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some degree as I do myself; at all events, with their characteristic generosity and fairness.

In glancing over the characters mentioned in this work, it is natural enough to place the name of Washington at the head of them all. And yet, looking back through the long vista in which I have traveled and “labored ” for years, and which is surrounded and filled with interesting people, wonderful events, and wonderful national progress, I feel little inclination to say that the choice of the people has not at any period been wise in the selection of their Chief Executives.

As a whole, the history of the United States, in these Administrations, will stand the severest criticism which can be applied to human governments. Each Administration has, in a manner, brought forward the work of the preceding period. However little has, in some cases, been done, not one has stood still; and a change of policy under party leaderships has had little influence on the great result.

The task has broadened my own views; and while seeking to deal fairly with men, principles, and events, partisan preferences have been weakened in myself, respect for great party conflicts destroyed, and the strong abiding sentiment left, that while God rules the affairs of the universe, the Republic will move on in its grand destiny.

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