Regulation of Intrastate Rates: Hearing Before the Committee on Interstate Commerce, United States Senate, Sixty-fourth Congress, First Session, on S. 5242, a Bill to Amend an Act Entitled "An Act to Regulate Commerce," Approved February 4, 1887, and Acts Amendatory Thereof. [June 30, 1916]

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1916 - 157 halaman

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Halaman 142 - Provided, however, That the provisions of this act shall not apply to the transportation of passengers or property, or to the receiving, delivering, storage, or handling of property, wholly within one State, and not shipped to or from a foreign country from or to any State or Territory as aforesaid.
Halaman 6 - ... best promote the service in the interest of the public and the commerce of the people...
Halaman 136 - Acts relating to train brakes, automatic couplers, grab irons, and the height of drawbars shall be held to apply to all trains, locomotives, tenders, cars, and similar vehicles used on any railroad engaged in interstate commerce, and in the Territories and the District of Columbia, and to all other locomotives, tenders, cars, and similar vehicles used in connection therewith...
Halaman 137 - And this is so, not because Congress possesses any power to regulate intrastate commerce as such, but because its power to regulate interstate commerce is plenary, and competently may be exerted to secure the safety of the persons and property transported therein and of those who are employed in such transportation, no matter what may be the source of the dangers which threaten it.
Halaman 51 - The very terms of the statute, that charges must be reasonable, that discrimination must not be unjust, and that preference or advantage to any particular person, firm, corporation or locality must not be undue or unreasonable, necessarily imply that strict uniformity is not to be enforced ; but that all circumstances and conditions which reasonable men would regard as affecting the welfare of the carrying companies, and of the producers, shippers and consumers, should be considered by a tribunal...
Halaman 9 - WHEELER, Chairman, Committee on Interstate Commerce, United States Senate, Washington, DC MY DEAR...
Halaman 140 - In all matters having such a close and substantial relation to interstate traffic that the control Is essential or appropriate to the security of that traffic, to the efficiency of the interstate service, and to the maintenance of conditions under which interstate commerce may be conducted upon fair terms and without molestation or hindrance.
Halaman 141 - This is not to say that Congress possesses the authority to regulate the internal commerce of a State, as such, but that it does possess the power to foster and protect interstate commerce, and to take all measures necessary or appropriate to that end, although intrastate transactions of interstate carriers may thereby be controlled.
Halaman 142 - ... interstate trade arises from the relation of intrastate to interstate rates as maintained by a carrier subject to the act. Such a matter is one with which Congress alone is competent to deal, and, in view of the aim of the act and the comprehensive terms of the provisions against unjust discrimination, there is no ground for holding that the authority of Congress was unexercised and that the subject was thus left without governmental regulation.
Halaman 5 - UNITED STATES SENATE, COMMITTEE ON INTERSTATE COMMERCE, Washington, DC The committee met at 10 o'clock am, pursuant to adjournment on yesterday, in room 212, Senate Office Building, Senator James E.

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