Miscellaneous Bills: Hearing Before the Committee on Naval Affairs, United States Senate, Seventy-ninth Congress, First Session on S. 220, to Vest Title to the U. S. S. "Wolverine" (ex "Michigan") in the Foundation for the Original U. S. S. Michigan, Inc.; S. 559, to Amend Act Approved October 27, 1943, So as to Make Provisions Effective, with Respect to Losses of Property Ny Naval Personnel, on Or After October 31, 1941; H. R. 1309, Reimbursement for Personal Property Lost, Damaged, Or Destroyed as Result of Explosion at the Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA., on September 17, 1943; H. R. 3180, to Impose Certain Restrictions on the Disposition of Naval Vessels and Facilities Necessary to the Maintenance of the Combatant Strength and Efficiency of the Navy; S. 1117, to Authorize the Secretary of the Navy to Convey Casa Dorinda Estate in Santa Barbara County, Calif., to Robert Woods Bliss and Mildred B. Bliss; S. 1139, for the Relief of the Residents of Guam Through the Settlement of Meritorious Claims; S. J. Res. 76, Authorizing the Production of Petroleum for the National Defense from Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1; H. R. 3287, to Authorize the Attendance of the Marine Band at the National Encampment of the G. A. R. Columbus, Ohio, September 9 to 14 Inclusive, 1945; H. R. 3269, Further Amending the Act Approved June 4, 1920, Relating to the Conservation, Care, Custody, Protection, and Operation of the Naval Petroleum and Oil-shale Reserves. June 26, 1945

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1945 - 38 halaman
Considers legislation on Navy petroleum reserves, Navy ship and property conveyances, Navy personnel property losses reimbursement policy, and Marine Corps Band attendance at Grand Army of Republic encampment.

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