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posed of the most eminent publicists, and be- He was by profession a notary public, but his longed to many literary and scientific societies. active bent led him into political life. He was In politics he was ever true to those principles elected to represent Kamouraska in the Canawhich in youth he personally learned from dian Parliament, at the age of thirty-one, and Jefferson and Madison. His several residences in several subsequent elections was defeated in Europe, associating there with the leading in the same district. In 1860 he was chosen scholars, statesmen, and diplomatists, and for one of the Legislative Council as representamore than sixty years enjoying the same privi- tive from Grenville Division. After the Conlege in his native land, gave to Governor Law- federation he was made a Senator of the Dorence a courtly and classic dignity of manner minion. Although deprived by the circumnot often met with among our public men. stances of his career from taking the promiFor thirty years, Governor Lawrence was noted nent part as a political leader which he might for the generous hospitality dispensed at Ochre have done as a member of the popular AssemPoint. Few persons of distinction, in any walk bly, he was still an active and decided politiof life, visited Newport without being enter- cian of the liberal persuasion. In the popular tained by him at his beautiful mansion by the Assembly he held the position of Minister of sea. Here he had collected probably the inost Agriculture for a few months in the Macdonvaluable private library of its character in the ald-Dorion Government, and when Mr. Mackenland, numbering more than ten thousand vol- zie was called upon to form an administration umes, and including everything of value re- in 1875 he accepted the same portfolio, with the lating to international law and political econo- position of leader of the French Liberal conmy to be found in the English, French, Spanish, tingent in the Senate. In 1876 he resigned and Italian langnages. Governor Lawrence lett both senatorship and portfolio on his appointthree sons and two daughters, Mrs. Lawrence ment to the lieutenant-governorsbip of Quehaving died in 1858, a short time previous to bec. During his tenure of this office occurred his third visit to Europe. The closing item of the famous conflict which resulted in his defeat his will contains a valuable warning to testators: and retirement to private life, while the polit" Aware of the ruinous consequences of litiga- ical world of Canada was shaken to the fountion to all concerned in the case of wills, I do dations by the constitutional crisis which he hereby declare it to be my will that in case any precipitated. He came into collision with his child or descendant of a child, who may claim advisers, the members of the De Boucherville any share in my estate, shall oppose the pro- Government; and the quarrel between him bate of this, my last will and testament, or take and them ended in their dismissal, the formaany legal proceedings to impeach the validity tion of the Joly Government, and an appeal to of any of its provisions, the said child or other the people, which resulted in a majority of one descendant shall be debarred from all partici- for the new administration. Letellier was acpation in my property, real or personal, and cused by his political opponents of a blind and the share of such child or descendant shall reckless partisanship which led him to overdescend to and be possessed by the person or step the principles of the Constitution, while his persons who would have been entitled thereto, fellow-Liberals, though piqued at the electoral had said child or descendant of child died in defeat which his course entailed, and disposed my life-time.” At the annual meeting of the to condemn that course as a mistake in policy, New York Historical Society, held January 3, applauded the courage with which he asserted 1882, General James Grant Wilson delivered an the authority of the Executive, and approved address on Governor Lawrence, and at the same his position at the time as just and patriotic. time presented to the society a fine marble LITERATURE, AMERICAN, IN 1881. There bust by Dunbar, the gift of his eldest son, Isaac has been much more than the usual activity in Lawrence; and also presented, in behalf of his American literature during the year. All deexecutors, an unfinished paper on “The Life, partments of knowledge have received more Character, and Public Services of Albert Gal- or less attention, and the production of sound, latin," which had been prepared for the so- healthful works has kept fair pace with the ciety, but was not quite completed at the time increasing mass of imaginative and fantastic of his death. This very valuable paper, the publications in prose and verse. A considerlast literary work of his long and laborious able portion of American literary effort has career, was read to the society by Edward F. been devoted to the translation of foreign De Lancey, February 8, 1882, and has since books, the preparation and issue of new edibeen published; while General Wilson's ad- tions of all kinds of works that have met with dress, with a portrait of Lawrence, appeared in favor, and the editing and making additions to the April number of the “Genealogical and English publications for the American market. Biographical Record.”

A large amount of activity also, in American LETELLIER de Saint-Just, Luo, a Cana- as in English literature, has found its outlet in dian statesman and ex-Lieutenant-Governor of reviews, magazines, journals, etc. Quebec, died February 1st, at the age of sixty “The Publishers' Weekly,” the organ of the two. He was born at the seignory of River American book-trade, gives as heretofore the Ouelle, which he always considered his home, lists of publications of the chief American and where he died of a lingering lung-disease. houses, with a classified monthly synopsis of

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