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France.- Coalition between the Ministry and part of the Côté Droit

Finances : Estimated Expenditure ; Ways and Means-Bank of FranceFrench Navy-Proceedings in the Chamber of Deputies with respect to the Slave Trade Discussions on the Affairs of Naples—The Censorship-Regulations of Colleges-Ecclesiastical Arrangements-Repeal of the Additional Tonnage on American Ships—Trials for Treason in the Chamber of Peers—Explosion in the Tuilleries-Disturbances at Lyons and Grenoble--Religious Fanaticism-Death of Bonaparté-Dissensions in the Ministry—Resignation of the Chiefs of the Côté Droit-New ElectionsPrecautions on the Spanish Frontier–Trials for Political Offences (130


Netherlands.---Expedition against Palembang-Slave Trade-The Estates--

Trials—Sweden—The Conduct of the Norwegian Storthing - Their Measures for the Abolition of Nobility-The King's endeavour to obtain a Compromise--Proceedings with respect to the Prolongation of the Session

- Firm Conduct of the King-Close of the Session-Germany-The Diet -Constitution of the Federal Army-Dispute between Anhalt, Koethen, and Prussia-Appeal to the Diet-Compromise of the Dispute-New Regulations for the Navigation of the Elbe.---Prussia. - Finance-Conspiracy in Pomerania-Restraints on the Press-Commission for a ConstitutionHanover.-State of the Administration of Justice-Improvements in itChanges in the Administration of Criminal Justice-Change in that of Civil Justice-Visit of the King to Hanover.—Cassel.-Death of the Elector-His Character-Dispute with the Purchasers of National Domains.—Darmstadt. -Plans of Commercial Policy-German West Indian Company:-Saxony. Proceedings of the College of Representatives of Towns.--Weimar. The Opposition of the Estates to the Publicity of their Proceedings- The Right of the Grand Duke to Remove Public Servants. – Wirtemberg. - Proceedings against one of the Representatives for Libel.-Bavaria.-Cures of Prince Hohenlohe-Austria.



Spain. - State of Parties in Spain---Address of the Permanent Deputation of the Cortes to the King ; His Reply-Disturbances in Saragossa, Cadiz, and Madrid-Abuela's Attempt to excite Insurrection-Arrest of Vinuesa Consequent Agitation of Madrid-Insults to the King Quarrel between his Body Guards and the Mob-Supposed Plots- Alleged nature of Vinuesa's Plot-Meeting of the Cortes--King's Speech-Debates and Proceedings in consequence of it-New Ministry-Merino's InsurrectionProceedings of the Cortes with respect to the Affairs of Naples-Law for the Punishment of Political Offences—Popular Disturbances -- Murder of Vinuesa–Tumults in Madrid - Promotion of Morillo— Proceedings of the Cortes-Sentence of Elio— The Relations between Spain and the Court of Rome-Plans with respect to America-Insurrections and ConspiraciesConclusion of the Session of the Cortes-Disturbed State of Madrid, Steps preparatory to the Meeting of the extraordinary Cortes-Violent Disturbances in Madrid-Morillo's Resignation-Plot for the Establishment of a Republic-Riego's Disgrace-Agitation produced by these

Events—Libels on Foreign Governments — Preparatory Sittings of the extraordinary Cortes-Opening of the extraordinary Cortes-New Division of Spain-Distracted State of the Country, and unpopularity of the Ministry-Cadiz, Seville, and other Towns, refuse to obey the Ministers or the Functionaries appointed by them—Representation from Cadiz in Justification of these Proceedings-Measures of the Cortes-Effect of the weak Conduct of the Cortes—Barcelona follows the Example of Cadiz -State of Spain at the end of the Year-Her Finances—The Plague. (170

CHAPTER XI. Portugal.-Installation of the Cortes-Prerogative of the Crown - British

Officers-Amnesty-Various Decrees-Arrival of the King-His Reception by the Cortes-Law of the Liberty of the Press—Ministry-Discussions in the Cortes—Increase of Duties on British Woollens-BankQuarrel of the Austrian Chargé d'Affaires with the Government–The Austrian and Russian Envoys quit Portugal—Brazils --Revolutions at Para

- Bahia–Pernambuco-Rio de Janeiro-Further Disturbances at Pernambuco-Monte Video


CHAPTER XII. Naples.-Accusation of Count Zurlo and the Duke of Campo Chiaro—Sir

William A'Court's assurance of Neutrality-Congress at Laybach -Dissent of England from the Proceedings of the Sovereigns—Their Resolution to invade Naples - Ebullitions of Patriotism

at Naples-Comparative Situation of the Neapolitans and Austrians-Indifference of the Neapolitan People -Inertness of the Administration-Miserable State of the Neapolitan Preparations-Advance of the Austrians–Military Operations on the Frontier-Dispersion of the Neapolitan Army-Subsequent Movements of the Austrians--Proceedings at Naples-Capitulation of Naples-Dissolution of the Parliament-Anti-revolutionary Decrees--Return of Ferdinand to Sicily-NeapolitanLoan.- Piedmont. Plots in Turin-SpanishConstitution proclaimed at Alessandria-Revolution in Turin-Abdication of the KingProvisional Government—The New King disavows the late ProceedingsGeneral Indifference of the Country to the late Changes, and especially of Savoy-Revolution in Genoa-Flight of the Prince of Carignano-Advance of the Austrian and Royal Piedmontese Army–The Royal Army enters Turin-Decrees for the Restoration of Tranquillity - Amnesty-Entry of Charles Felix-Treaty of Novara-Florence-Trials of the Carbonari in. Austrian Italy



Russia.-Her Finances—Embassy to Bucharia-Encroachments on the

Western Coast of America-Her General European Policy—Turkey.Ali Pacha-Insurrections in Wallachia and Moldavia-Conduct of Russia -Insurrection in Greece-State of Constantinople---Proceedings thereSuppression of the Insurrection in Moldavia and Wallachia-Interference of Russia in behalf of the Greeks-Propositions of Russia-Strogonoff's Behaviour-His Departure-Answer of the Porte to the Russian Propositions-Naval Superiority of the Greeks—War in the Morea-Operations against Ali Pacha and in Epirus--Ionian Islands—Persian HostilitiesMorocco-Expedition of the Pacha of Egypt into Æthiopia, and final Extirpation of the Mamelukes


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and Wales, of the Quantities Symons, and Others v. Parker

of Foreign Corn imported .. 311 and Others


Quantities of Grain of all kinds Old Bailey-Wm. Swiney Bar-
warehoused in Great Britain 311 nard Turner for Forgery •


Quarterly Prices of Wheat, Manasseh Gouldstein for

Barley, and Oats.....

311 Forgery


Bills of Mortality

312 Shrewsbury Assizes—The King

Statement of the Number of

v. John Williamson, esq. late

Persons committed to his

Mayor of Chester


Majesty's Gaol of Newgate, Lancaster Assizes

Rex v.

and how disposed of

313 Ridgway for Libel


The King v. Dolby




Massacre at Manilla


Coronation of his most gracious

First Report on the Foreign

Trade of the Country · 486

Majesty George the Fourth . 324

Preparations for the Coronation 328

Second Report on Ditto

Military Arrangements

339 Report relative to the Trade

Arrangement of the Procession 352 with the East Indies and

The Banquet

383 China


Coronation Amusements


Report on the Distressed State

Her Majesty's Will.....

of the Agriculture of the




Testament of Napoleon


Report on Weights and Mea-



Report on the Making and


Sale of Bread


Consistory Court - Gilbert v. Report of the several Returns

Buzzard and Boyer

relative to the sums assessed,


levied, and expended on ac-

Ruding v. Smith ....


count of the Poor in England

High Court of Admiralty.--

and Wales


The Carl Johan

406 Report on the State of London

The Dundee

409 Bridge


Court of Chancery. — James

Report from the National Vac-

Mudie v. Edward Thomason

cine Establishment.... 551

and Charles Jones

414 Extract of Treasury Minute-

King's Bench.—The King v.

Reduction and Alteration in


415 the Establishment


The King v. O'Bryen and Ano-

Report of the African Insti-


419 tution


The King v. Edmonds, Wooler,

Cartwright, and Others 430


Brunton and Others v. Hawkes 431

Decree of the King of the

King's Bench Guildhall

Netherlands respecting the

Wakely v. Barron and Others 433

Slave Trade..


Birch and Others v. The Rev.

Speech of the King of the Ne-

Offey Crewe

445 therlands at the opening of

Cornwall Assizes — Doe, on

the States, General, on the

Demise of Sherwood, alias

15th of October, 1821 561

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