Compendium of the Tenth Census (June 1, 1880)

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1883

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Halaman xx - It shall be the duty of each enumerator to visit personally each dwelling house in his subdivision, and each family therein, and each individual living out of a family in any place of abode, and by inquiry made of the head of...
Halaman xxxii - In 1790 one-thirtieth of the population of the United States lived in cities of 8,000 inhabitants and over; in 1800, one twenty-fifth; in 1810, and also in 1820, one-twentieth ; in 1830, onesixteenth ; in 1840, one-twelfth ; in 1850, one-eighth ; in 1860, one-sixth ; in. 1870, a little over one-fifth...
Halaman xxv - June, and be taken as of that date, and each enumerator shall prosecute the canvass of his subdivision from that date forward on each week-day without intermission, except for sickness or other urgent cause; and any unnecessary cessation of his work shall be sufficient ground for his removal and the appointment of another person in his place; and any person so appointed shall take the oath required of enumerators, and shall receive compensation at the same rates. And it shall be the duty of each...
Halaman xxii - Act, or shall willfully give false information, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not exceeding ten thousand dollars, to which may be added imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year.
Halaman xxv - States is by this act directed to be taken, take and complete a census in all respects according to the schedules and forms of enumeration in the census of the United States and shall deposit with the Secretary of the Interior, on or before the first of September following, a full and authentic copy of all schedules returned and reports made by the officers...
Halaman xxiv - ... and special agents, to be employed without respect to locality. And said Superintendent may employ experts and special agents to investigate in their economic relations the manufacturing, railroad, fishing, mining, and other industries of the country, and the statistics of telegraph, express, transportation, and insurance companies, as he may designate and require.
Halaman xx - January first of the year in which the enumeration shall be made; and in case no person shall be found at the usual place of abode of such family, or individual living out of a family, competent to answer the inquiries made in compliance with the requirements of this Act, then it shall be lawful for the enumerator to obtain the required information as nearly as may be practicable from the family or families or person or persons living nearest to such place of abode who may be competent to answer...
Halaman xxiv - ... fund; all other liabilities, including capital ; also, the total receipts, exhibiting separately fire premiums, marine, and inland premiums, and receipts from all other sources, including interest, dividends, and rents ; also the total expenditures, exhibiting separately the number and amount of fire losses, of marine and inland losses, dividends, commissions, officers' salaries, State, national, and municipal taxes, and all other expenses.
Halaman xxv - ... the enumeration of population shall be taken within two weeks from the first Monday of June; and any delay beyond the dates above respectively, on the part of any enumerator, shall be sufficient cause for withholding the compensation to which he would be entitled by compliance with the provisions of this act, until proof satisfactory to the Superintendent of Census shall be furnished that such delay was by reason of causes beyond the control of such enumerator.
Halaman xx - Which said oath or affirmation may be administered by any judge of a court of record, or any justice of the peace empowered to administer oaths ; and a copy thereof, duly authenticated, shall be forwarded to the supervisor of census before the date fixed herein for the commencement of the enumeration.

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