Vietnam-shipping Policy Review: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Merchant Marine of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, Eighty-ninth Congress, Second Session, Masalah 13

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Halaman 348 - States and to provide shipping service on all routes essential for maintaining the flow of such domestic and foreign waterborne commerce at all times, (b) capable of serving as a naval and military auxiliary in time of war or national emergency...
Halaman 591 - ... developing, coordinating, and preserving a national transportation system by water, highway, and rail, as well as other means, adequate to meet the needs of the commerce of the United States, of the Postal Service, and of the national defense. All of the provisions of this Act. shall be administered and enforced with a view to carrying out the above declaration of policy.
Halaman 616 - The CHAIRMAN. The committee will recess subject to the call of the Chair. (Whereupon, at 12 o'clock noon, the committee adjourned, to reconvene at the call of the Chair.
Halaman 622 - The Commission is authorized and directed to consider the application of any citizen of the United States for financial aid in the operation of a vessel or vessels, which are to be used in an essential service in the foreign commerce of the United States or in such service and in cruises authorized under section 613 of this title.
Halaman 111 - The time has come," the Walrus said, " To talk of many things: Of shoes—and ships—and sealingwax— Of cabbages—and kings— And why the sea is boiling hot— And whether pigs have wings.
Halaman 144 - ... (c) owned and operated under the United States flag by citizens of the United States insofar as may be practicable, and (d) composed of the best equipped, safest, and most suitable types of vessels, constructed in the United States and manned with a trained and efficient citizen personnel. It is hereby declared to be the policy of the United States to foster the development and encourage the maintenance of such a merchant marine.
Halaman 270 - Gentlemen, I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to appear before you this morning.
Halaman 25 - I recommend it to your serious reflections how far and in what mode it may be expedient to guard against embarrassments from these contingencies by such encouragements to our own navigation as will render our commerce and agriculture less dependent on foreign bottoms, which may fail us in the very moments most interesting to both of these great objects.
Halaman 142 - It is necessary for the national defense and development of its foreign and domestic commerce that the United States shall have a merchant marine (a) sufficient to carry its domestic waterborne commerce and a substantial portion of the waterborne export and import foreign commerce of the United States and to provide shipping service on all routes essential for maintaining the flow of such domestic and foreign waterborne commerce at all times...
Halaman 740 - Second, in the event of a major war in which the United States is not involved, our commerce, in the absence of an adequate American merchant marine, might find itself seriously crippled because of its inability to secure bottoms for neutral peaceful foreign trade. Third, in the event of a war in which the United States itself might be engaged...

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