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invested with the collar of the most he was informed of a most mar. illustrious order of St. Patrick, vellous affair relating to an Ameand received the sword of state rican whaler, that had been at. from the earl Talbot.

tacked by a whale at sea, in so vioHis excellency afterwards re- lent a manner as to cause the vespaired to the presence-chamber, sel to founder, and most of the and received the compliments of crew eventually to perish. Three the nobility and other persons of of them, it was said, were on distinction, upon his safe arrival, Ducie's island, having chosen to and taking upon him the govern- remain there rather than venture ment of Ireland,

across the ocean in a boat, to which ROBBERY OF THE SKIPTON the crew had been compelled to AND BURNLEY MAIL Post. fly from the ship. The boat, to About half past four o'clock in which these three men belonged, the morning, the horse-post, had been picked up by an Amewhich conveys the letters from rican whaler, about 60 days after Burnley to Skipton, was stopped the melancholy occurrence. Anoat a place called Snaygill, about ther boat, in which was the capthree-quarters of a mile from tain and the remainder of the Skipton, on the Burnley. road, crew, soon parted company, and by two men. One seized the were also fallen in with by anohorse's bridle, the other struck ther whaler of America, which the rider some tremendous blows , vessel was the bearer of the intel. with a bludgeon over the arms, ligence to Valparaiso ; and the which disabled him from holding horrible account given by the two the horse, or making any resisto survivors in this boat was truly ance. They also struck him over deplorable and shuddering. They the head, which stunned and much had been 90 days at sea before injured him, but did not succeed they were fallen in with, and had in dismounting him. They tore experienced the most dreadful of the left side of his coat quite all human vicissitudes : from the down, and took from his left extremity of hunger, they had pocket a parcel, containing 1801. been reduced to the painful nein one guinea notes, and 220 one cessity of killing and devouring pound ditto, all of the Craven each other, in order to sustain a bank, and about 51. value in bank wretched life. Eight times had stamps. They attempted to seize lots heen drawn, and eight human the mail bags, and had cut three beings had been sacrificed, to straps, but did not succeed in ob- afford sustenance to those that taining them, as the horse, by remained; and, on the day the some means, escaped from them, ship encountered them, the capand, with his rider, returned back tain and the boy had also drawn to the Skipton post-office. lots, and it had been thus deter· New South Wales.—The mined that the poor boy should following narrative is taken from die. It is asserted as a fact by a Sydney newspaper lately re- captain Raine, that the fingers ceived:

and other fragments of their deJust as captain Raine was on ceased companions were in the the eve of leaving Valparaiso for pockets of the captain and boy this part of the world once more, when taken on board the whaler.

Having become acquainted with sharing in the destruction to those painful circumstances, he which their unhappy shipmates humanely determined to call at had fallen victims.

These men Ducie's island, and be instru- are now with captain Raine, and mental in restoring three unfor- declare their names to be Thomas tunate fellow-creatures to society, Chappel, William Wright, and particularly as this island was no Seth Weeks; and the following great distance out of his tract is the account they gave of what from Valparaiso to New Holland. had befallen them :- They sailed On Thursday, the 5th of April, from Nantucket in the American captain Raine, considering him- ship Essex, of two hundred and self within a very short distance sixty tons, G. Pollard, master, on of Ducie's island, which is laid the 19th of August, 1819, on a down in Norie's Epitome to be whaling voyage; they arrived in in lat. 24 deg. 40 min. S., and the South Seas, where they were long. 124 deg. 37 min. W., kept pretty fortunate, having succeeda good look-out. At about 2 ed in procuring 750 barrels of oil, p. m. land was perceived, which and were in the latitude of 47 turned out to be an island in lat. deg. south, and long. 118 west, 24 deg. 26 min. As the vessel when the accident happened, neared the land, a gun was dis- which was on the 13th of Novemcharged, and shortly after the ber, 1820. On that day they three poor men were seen to issue were among whales, and the three forth from the woods. The boats boats were lowered down: the were presently lowered, captain mate's boat was stoved, and had Raine taking one himself. On returned to the ship to be reapproaching the shore, it was paired. Shortly after, a whale of found not only dangerous, but the largest class struck the ship, utterly impracticable, to land, of and knocked part of the false which circumstance they were keel off, just abreast of the main informed, in weak and tremulous channels. The animal then revoices, by the almost starved and mained for some time along-side, · nearly worn-out creatures them- endeavouring to clasp the ship selves, who could scarcely, from with her jaws, but could not acthe miserable plight they were in, complish it; she then turned, articulate a syllable. One poor went round the stern, and came fellow summoned up courage to up on the other side, and went plunge into the waves, and with away a-head about a quarter of a great difficulty reached the boat: mile, and then suddenly turning, he said one of the others only came at the ship with tremendous could swim. After warily back- velocity, head on. The vessel ing in the boat as near the rocks was going at the rate of five knots, as possible, amidst a heavy surf, but such was the force when she they succeeded in getting on struck the ship, which was under board, much bruised and lacerated the cat-head, that the vessel had by repeated falls ; which object stern-way, at the rate of three or was no sooner effected, than each four knots; the consequence was, devoutly expressed his gratitude that the sea rushed into the cabinto that benign Being, who had so windows, every man on deck was wonderfully preserved them from knocked down, and worse than

all, the bows were stove come made much lee-way, and were pletely in, and in a very few mie prevented from keeping to the nutes the vessel filled, and went southward; in consequence of on her beam-ends. At this un- which, on the 20th of December, happy juncture, the captain and they made the island from which second mate were fast to a whale captain Raine took them, and each; but on beholding the awful which was supposed to be Ducie's catastrophe that had taken place, Island, at which place the boats immediately cut from the fish, remained one week; but the and made for the ship. By cut- island affording hardly any nouting away the masts, the vessel rishment, in fact exhibiting norighted; the upper deck was then thing but sterility, they resolved scuttled, and some water and to endeavour to reach the coast, bread were prepared for the two leaving behind them the three boats, in which the crew were men who were rescued by captain compelled to remain, as all Raine. thoughts of saving the ship were France. The population of given up. In expectation of fall- the 86 departments, of which the ing in with some vessel, they re- kingdom of France, according to mained three days by the wreck, the treaties of 1814 and 1815, &c. but were compelled at length now consists, amounted, in the to abandon it, and stood away to year 1820, to 30,407,907 indivithe southward, in hopes of get- duals. In the year 1819, there ting the variable winds and ex were 990,023 births, and 786,338 periencing fine weather ; but the deaths ; making an excess of wind being constantly from the births amounting to 203,685. east and east south-east, they

Rain.--The following is an account of the quantities of rain which have fallen in each month, in the years 1820 and 1821, as observed in the parish of St. Thomas's, near Exeter :



1821. 3.68 January

......................... 2.53 1.38 February

0.32 1.84 March

4.49 1.44 April

3.43 2.23 May

3.06 0.57 June.

1.26 1.05 July

2.98 2.17 August

2.38 ............ 2.42 September

3.10 5.68 October

3.36 1.62 November

5.44 2.49 December


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26 inches 57-100ths.

41 inches 58-1001hs.



Bedfordshire ......John Thomas Brooks, of Flitwick, Esq.
Berkshire..... The hon. Frederick West, of Culham.
Buckinghamshire .. Charles Scott Murray, of Hambleden-house, esq.
Camb. and Hunt.....John Pasheller, of Godmanchester, esq.
Cheshire ... Thomas Wilson, of Llandican, esq.
Cumberland.. ..John Marshal, of Hallstead, esq.

Richard Vyvyan, of Trewan, esq.
Derbyshire Sir George Crewe, of Caulke-abbey, bart.

Sir John Davie, of Creedy, bart. Dorsetshire ...John White, of Up. Cerne, esq. Essex

... Robert Westley Hall, the younger, of Great Ilford, esq.
Glocestershire .. William Miller, of Ozleworth, esq.
Herefordshire .John Biddulph, of Ledbury, esq.
Hertfordshire Joseph Timperon, of New Barnes, esq.

• Sir John Shelley Sydney, of Penshurst-castle, bart.
Leicestershire ...... George Moore, of Appleby, esq.
Lincolnshire ...... Sir Richard Sutton, of Sudbrook, bart.
Monmouthshire Charles Morgan, of Tredegar, esq.
Norfolk ... Sir Jacob Astley, of Melton-constable, bart.
Northamptonshire .. T. Philip Maunsell, of Thorpe Malsor, esq.
Northumberland .... Addison J. Creswell Baker, of Creswell, esq.
Nottinghamshire .. Postponed.
Oxfordshire.... Charles Peers, of Chiselhampton, esq.
Rutlandshire .. William Lawrence, of Preston, esq.
Shropshire . Richard Heber, of Hodnett, esq.
Somersetshire ...... William Hanning, of Dillington, esq.
Staffordshire.... Francis Eld, of Seighford, esq.
Southampton .. Thomas Deane Shute, of Burton-house, esq.

Philip Bennett, of Bury St. Edmunds, esq.

..John Spicer, of Esher-place, esq.

Richard Hasler, of Bognor, esq.
Warwickshire Postponed.
Wiltshire... Ambrose Awdry, of Seend, esq.
Worcestershire Elias Isaac, of Boughton, esq.
Yorkshire Sir Williain Ingilby, of Ripley, bart.

Carmarthenshire.... Walter Rice Howell Powell, of Maesgyn, esq.

.Joseph Harris, of Llanunwas, esq.
Cardiganshire ...John Vaughan Lloyd, of Briring, esq.
Glamorganshire .... William Forman, of Penydarran, esq.
Breconshire.... . Edward Jones, of Battle-end, esq.
..... Robert Peel, of Cwmelan, esq.

Merionethshire......John Mytton, of Płas y Dinas, esq.
Carnarvonshire .... Joseph Huddart, of Brynker, esq.
Angleseyshire ......James Webster, of Derry, esq.
Montgomeryshire .. Valentine Vickers, of Criggion, esq.
Denbighshire ...John Madocks, of Vroni, esq.
Flintshire ......John Douglas, of Gyrne, esq.


6. In Lower Brook-street, the

countess of Compton, a son. JANUARY. 2. THE MARCHIONESS of BLAND.

8. In Pall-mall, lady Fitzroy Somer

set, a son. FORD, a daughter.

10. In Stratton-street, lady Jane 6. At Harrington-house, the duchess

Peel, a daughter. of Leinster, a son.

At the White-lodge, Richmond-park, 15. In Brook-street, viscountess

the lady of hon. and rev. George PelCurzon, a son and heir.

lew, a daughter. At Hatton-house, Middlesex, the wife of captain Langslow(BengalEstab

16. Iu George-street Hanover . lishment), of a daughter, her fifth child. square, lady Copley, a daughter. Theeldest was born in Africa, the second Thomas Denman, esq. M. P. a son.

23. In Russel-square, the lady of in Asia, the third in North America.

25. At Rushall, Wilts, lady Poore, At Upton-house, Old Alresford, the lady of the hon. colonel Onslow, a son.

a daughter. 21. At Ember-court, Surrey, the lady R. N. of Twyford-house, Berks, a son.

26. The lady of John Forster, esq. of sir Charles Sullivan, bart. a daughter. 26. At Bishop's-court, Devon, lady tain Forrest, R.N. C.B. a son.

29. At Teignmouth,

the lady of capGraves, a son. 29. At Knockdrin (Westmeath), lady lady Bridport, a daughter.

In Wimpole-street, the right hon. Levinge, a son. 31. At Westport-house, Ireland,

APRIL. marchioness of Sligo, a son.

5. Lady Theodosia Spring Rice, a son. At Holme-wood, Hunts, lady Eliza 6. At Harrow, the lady of the rev. beth Wells, a daughter.

Dr. Butler, a daughter. Lately. At South-town, Dartmouth, In Charles-street, Berkeley-square, the wife of W. Newman, jun esq. three lady Jane Neville, a daughter. daughters.

8. At Teignmouth, the lady sir Lady John Campbell, a son, heir Edwin Francis Stanhope, barl. a son. presumptive to the house of Argyll. 20. At Norwich, the lady of captain FEBRUARY

Campbell, of the 9th lancers, a son. 1. At her father's, lieut.-gen. sir James C. Anderson, bart. a daughter,

21. In Burton-crescent, the lady of sir John Macleod, in St. James's-park, lady Gardiner, a daughter.

27. The lady of major-general Birch 2. In Highbury-place, Mrs. John

Reynardson, a daughter. Morgan, a son.

28. The lady of capt. Chalmer, R. A. 3. At Westover-house, Isle of

In Gloucester-place, Portman-sq., Wight, the lady of sir Leonard Wors

the lady of Wm. Lynch, esq. a son. ley Holmes, barl. M. P. a daughter. The wife of G. B. Robinson, esq. of wife of the British ambassador at that

Lately at Vienna, lady Stewart, Burton-cresent, a daughter.

5. The lady of hon. I'homas Staple- court, of a son, who is heir to his exton, eldest son of lord Le Despencer, a

cellency's large estates in the county

of Durham. son and heir. 15. At Albury-park, lady Harriet

At Halifax, Nova Scotia, the lady of Drummond, a son.

major Fitzgerald, of 2nd battalion Goth .16. At 55, Welbeck-street, lady regiment, a daughter. Lillie, a son.

At Versailles, the lady of lieutenant20. In Crawford-street, the wife of general Fuller, a daughter. Alexander M'Innes, esq. of the second

MAY. regiment of life-guards, a daughter.

2. In Gower-street, the lady of W. 21. In Berkeley-square, lady Har. F. Boteler, esq. recorder of Canterriet Paget, a daughter.

bury, a son. 28. The lady of sir Compton Dom. In Montague-place, Montagueville, bart. M. P. a son.

square, the lady of major-general sir MARCH.

James Lyon, K.C. B. a daughter. 3. At Hopetoun-house, the countess 3. The lady of Andrew Agnew, bart. of Hopetoun, a son. 4. At Fagle-hurst, the countess of

7. At Chiswick, the lady of Henry Cavan, a daughter.

F. C. Cavendish, esq. a son.

& son.

a son.

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