Warning Out in New England

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W. B. Clarke Company, 1911 - 131 halaman
This right to exclude, or "warn out", was exercised frequently. Some towns only warned out persons they thought likely to become a charge, others automatically warned out any and all newcomers

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Halaman 16 - Warwick and others, to the number of forty noblemen, knights and gentlemen, by the name 'of the Council established at Plymouth in the county of Devon, for the planting, ruling and governing of New England in America...
Halaman 81 - That no person shall set up or establish in this state any school, academy, or literary institution, for the instruction or education of colored persons who are not inhabitants of this state...
Halaman 100 - It is ordered that none shall be received as inhabitants or freemen, to build or plant upon the Island, but such as shall be received in by the consent of the body, and do submit to the government that is or shall be established according to the word of God.
Halaman 64 - God ; wch choise shall be made by all that are admitted freemen and haue taken the Oath of Fidellity, and doe cohabitte wthin this Jurisdiction, (hauing beene admitted Inhabitants by the maior prt of the Towne wherein they Hue,) or the mayor prte of such as shall be then prsent.
Halaman 81 - Whereas, attempts have been made to establish literary institutions in this State for the instruction of colored persons belonging to other States and countries, which would tend to the great increase of the colored population of the State, and therefore to the injury of the people...
Halaman 99 - We, whose names are here under-written, being desirous to inhabit in the town of Providence, do promise to submit ourselves, in active or passive obedience, to all such orders or agreements as shall be made for public good of the body, in an orderly way, by the major consent of the present inhabitants, masters of families, incorporated together into a township, and such others whom they shall admit unto the same, only in civil things...
Halaman 76 - warrant under their hands, directed to either of the constables ' of said town, to order said person to be conveyed to the State
Halaman 106 - Be it enacted, and It is hereby enacted by the Representatives of the Freemen of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met, and by the authority of the same...
Halaman 73 - AN ACT in addition to and alteration of an act entitled " An act laying a duty on imported salt, granting a bounty on pickled fish exported, and allowances to certain vessels employed in the fisheries.

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