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ning of a translation of the history of David Zeisberger relating to the Ohio Indians.

The Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio has issued a pagefor-page reprint of Daniel Drake's Notices concerning Cincinnati, which was originally issued in two parts in 1810 and has become exceedingly rare. Part I. of the Notices constitutes the January-March issue of the society's Quarterly Publication, and part II. and appendix the issue for April-June.

Dr. Harlow Lindley, director of the Department of Archives and History of Indiana, contributes to the June number of the Indiana Quarterly Magazine of History some account of the state archives, together with a statement of what his department has done and what it plans to do. There is also a suggestive editorial, mainly upon the same theme.

Indiana Baptist History, 1798–1908 (pp. 381 ), by W. T. Stott, is published by the author at Knightstown, Indiana.

The Chicago Historical Society will publish this autumn as volume V. of its Collections, a volume on “ The Settlement of Illinois, 1778– 1830 ", by Professor Arthur C. Boggess, Ph.D., of Pacific University.

Old Kentucky, “a history of the Blue Grass state from its earliest settlement to the present day", by J. F. Cook, is published by Messrs. Neale.

It is announced that a volume on Wisconsin, by Dr. R. G. Thwaites, and one on Minnesota, by Professor W. W. Folwell, are to be added to the American Commonwealth Series published by Houghton, Mifflin and Company.

The Torch Press, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has published The Sioux Indiansa History (pp. 523), by Doane Robinson. The author, who is superintendent of the South Dakota Historical Society, has consulted the Canadian archives as well as those of the War Department and the Indian Office of the United States. The work is illustrated with portraits and maps.

In the Annals of Iowa for July, Professor F. I. Herriott continues his papers on “ Iowa and the First Nomination of Abraham Lincoln ”. Considerable space is devoted to an examination of the impressions, as revealed in the newspapers of the time, made in Iowa by the LincolnDouglas debates. Several letters bearing upon the early history of Iowa appear in this issue of the Annals.

Two extensive articles make up the body of the July issue of the Iowa Journal of History and Politics. · Mr. Dan E. Clark resumes his “ History of Liquor Legislation in Iowa ", the present article covering the period 1861–1878, and Mr. F. H. Garver traces with some detail the “ History of the Establishment of Counties in Iowa". Mr. Garver's paper is accompanied by sixteen well-executed maps.

The articles of chief note in the July issue of the Missouri Historical Review, published by the State Historical Society of Missouri, is an account of the archives at Jefferson City, by Jonas Viles. Mr. Joel Spencer contributes a biographical sketch of Rev. Jesse Walker, “the Apostle of the Wilderness”, who did important mission work in Missouri in the early part of the nineteenth century.

Volume II. of the Publications of the Arkansas Historical Association is now in the press and will appear in December. It will contain the official orders issued, July, 1863-November, 1864, by Governor Flannagin in his capacity as commander-in-chief of the militia of Arkansas. It also will contain a chapter on Confederate manufactures in southern Arkansas, one on the Carpet-Bag Constitutional Convention of 1868 by a member of the convention, and others on reconstruction in Arkansas County, the history of taxation in Arkansas, etc.

The leading article in the Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society for June is a sketch by T. C. Elliott of Robert Newell, a pioneer of Oregon of some prominence. To the same issue W. C. Winslow contributes a brief account of the contests over the capital of Oregon.

A Mission Record of the California Indians (pp. 27), edited by A. L. Kroeber, is issued as one of the University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology.

McLoughlin Brothers have published Memoirs of Cornelius Cole, senator of the L'nited States from California from 1869 to 1873. His reminiscences are said to “throw much new light on matter connected with the government from 1850 to 1872, and supplement the local histories of the West covering this period ".

Professor H. E. Egerton has published the second or historical part of volume V. (Canada) in the Historical Geography of the British Colonies.

Henry Holt and Company have published a volume of lectures on Canadian Types of the Old Régime, by Professor Charles W. Colby of McGill University. Such characters as Champlain, Brébeuf, Hébert, D'Iberville, Talon, Laval and Frontenac are the central figures of the work.

Search for the Western Sea, by Mr. Lawrence J. Burpee, of Ottawa, is the story of the exploration of northwestern Canada, in the preparation of which much use has been made of manuscripts in the Canadian archives.

York Factory to the Blackfeet Country; the Journal of Anthony Hendry, 1754-1755 (pp. 58) has been reprinted from the transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, 1907-1908 (Ottawa, 1908). Hendry's journey, from Hudson Bay to the region of the present Alberta, was undertaken in the interest of the Hudson's Bay Company and occupied almost exactly a year. The journal, consisting mainly of brief memo

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randa descriptive of the country traversed and of incidents, is ably edited by Lawrence J. Burpee. There are several illustrations and two maps.

The North-West Passage: Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Gjoain the years 1903-1907, by Roald Amundsen, with a supplement by Lieutenant Godfrey Hansen, vice-commander of the expedition, recently published in the United States by Messrs. Dutton, is appearing also in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, German and Italian.

In an article in the fourth volume of the Journal de la Société des Américanistes de Paris entitled “Découverte de Trois Précieux Ouvrages du Métis Péruvien Blas Valera", Señor Manuel Gonzáles de la Rosa maintains that the history of Peru known to have been written before 1590 by the half-Indian Jesuit Blas Valera upon the basis of Quichua and Aymara authorities is embedded in Garcilasso, giving to the latter's book a much higher authority than it has been supposed to have; that another historical book of Valera may similarly be discovered in the Memorias of Fernando Montesinos; and that a portion of another of his works may be seen in print in the form of an anonymous relation printed in 1879 by Jiménez de la Espada. The evidences for these conclusions, important to the early history of Peru if demonstrated, are understood to have been recently printed by Señor González in the Revista Histórica of Lima.

Noteworthy articles in periodicals: G. L. Beer, The Early English Colonial Movement (Political Science Quarterly, March, June); Anna Youngman, The Fortune of John Jacob Astor (Journal of Political Economy, April, July); Edith Abbott, A Study of the Early History of Child Labor in America (American Journal of Sociology, July); St. G. L. Sioussat, Tennessee and the Removal of the Cherokees (Sewanee Review, July); W. M. Sloane, George Bancroft (Atlantic Monthly, August); W. H. Crook, Andrew Johnson in the White House (Century Magazine, September).

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A study of the part our nation plays in the great drama of world


The United States as a World-Power



Harvard University.

The relative positions of the five world powers, and the bases of their claims to the title are first outlined. After this introduction, Mr. Coolidge discusses in detail, and with many comparisons, the situation arising from the formation and growth of the United States, the ele. ments of its population, the Monroe Doctrine, the Spanish War and the acquisition of colonies, the economic status of the country, the relations of the United States with continental Europe and with England, the relations with Canada, and with the countries of Latin America, the presence of the United States in the Pacific and its relations with China and with Japan. Arrangements have been made for its simultaneous publication in America, England and (in translation) in Germany and France.

Cloth, vii+385 pages, 12mo, $2.00 net, by mail $2.12.



64-66 Fifth Avenue, NEW YORK

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