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[The late Parliament was dissolved on March 24, 1880; and the Writs were

returnable on the 29th of April following, when the new Parliament met for the despatch of business for the First Session of the Twenty-second Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.]


PARLIAMENTARY ELECTORS.— In“ The Representation of the People Act, 1867,” the qualifications for the various Franchises are ated :

Section 3—Occupation Franchise for Voters in Boroughs.
Section 4—Lodger Franchise for Voters in Boroughs.
Section 5— Property Franchise for Voters in Counties.
Section 6–Occupation Franchise for Voters in Counties.

and Chief Officers of the Government.


First Lord of the Treasury and Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone.

Chancellor of the E.rchequer
Lord President of the Council . Right Hon. Earl Spencer.
Lord High Chancellor

Right Hon. Lord Selborne.
Lord Privy Seal

Right Hon. Lord Carlingford. First Lord of the Admiralty

Right Hon. Earl of Northbrook. Secretary of State for the Home} Right Hon. Sir W. Vernon Harcourt. Secretary of State for the Foreign Right Hon. Earl Granville.

Department . Secretary of State for

the Colonies

Right Hon. Earl of Kimberley.
Secretary of State for India

Right Hon. Marquis of Hartington. Secretary of State for the War

Right Hon. H. C. E. Childers.
Department .
Chief Secretary for Ireland

Right Hon. W. E. Forster.
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Right Hon. J. Bright.
President of the Board of Trade, Right Hon. J. Chamberlain.
President of the Local Government

} Right Hon. J. G. Dodson. Board

The abuve constitute the Cabinet.

Sir A. D. Hayter, bart.

Mr. John Holms.
Junior Lords of the Treasury

Mr. C. C. Cotes.
Mr. Herbert Gladstone.

Right Hon. Lord R. Grosvenor.
Secretaries to the Treasury

Lord F. Cavendish.

Sir R. W. Lingen. (Perm.)
Vice-President of the Education Com-

Right Hon. A. J. Mundella.
Under Secretaries for the Home | Earl of Rosebery.
Department .

Hon. Sir A. Liddell. (Perm.)
Under Secretaries for the Foreign Sir C.-W. Dilke, Bart.
Department .

Lord Tenterden. (Perm.) Under Secretaries to the colonies Mr. L. Courtney. Department .

Mr. Robert G.-W. Herbert. (Perm.)

Viscount Enfield. Under Secretaries of State for India

Sir Louis Mallet, C.B. (Perm.)
Under Secretaries for the

Earl of Morley.


Mr. Campbell-Bannerman. (Pinan.) Department.

Mr. R. W. Thompson, C.B. (Perm.)

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Post-Master General

Right Hon. H. Fawcett.
First Commissioner of Works, &c. Right Hon. G.-J. Shaw-Lefevre.
Secretaries to the Local Government / Mr. J. T. Hibbert.

Sir J. Lambert. (Perm.)

Hon. Evelyn Ashley.
Secretaries to the Board of Trade

Mr. T. H. Farrer. (Perm.)
Admiral Sir A. C. Key.

Vice-Admiral Lord John Hay.
Jrinior Lords of the Admiralty

Rear-Admiral A. H. Hoskins.

Sir T. Brassey. Secretaries to the Admiralty .

| Mr. G.-O. Trevelyan.

(Perm.) Field-Marshal commanding in-Chief Duke of Cambridge. Adjutant-General

General Sir C. H. Ellice. Quartermaster-General .

General Sir Garnet Wolseley. Judge Advocate General

Right Hon. G. Osborne Morgan. Paymaster-General

Lord Wolverton. Attorney-General .

Sir Henry James. Solicitor-General

Sir Farrer Herschell.


[blocks in formation]

Note.-A change of Administration causes the retirement of all the

persons mentioned above, except the Commander of the Forces, the Adjutant-General, the Quartermaster-General, and the permanent Under-Secretaries of State, of the Treasury, and of the Admiralty.

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Those Members to whose Names an Asterisk is prefixed thus (*), were not in

the late Parliament at the dissolution.

Those with a (+) do not sit for the same places as in the late Parliament.

(8) Double Returns.

Acland, Sir Thomas Dyke, bart... Devon, N.
* Agnew, W.

Lancashire, S.E. *Ainsworth, D.

Cumberland, W. *Akers-Douglas, A.

Kent, E. Alexander, Claud

Ayrshire, s. *Allen, H. G.

Pembroke. Alleu, William-Shepherd.. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordsh. • Allman, R.-L...



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Amory, Sir John-Heathcote, bart. Tiverton, Devonshire.
Anderson, George...

Archdale, William-Humphrys. County of Fermanagh.
Armitage, B.

Salford. * Armitstead, G.

Dundee. * Arnold, A.

Salford. * Asher, Alexander

Elgiu. + Ashley, Hon. A.-Evelyn-M.

Isle of Wight. Aylmer, Captain

Maidstone. Bailey, Sir Joseph-Russell, bart... Herefordshire. * Baldwin, Enoch..

Balfour, A.-J....

Balfour, General Sir George Kincardineshire.
Balfour, J. Blair

Balfour, J.-S.

Tamworth. Barclay, James W.

Forfarshire. Baring, Lord

Winchester. Baring, Thomas-Charles

Essex, s. Barne, F.-St.-John N.

Suffolk, E. Barnes, A.

Derbyshire, E. Barran, John

Leeds. Barry, J.

Wexford County Bartlett, A.

Eye. Barttelot, Sir Walter-Barttelot, bt. Sussex, W. Bass, Hamar- Alfred

Tamworth. Bass, Michael-Artbur

Staffordshire, E.
Bass, Michael-Thomas.

Bateson, Sir Thomas, bart. Devizes, Wilts.
Baxter, RightHon. William-Edward Montrose.
Beach, William-W. Bramston .... Hampshire, N.
Beaumont, Wentworth-Blackett .. Northumberland, S.
Bective, Earl of ..

Westmoreland. * Bellingham, A.-H.

Louth. Bentinck,Rt. Hon.G.-A.-Cavendish Whitehaven, Cumberland. Bentinck, G.-William-Pierrepoint Norfolk, W. Beresford, G.-de la Puer

Armagh. * Biddell, W..

Suffolk, W. Biddulph, Michael

Herefordshire. Biggar, Joseph-Gillis.

Cavan County. Birkbeck, Edward

Norfolk, N. Birley, Hugh

Manchester. * Bissett, F.

Somerset, W. Blackburn, Colonel Ireland. Lancashire, S. W. * Blake, J.-A.

Waterford County Blennerhassett, Rowland-Ponsonby Kerry. * Blennerhassett, Sir R.

Kerry. *Bolton, J. C.

Stirling County. Boord, Thomas-William

Greenwich, Kent. *Borlase, W.-C.

Cornwall, E. Bourke, Right Hon. Robert. King's Lynn.

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