uncharitable generation, when our Church shall be...
Halaman 294 - I answer, it is cruelty to kill a snake or a toad in cold blood, but the poison of their nature makes it a charity to our neighbours to destroy those creatures, not for any personal injury received, but for prevention ; not for the evil they have done, but the evil they may do.
Halaman 283 - England and erect a new colony, and give them great privileges, grants, and suitable powers, keep them under protection, and defend them against all invaders, and receive no taxes or revenue from them. This was the cruelty of the Church of England; fatal lenity!
Halaman 293 - If ever you will establish the best Christian Church in the world ; if ever you will suppress the spirit of enthusiasm ; if ever you will free the nation from the viperous brood that have so long sucked the blood of their mother ; if ever you will leave your posterity free from faction and rebellion, this is the time.

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