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J. M. Dent & Company, 1903

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Halaman 15 - Common natures do not suffice me. Good people, as they are called, won't serve. I want individuals. I am made up of queer points, and I want so many answering needles.
Halaman 53 - Coleridge was in his finest vein of talk, had all the talk, and let 'em talk as evilly as they do of the envy of Poets, I am sure not one there but was content to be nothing but a listener.
Halaman 42 - Keep to your Bank, and the Bank will keep you. Trust not to the Public, you may hang, starve, drown yourself, for any thing that worthy Personage cares. I bless every star, that Providence, not seeing good to make me independent, has seen it next good to settle me upon the stable foundation of Leadenhall.
Halaman 91 - Seat: neither of that little churchling in the midst of a wood (in the opposite direction, nine furlongs from the town), that seems dropped by the Angel that was tired of carrying two packages; marry, with the other he made shift to pick his flight to Loretto. Inquire out, and see my little Protestant Loretto. It stands apart from trace of human habitation ; yet hath it pulpit, reading-desk, and trim front of massiest marble, as if Robinson Crusoe had reared it to soothe himself with old church-going...
Halaman 40 - Tis a pretty appendage to a situation like yours or mine, but a slavery worse than all slavery to be a bookseller's dependent, to drudge your brains for pots of ale and breasts of mutton, to change your free thoughts and voluntary numbers for ungracious TASK>WORK.
Halaman 84 - And those three smiling seasons of the year Into a Russian winter; nay, the world To its first chaos. Bos. Look you, the stars shine still. Duch. O, but you must Remember, my curse hath a great way to go. — Plagues, that make lanes through largest families, Consume them!
Halaman 62 - River (rather elderly by this time) runs (if a moderate walking pace can be so termed) close to the foot of the house ; and behind is a spacious garden, with vines (I assure you) pears, strawberries, parsnips, leeks, carrots, cabbages, to delight the heart of old Alcinous.
Halaman 40 - Throw yourself on the world without any rational plan of support beyond what the chance employ of booksellers would afford you ! ! ! "Throw yourself rather, my dear Sir, from the steep Tarpeian rock, slap-dash headlong upon iron spikes. If you have but five consolatory minutes between the desk and the bed, make much of them, and live a century in them, rather than turn slave to the booksellers.
Halaman 106 - Two noble earls, whom if I quote, Some folks might call me sinner, The one invented half a coat, The other half a dinner. " The plan was good, as some will say; And fitted to console one; Because, in this poor starving day, Few can afford a whole one.
Halaman 21 - I think I am indebted to you for a sonnet in the " London" for August. Since I saw you I have been in France and have eaten frogs. The nicest little rabbity things you ever tasted. Do look about for them. Make Mrs Clare pick off the hind quarters ; boil them plain with parsley and butter. The fore quarters are not so good. She may let them hop off by themselves.

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