The Pacific Reporter, Volume 27

Sampul Depan
West Publishing Company, 1892

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Halaman 308 - ... a question of fact for the jury, and not of law for the court.
Halaman 350 - The granting of a new trial places the parties in the same position as if no trial had been had. All the testimony must be produced anew, and the former verdict cannot be used or referred to, either in evidence or in argument, or be pleaded in bar of any conviction which might have been had under the indictment.
Halaman 73 - Every mortgage or conveyance intended to operate as a mortgage of goods and chattels which shall hereafter be made which shall not be accompanied by an immediate delivery and followed by an actual and continued change of possession...
Halaman 401 - No action for the recovery of real property, or for the recovery of the possession thereof, shall be maintained, unless it appear that the plaintiff, his ancestor, predecessor, or grantor, was seized or possessed of the premises in question within twenty years before the commencement of such action.
Halaman 231 - The legislature shall direct by law in what manner and in what courts suits may be brought against the State.
Halaman 86 - A valuable consideration, in the sense of the law, may consist either in some right, interest, profit, or benefit accruing to the one party, or some forbearance, detriment, loss or responsibility given, suffered, or undertaken by the other.
Halaman 44 - ... jointly and severally liable to the corporation, and to the creditors thereof, in the event of its dissolution, to the full amount of the capital stock so divided...
Halaman 31 - Procedure; and if such allegation be controverted, the party pleading must establish, on the trial, the facts showing that the cause of action is so barred.
Halaman 56 - Claims against a trustee by virtue of a contract or by operation of law; 5.
Halaman 403 - In an action to recover real property, or the possession thereof, the person who establishes a legal title to the premises is presumed to have been possessed thereof, within the time required by law ; and the occupation of the premises, by another person, is deemed to have been under and in subordination to the legal title, unless the premises have been held and possessed adversely to the legal title, for twenty years before the commencement of the action.

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