Telecom Management Crash Course: Managing and Selling Telecom Services and Products

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McGraw-Hill, 2002 - 345 halaman
This guide aims to show telecom service providers how to manage efficiently both their technology advantages and back-end operations in order to survive the harsh economic environment. The book covers such topics as: using CRM to drive business; how globalization issues affect every carrier; how to deal with regulatory uncertainty; and the basics of billing - how not to go out of business.

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P.J. LOUIS has nearly a quarter of a century's worth of experience in the telecom business. Mr. Louis is currently an advisor in the financial arena. Prior positions include vice president of Carrier Marketing & Product Management at TruPosition, Inc., a leading provider of wireless location services. Mr. Louis has also served as chief of staff for engineering in NYNEX (today known as Verizon). He has held a number of leadership positions within Bell Communications Research and NextWave Wireless. Mr. Louis is a former officer of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Communications Society, New York Section. Mr. Louis has been a member of IEEE for 25 years. His experience includes leading sales and marketing organizations as well as technology organizations. Mr. Louis has been a featured speaker in telecommunications conferences and is the author of three McGraw-Hill books: M-COMMERCE CRASH COURSE, BROADBAND CRASH COURSE, and TELECOMMUNICATIONS INTERNETWORKING.

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