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I'mulation in the learnid and brave.

Pope .


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For the year 177


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By his MAJESTY's Authority
Printed for R: Baldwin at the Rose in later Noster kr.

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AT the dose of the year, 1777, we resume with great pleasure, the lay

dable custom of paying our annual tribute of sincere gratitude for the constant, unalterable marks of esteem and friendship conferred on the proprietors of the London Magazine.

The continued encouragement of our old, fready patrons, as well as the additional support given to our publication in the course of this year, at the same time that it commands our warmest acknowledgments, excites our zeal to merit.the public protection in future. To our numerous, respectable and ingenious correspondents

, we are principally indebted for a firm, e lahlished reputation ; our particular thanks are therefore due to them upon this occasion, and we sollicit their future alistance, to enable us to erect another trophy in the temple of Fame for the ÝLVIIth volume of the London Magazine at the conclusion of the ensuing year.

With respeet to our future conduct, we have only to observe, that without sacrificing solidity to tasteless variety, we hope to furnish an agreeable miscellany adapted to the inclinations of every class of readers ; and as to embellishments

, we mean to confine our plates chiefly to illustrations of curious and useful subjects ; portraits of illuftrious or remarkable persons, and ex-, planatory maps; all executed by able mafiers.

It would look like idle parade, to enumerate in this place, the new and interesting artócles we mean to add to the usual temporary pieces and to the favours of our correspondents, in the next volume. But we cannot dispense with mentioning, that through the benevclent difpofitions of some sensible and lively writers, both at home and abroad, we are provided with a series of Miscellaneous Eljays on subjects of improvement and entertainment; and with genuine Memoirs of great and ingenious men, who have flourished in modern times, in different countries, but of whom little or no account has hitherto been given from the English press. We are likewise promised fome detached pieces of history, and some curious anecdotes from France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, and other parts of the world, together with letters reSpecting the progress of arts and sciences in foreign academies.

Any other communications we may be favoured with by correspondents, will be gratefully acknowledged by the editor -- duly inserted if found compatible with our planr, if unsuitable, politely refused, and reflored when required.

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