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by the native powers hoftile to your Capitulation agreed upon between interests.

his excellency Peter Rainier, We have the honour to be, &c. efq. commodore, commanding (Signed) HOBART.

the sea and land forces of his ALURED CLARKE. Britannic majesty in these seas, Epw. SAUNDERS. and F. Van Boeck holtz, governor

G. W. FALLOFIELD. of Banda, &c. &c. Capitulation of Amboyna, tranf.

Jated from the original Dutch, IN confideration of our great Feb. 16, 1796.

want of provisions, and the great NOT finding ourselves equal to force with which the British bave withstand the great force with appeared before this settlement, which we have been surprized, we and to refift which would bring dethe undersigned governor and coun- ftru&tion and desolation on the cil do hereby give up this settle- harmless inhabitants of this place, ment, with all its dependencies, we therefore think it prudent, for and place the same under the pro- the sake of humanity, and from our tection of his Britannic majesly, confidence in the honour and ge. upon the conditions mentioned to nerolity of the English, to accept us in the letter of the right hon. of the terms offered to us, and to the governor of Madras; and that deliver into their hands this fort is, upon condition that we may and settlement, with all its depen. keep all our private property, and dencies, upon the following conbe allowed a reasonable subsistence; ditions, viz. that the inhabitants be guaranteed That private property be kept in the secure possession of their - secure to every individual of this • private properties; and that the settlement, whether in or out of the senior and junior servants of the company's service; that the ser. civil establishment, the clergy, the vants of the company, civil and military, and marine, receive their military, be kept in their respective

ftationis; as far as may be thought It is upon the above conditions necessary for the administration of that we mall, to-morrow morning, juftice; and the civil government give over all the guards of the fort of the place, the governor alone to the troops of his Britannic ma- particularly excepted, as the gojesty, after receiving the ratifica- vernment must, of course, be vefttion of this instrument by his excel- ed in the English ; that the mililency the commodore.

tary continue to receive their pay, Done at Amboyna, in the castle and are not to be forced into the of Victoria, on the above date. British service contrary to their (Signed) A. CORNABE. wishes; and the civil servants also

B. SMISSART. to be continued on their present (Dutch co. seal) T. OSTROWSKI. pay ; and such an allowance made

EneAS MACKAY. for the provision of the governor as

Eron FYZABAL. his excellency the commander of Approved of and acceded 10, the British forces may think ade(Signed) P. RAINIER.

quate. The governor, however, (Englith scal) W. C. LENNON, and any other servants of the comSecretary

pany, mhould

usual pay:

pany, shall be permitted to retire ed to recommend it to your lordfrom the service, either to Batavia fhip to exert your influence in or elsewhere, whenever a conve causing to be made out, as speedily nient opportunity fall offer.

as poflible, an account of live and Upon these conditions we, the dead stock, in such of the parishes underfigned, consent to deliver up of the county of Suffex as are with. Fort Nassau, the settlement of Ban- in ten or twelve miles of the sea. da, and all its dependencies, to the With respect to the mode of matroops of his Britannic majesty to- king out the account required, I morrow morning, upon receiving take this opportunity of tranimita copy of this capitulation, ratified ting to your lordship the form in and ligned by his excellency the which it has been executed by the British commander. The keys of voluntary exertions of the gentleall the public property, and all men of the county of Dorset; and accounts properly authenticated, thall beg to submit it for your shall be immediately delivered over lord thip's confideration and adopto the British, and the government tion, unless where it may be found entirely vested in them,

necessary to deviate from it, in Fort Najau, Banda Neira, Marck 8, consequence of local circumstances 1796.

and Gituations. (Signed) T. VAN BECKHOL12.

With respea to the mode in A. H. VUEGE.

which it is proposed to renove (L. S.) F. SAIGANG.

such live and dead ftock, in care E. MAZEE.

it should be neceffary, your lord(L. S.) P. D. HAAN.

ship will communicate with the M. WALLRLOO. commander in chief of the distria Approved and accepted of, in which the county of Suflex lies, (Signed)

and will concert with him such (L. S.) P. RAINIER.

previous measures for this purpose True copies.

as may be judged requisite. (Signed) W. C. JACKSON, Sec. The meeting which I have defir.

ed your lordihip to call on the Copy of a circular letter to the subject of my circular letter of this

lieutenants of counties on the sea day's date, will afford you an opcoatt, dated Whitehall, Novem- portunity of submitting this letter ber 5, 1796.

to the consideration of the deputylieutenants and the magistracy of

the county of Sussex, and will AS it would materially add to the consequently lead to the immediate difficulties which already oppose adoption of such measures as Thall themselves to any attempts, which be neceffary to enable the return it is possible the enemy may be to be made, which I am persuaded induced to make upon our coast, your lordihip will be of opinion is if the live and dead stock of indi- io much to be withed for. viduals residing near the sea-coast I am further to inform your was capable of being instantly re- lordship, that the lords commifmoved and secured, for the benefit fioners of the treasury have receive of the proprietors, I am comnand- ed his majesty's pleasure, that they

My Lord,

should take such previous measures support in their individual capacity, as may be necessary for defraying as well as that of the corporate boany expences which may arise, in dy, and of the disferent public comconfequence of such poslible remo- panies. It is unnecessary for me to val of live and dead lock as I have Itate the effect which such an exfupposed, as well as of any parti- ample would produce throughout cular lofies which may eventually the kingdom. With this view I be occafioned thereby.

would request your lord ship, if you Although this circumftance is see no impropriety in the measure, such as 'must obviate every poflible to take as speedily as posible such objection to the measure, I am steps as you may think most advinevertheless confident, that all those feable for bringing the subject upwhom it may concern would, ex- der the consideration of the comclusively of every personal conside- mon council, and of the different ration or motive, join with the ut- public companies, and for aícesmost alacrity in the execution of a faining to what extent they may measure which bas for its object be inclined to contribute to the the general safety of the country, success of the plan, in the event I have the honour to be, &c. of its receiving the approbation of PORTLAND. parliament.

I have the honour, &c. Copy of a letter from the chan

W. Pitt. cellor of the exchequer to the

Copy of the chancellor of the ex

chequer's letter read at the Bank. Downing-street, if Dec. My Lord,

THAT under the present cirI TAKE the liberty of transmit- cumstances it seemed peculiarly ting to your lordship a copy of a necessary that provision should be letter which I have thought it my made for the services of the ensuduty to write to the governor and ing year, without having recourse deputy governor of the bank, and to the accustomed way of raising of the memorandum therein refer- money by a loan, at the present red to, which it is their intention price of the funds. It was there1o lay before a court of proprietors fore in contemplation to propose this day. I have the satisfaction of to parliament that one-fourth of thinking that the plan therein the income of individuals of a suggested is likely to receive the certain class should be applied to greatest countenance from many that purpose, to be repaid accorgreat mercantile bodies and respec- ding to the terms specified in table houses in the metropolis. the inclosed memorandum. There

The repeated proofs which the were strong reasons to believe that citizens of London have given of many gentlemen would voluntarily their zeal and public spirit, leave subscribe a larger proportion than me no doubt, that, if it appears what might be required of them, likely to promote the interests of but the extent of contribution the country at this important cri- greatly depended on the examples fis, it will receive their chearful that inight be given, particularly

lord mayor.

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on that which might be held out and convinced of the importance by the bank of England. He there- of the present crisis, would be infore earnestly hoped that the court duced to take the lead in a measure of directors of the governor and so highly conducive to the maincompany of the bank of England, tenance of public credit, and which and the proprietors, impressed with would ftrongly tend to the accelethat zeal which they had always ration of a permanent and honourmanifefted for the public good, able peace.

Account of the total net produce of all the permanent taxes for one year, ending October 101b, 1796.


d. Cuftoms

3,232,345 17 1 Excise Stamps

6,461,908 10 73

1,212,669 7 6

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156,0000 391,492 11 il 6,333 17

641 12 3 311,000 обо о

6 13 4

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[ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors]

Consolidated letter money

Duties on Salt
Seizures since 25th October, 1760

Letter money

Do. Alumn mines

Do. lient of a light house Do. Alienation duty

Compositions Do.
6d per lb. on pensions
is. per lb. on do
Houses and Windows since 10th October, 1766
Inhabited houses Ann. 1778
Hawkers and Pedlars, fipce 24th June, 1710
Hackney coaches Ann. 1711

1784 Male servants

1785 Four wheel carriages Do. Two wheel do.


Firft fruits
Arrears of duties repealed

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1. 1,891,703 19 11



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DUTIES, Anno 1795.
British spirits
Foreign ditto
Cocoa and Coffee
Fruit, Silk, &c.
Ship policies
Hair powder certificates

20,396 0 128,485 0 541,897 0 205,999 0

14,394 111,764 4

6 46,404 13 7 91,543 4 1 183,736 3 O

9,726 0

[ocr errors]

7,051 .6 1

11,060 17

£ 1,372,365 18 10

Tobacco and Snuffs
Horse dealers' licences

119,378 OO 24,000 0 0

589 12 0 Additional

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