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State of Ohio a Representative to the State, from 1819 to 1833, and served on the Thirty-fourth Congress.

Committees on Revolutionary Pensions,

Ways and Means, and Expenditures in the Aldrich, Cyrus.— Born in Smithfield, State Department, and the District of CoRhode Island, in June, 1808; received a lumbia. common school education; has followed the various occupations of a sailor, a boat- Alexander, Nathaniel.-Graduated at man, a farmer, a contractor on public Princeton College in 1776, and, after studyworks, and a mail contractor ; was a mem- ing medicine, entered the army. At the ber of the Illinois Legislature; also a close of the war he resided at the High Register of Deeds and Register of the Land Hills of Santee, pursuing his profession, Office at Dixon, in that State, for four years ; and afterwards at Mecklenburg. While and, having removed to Minnesota, was a he held a seat in Congress, as a Repremember of the Constitutional Convention sentative from North Carolina, from 1803 of that State; member of the County to 1805, the Legislature elected him GoverBoard of Hampshire County, in that State; nor for 1806. He died at Salisbury, March and was elected a Representative from 8, 1808, aged fifty-two. In all his public Minnesota to the Thirty-sixth Congress, stations he is said to have discharged his serving as a member of the Committee on duty with ability and firmness. Agriculture. Re-elected to the Thirty. seventh Congress, and was Chairman of Alexander, Robert.-He was a Delethe Committee on Indian Affairs. After gate from Maryland to the Continental leaving Congress he was appointed by Congress from 1775 to 1777. President Lincoln a commissioner to settle claims against the Sioux Indians.

Alford, Julius C. He was born in

Georgia, and was elected a Representative Alexander, Adam R.-He was born in Congress from Troup County, in that in Washington County, Virginia, and was State, from 1839 to 1812, and served as a elected a Representative in Congress from member of the Committee on Indian Affairs. Madison County, Tennessee, from 1823 to 1827, and served as a member of the Com- Allen, Andrew.-He was a Delegate mittee on Post Offices and Post Roads. from Pennsylvania to the Continental Con

gres in 1775 to 1776. Alexander, Evan.-Born in North Carolina ; graduated at Princeton College Allen, Charles.-He was born in Worin 1787; was a member of the Legislature cester, Massachusetts, August 9, 1797, and for two years; and a Representative in was a Representative in Congress from Congress from North Carolina from 1805 that State from 1849 to 1853, and a member to 1809. Died October 28, 1809.

of the Committee on the District of Colum

bia. He was also a member of the State Alexander, Henry P.-He was born Legislature in 1829, 1833, 1834, 1833, and in New York, and was a Representative in 1840; and a State Senator in 1835, 1838, Congress from Herkimer County, in that and 1839; Judge of the Court of Common State, from 1849 to 1851, and was a mem- Pleas from 1842 to 1844; Chief Justice of ber of the Committee on Expenditures in the Superior Court from 1858 to 1859; the State Department.

member of the State Constitutional Con

ventions of 1848, 1853, and 1859; and a Alexander, James, Jr.—He was born Commissioner to negotiate the Webster in Maryland; was a resident of St. Clairs. Treaty in 1842. He was also a Delegate ville, Belmont County, Ohio, and elected to the Peace Congress of 1861. a Representative in Congress from the Eleventh District in that State, from 1837 Allen, Chilton.—He was born in Albe to 1839, and was a member of the Com- marle County, Virginia, April 6, 1786, and mittee on Public Expenditures. Died Au- settled in Kentucky as a wheelright. He gust 6, 1846.

educated himself for the legal professions

from Clark County was elected in 1811 to Alexander, John-He was elected a the Legislature of Kentucky for several Representative in Congress from Ohio, terms; and he was a Representative in May 1, 1813, serving till 1817.

Congress from that State from 1831 to 1837,

officiating as Chairman of the Committee Alexander, Mark.—He was born in on Territories, and a member of the ComMecklenburg County, Virginia, and elected mittee on Foreign Affairs. In 1838 he was a Representative in Congress from that President of the Board of Internal Improvement; and in 1842 he was again re- studied law, and was admitted to the bar turned to the State Legislature, which was in Indiana in 1843; in 1846 was elected, the last public position he occupied. He for two years, Prosecuting Attorney in died at Winchester, September 3, 1858. He the Seventh Judicial District of Indiana; was a man of ability and of rare virtues. and, having removed to Illinois in 1848,

was elected a member, in 1850 and 1851, Allen, Elisha H.-Born in New Salem, of the State Legislature, and was chosen Massachusetts, January 28, 1804; was a Representative in Congress from Illinois, bred a lawyer; served in the Legislature of from 1853 to 1855, and re-elected to the Maine from 1836 to 1841, and in 1846; in Thirty-fourth Congress, when his seat was 1838 as Speaker; and was elected a Repre- contested unsuccessfully. He was chosen sentative in Congress from Maine, from Clerk of the House of Representatives for 1841 to 1843, serving as a member of the the Thirty-fifth Congress, and in 1862 he Committee on Manufactures. In 1847 he was re-elected to the Thirty-eighth Conremoved to Boston, and was elected to the gress as a Representative, serving on the Massachusetts Legislature in 1849; after Committees of Indian Affairs and Unwhich he was appointed Consul to Hono- finished Business. lulu, and has since that time been connected with the Government of the Sand- Allen, John.-Born in Great Barringwich Islands. In 1856 he visited the United ton, Massachusetts, in 1763; was a lawStates as Envoy; and in 1857 was Chief yer by profession, and a member of the Justice and Chancellor of the Sandwich State Council of Connecticut for several Islands, serving until 1864.

years ; was a representative from that

State during the last Congress which was Allen, Heman. He was born in 1776; held in Philadelphia, from 1797 to 1799. was a resident, if not a native, of Milton, He died at Litchfield, Connecticut, July Vermont; adopted the profession of law, 31, 1812. in which he became distinguished ; and was a Representative in Congress from Allen, John J.-He was born in VirVermont, from 1833 to 1839, serving as an ginia, was a resident of Harrison County, active member of the Committe on Claims. and was elected a representative in ConHe subsequently settled in Burlington, gress, from Virginia, from 1833 to 1835, Vermont, where he died December 11, 1844. and served as a member of the Committee

on the District of Columbia. He subseAllen, Heman. He was born in 1779, quently held the office of Chief Justice of and a resident of Colchester, Vermont; he the Supreme Court of Virginia. graduated at Dartmouth College in 1795, and adopted the profession of låw. He Allen, John W.-Born in Litchfield, was Sheriff of Chittenden County in 1808 Connecticut, in 1802; settled in Cleveland, and 1809; from 1811 to 1814 he was Chief Ohio, in 1825, and was a member of the Justice of the Chittenden County Court ; Senate of that State from 1835 to 1837, also from 1812 to 1817 he was an active mem- Mayor of Cleveland; and was elected a ber of the State Legislature; was appointed Representative in Congress from 1837 to quartermaster of militia, with the title of 1841, serving as a member of the Commitbrigadier; and was a trustee of the Uni- tee on the Militia and Military Affairs. He versity of Vermont. He was first elected was the son of John Allen, of Great Bara Representative in Congress from Ver- rington, Massachusetts. mont in 1817, but resigned in 1818 to accept from President Monroe the appoint- Allen, Joseph.—He was born in Bosment of United States Marsbal for the ton; was a merchant in Leicester, and District of Vermont. In 1823 he received benefactor of the Academy there ; twice from the same President the appointment Elector for President; was a Clerk of the of Minister to Chili, which he resigned in County Court and a State Councillor; and 1828 ; in 1830 he was appointed President a Representative in Congress, from Masof the United States Branch Bank, at Bur- sachusetts, from 1811 to 1813. He died lington, which he held until the expiration at Worcester, September 2, 1827, aged of its charter, after which he settled in the seventy-eight years. town of Highgate, Vermont, where he died of heart disease, April 9, 1852.

Allen, Judson.—He was born in Con

necticut, and removing to New York was Allen, James C.—He was born in Shel. elected a Representative in Congress, from by County, Kentucky, January 28, 1823; that State, from 1839 to 1841, and was a received a good common school education, member of the Committee on Mileage.

Allen, Nathaniel-He was born in was a Representative in Congress, from Dutchess County, New York; served in Ross County, Ohio, from 1833 to 1835, the Assembly of that State in 1812, and serving as a member of the Committee on was a representative in Congress, from Indian Affairs; was elected a Senator in 1819 to 1821, and a member of the Com-Congress, from 1837 to 1849, serving as a mittee on Manufactures.

member of several important committees

in the Senate, during his first term. Allen, Philip. He was born in Provi. dence, Rhode Island, September 1, 1785; Allen, William.-Born in Butler Coungraduated at Brown University in 1803; ty, Obio, August 13, 1827; received a good was elected to the State Legislature in English education, and taught school for a 1819, 1820, and 1821 ; devoted much at- time; studied law, and was admitted to tention to the business of manufacturing; the bar in 1849 ; in 1850 he was elected was Governor of Rhode Island during the a County Prosecuting Attorney, and reyears 1851, 1852, and 1853; and was elected elected in 1852; and in 1858 was elected a à Senator in Congress, from his native Representative, from Ohio, to the ThirtyState, from March 3, 1853, for six years, sixth Congress, serving on the Committee serving as a member of the Committees on on Accounts. Re-elected to the ThirtyCommerce and on Naval Affairs. Died in seventh Congress, serving Chairman of Providence, Rhode Island, December 16, Committee on Expenditures in Interior 1865.

Department. Was a delegate to the Chi

cago Convention in 1864. Allen, Robert.-Born in Augusta County, Virginia. He was a colonel in the army Allen, William J.-He was born in under General Jackson ; a Representative Tennessee in 1828; removed with his in Congress, from Tennessee, from 1819 to father to Illinois in 1839; studied law, and 1827, serving as a member of the Commit- was admitted to the bar in 1848; in 1854 tees on Commerce, the Library, and Revo- he was elected to the Illinois Legislature: lutionary Claims. He died at Carthage, in 1855 was appointed United States AtTennessee, August 19, 1864, aged sixty: | torney for the District of Illinois, which seven years.

he resigned in 1860, and was then elected

Judge of the Circuit Court. In 1862 he Allen, Robert.-Born in Woodstock, was elected a Representative, from Illinois, Shenandoah County, Virginia, July 30, to the Thirty-seventh Congress, for the un1794. He was educated at Dickinson and expired term of John S. Logan, resigned, Washington colleges, having left the lat- and was re-elected to the Thirty-eighth ter institution on a furlough of three Congress, serving on the Committee of months, for the purpose of joining a volun- Claims. teer military force in 1813, but returned and graduated. He studied law, and prac- Allen, Willis.--He was born in Ten. ticed in his native place. He held for a nessee, and was a Representative in Contime the office of Prosecutor for the Com- gress, from Illinois, from 1851 to 1855. monwealth ; served five years in the Senate of Virginia, and was a Representative in Alley, John B.-Born in Lynn, MasCongress, from that State, from 1827 to sachusetts, January 7, 1817 ; received a 1833, serving on the Committee for the good common school education; was apDistrict of Columbia.

prenticed to a shoemaker, and received his

freedom when nineteen years of age, after Allen, Samuel C.-Born in Franklin which he devoted himself to trading; he County, Massachusetts; graduated at Dart- subsequently entered largely into the shoe mouth College in 1794; was a Representa- and leather business, which he has since tive in the Massachusetts Legislature from followed; he served several years in the 1806 to 1810; a State Senator from 1812 City Councils of Lynn; was a member of to 1815, and in 1831 ; and a member of the Governor's Council in 1851; a member the Executive Council in 1829 and 1830; of the Massachusetts Senate in 1852; of was a Representative in Congress, from the State Constitutional Convention held Massachusetts, from 1817 to 1829, offi- | in 1853, and in 1858 was elected a Repreciating as Chairman of the Committee on sentative from Massachusetts to the ThirtyAccounts. He died at Northfield, Feb- sixth Congress, serving on the Committee ruary 8, 1842, aged seventy years.

on Post Offices and Post Roads. Re

elected to the Thirty-seventh and also to Allen, William. He was born in the Thirty-eighth Congress, serving as Ohio, adopted the profession of law, and | Chairman of the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads. Re-elected to the Thirty- | North Carolina, from 1799 to 1803. Died, ninth Congress, serving again on the Post April 10, 1837. Office Committee and as a member of that on the Bankrupt Law.

Alston, Willis, Jr.-Born in North

Carolina, and was a Representative in Allison, James. He was elected & Congress, from that State, from 1803 to Representative in Congress, from Bea- 1815, and from 1825 to 1831. During the ver County, Pennsylvania, from 1823 to war of 1812 he was Chairman of the Com1825.

mittee of Ways and Means. Allison, John-He was born in Penn- Alvord, C.-He was a native of Massylvania, and was a Representative in Con- sachusetts; received a liberal education; gress, from that State, from 1851 to 1853, adopted the profession of law; served one and was re-elected to the Thirty-fourth term in each branch of the State LegislaCongress.

ture; and was elected a Representative

from Massachusetts to the Twenty-sixth Allison, Robert.-He was born in Congress, but died before taking his seat, Pennsylvania, and was a Representative in the latter part of 1839. in Congress, from Pennsylvania, from 1831 to 1833.

Ames, Fisher.--He was born in Ded

ham, Massachusetts, April 9, 1756, and Allison, William B.—He was born in died July 4, 1808. He entered Harvard the Township of Perry, Wayne County, University at the age of twelve years, and Ohio, March 2, 1829; spent the most of graduated with honor; and, having studied his boyhood on a farm; was educated law, commenced the practice of his prochiefly at Alleghany College, Pennsylva- fession, in his native town, in 1781. He nia, and at the Western Reserve College, was acknowledged to be the most eloquent Ohio; studied law, came to the bar in debater in the House of Representatives, 1851, and practiced the profession in Ohio and was the author of the * Address" of until 1857, when he settled in Dubuque, that body, to Washington, on his retireIowa. He was a Delegate to the Chicago ment from the Presidency. He was & Convention of 1860; in 1861 he was a prominent member of the Massachusetts member of the Governor's staff, and ren- Convention for ratifying the Constitution, dered essential service in raising troops for in 1788, and after retiring from political the war; and in 1862 he was elected a life, having served in Congress for eight Representative from Iowa to the Thirty- years, from 1789 to 1797, he was elected eighth Congress, serving on the Commit. President of Harvard University, but detees on Public Lands and Roads and clined the honor. He was an industrious Canals. Re-elected to the Thirty-ninth writer as well as a great orator; and his Congress, serving on the Committees on collected writings, with a memoir, were Ways and Means, Mines and Mining, and published in 1809. Expenses in the Interior Department.

Ames, Oakes.—He was born in Easton, Alsop, John.—He was a Delegate from Bristol County, Massachusetts, January New York to the Continental Congress, 10, 1804 ; has ever been a manufacturer from 1774 to 1776.

by profession; was a member, for two

years, of the Executive Council of the Alston, Lemuel J.-He was a Repre- State, and in 1862 he was elected a Representative in Congress, from South Caro- sentative from Massachusetts to the Thirtylina, from 1807 to 1811.

eighth Congress, serving on the Commit

tees on Revolutionary Claims and Manu. Alston, William J.-He was born in factures. Re-elected to the Thirty-ninth Georgia, and removing to Alabama, was Congress, serving on the Committees on & Representative in Congress, from that the Pacific Railroad and Manufactures. State, from 1849 to 1851, and was a member of the Committee on Post Offices and Ancona, Sydenham E.-He was born Post Roads.

in Warwick, Lancaster County, Pennsyl.

vania, November 20, 1824, and, removing Alston, Willis.--Born in Halifax Coun- to Berks County, was for several years ty, North Carolina. He appeared in pub. connected with the Reading Railroad Comlic life as early as 1794, serving in the pany. He was clected in 1860 a RepreState Legislature for several years, and sentative, from Pennsylvania, to the Thirwas a Representative in Congress, from ty-seventh Congress, serving on the Committees on the Militia and on Manufac- 1 to 1837; and Collector of Customs at tures. In 1862 he was re-elected to the Portland from 1837 to 1841, and from 1843 Thirty-eighth Congress, serving as a mem- to 1848. He died August 21, 1853, aged ber of the Committees on Manufactures sixty-one years. and on the Militia. Re-elected to the Thirty-ninth Congress, serving on the Commit- Anderson, Joseph.-He was born near tee on Military Affairs; and he was one Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 5, of the Representatives designated by the 1757; enjoyed what was called at the time House to attend the funeral of General a good education; studied law; was apScott in 1866.

pointed an ensign in the New Jersey line

in 1775; was promoted to an adjutancy; Anderson, Alexander.- He was a as a captain fought at the battle of MonSenator in Congress, from the Knoxville mouth; he also went, in 1779, with SulliDistrict, Tennessee, during the years 1840 van against the Six Nations : in 1780 he and 1841, a part of a term, and served as was at Valley Forge; in 1781 at the siege a member of the Committee on the Militia. of York; and after the war he retired with

the rank of brevet major. He practiced Anderson, George W.-Born in Jef-law in Delaware for seven years. In 1791 ferson County, Tennessee, May 22, 1832; was appointed by Washington Judge of received a liberal education; adopted the the territory south of the Ohio River; reprofession of law: settled in Missouri in mained in that position until the first Con. 1853; in 1854 became the editor of the stitution of Tennessee was formed, which “North East Missourian” newspaper; was he aided in forming in convention; and elected in 1858 to the State Legislature, he was an influential member of the United after a previous defeat; in 1862 he was States Senate, from Tennessee, from 1797 chosen a State Sepator, remaining in that to 1815, serving at all times upon importcapacity until 1865, when he resigned, ant committees, and acting on two ochaving previously been elected a Repre- casions as President pro tempore of the sentative from Missouri to the Thirty-ninth Senate. He was appointed in 1815 First Congress, serving on the Committees on Comptroller of the Treasury, where he rePublic Lands and as Chairman of the mained until 1836. He died in WashingCommittee on Mileage. Early in 1861 he ton, April 17, 1837. organized a Home Guard, and was chosen Colonel thereof, and was subsequently Anderson, Joseph H.-He was born commissioned a Colonel of Militia, and in New York, and was elected a Representhad command of the Forty-ninth regiment ative in Congress, from that Statė, from of his State.

1843 to 1847, and was Chairman of the

Committee on Agriculture, and a member Anderson, Hugh J.-Born in 1861, in of the Committee on Expenditures in the Maine, and was Clerk of the Waldo Coun- | Treasury Department. ty Courts from 1827 to 1837, and a Representative in Congress, from Maine, from Anderson, Josiah M.-He was born 1837 to 1841, and a member of the Com- | in Tennessee, and was elected a Representmittee on Naval Affairs. He was a lawyer ative in Congress, from the Third District by profession; Governor of Maine from in that State, from 1849 to 1852, and was 1844 to 1847 ; and Commissioner of Cus- a member of the Committee on Private toms in Washington, from 1853 to 1858. Land Claims. He was also a Delegate to

the Peace Congress of 1861. Anderson, Isaac. He was a Representative in Congress, from Pennsylvania, Anderson, J. P.-He was born in Tenfrom 1803 to 1807.

nessee, and was elected a Delegate to the

Thirty-fourth Congress from the Territory Anderson, John.-He was born in of Washington. Cumberland, Maine; was a graduate of Bowdoin College in 1813; studied law and Anderson, Lucien.-Was born in admitted to the bar in 1816; a member of Mayfield, Kentucky, in June, 1824; rethe Maine Senate in 1824, and was elected ceived a good English education ; adopted a Representative in Congress, from Cum- the profession of the law; was a Presiberland County, Maine, from 1825 to 1833, dential Elector in 1852; and served for serving as a member of the Committees on two terms as a member of the Kentucky Elections and Naval Affairs. He was also Legislature. In 1863 he was elected a Mayor of Portland in 1833 and 1842; Representative from Kentucky to the ThirUnited States District Attorney from 1833 ty-eighth Congress, serving as a member

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