The Javanese Candi: Function and Meaning

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BRILL, 1995 - 162 halaman
"The Javanese Candi" is the outcome of a thorough study during many years on the function and the meaning of the monuments of ancient Indonesia, commonly called "candi," A re-examination of the archaeological evidence, while scrutinizing textual data from inscriptions and literary works, systematically rejects the current opinion as if the "candi" was a royal tomb to enshrine the ashes of the cremated body of the dead king. Instead, the "candi" was meant as a temple building where people could pay homage to the king and invoke the blessings of the forefather.

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The Candi as Tomb
Towards a reexamination of its function
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R. Soekmono, Ph.D., is Emeritus Professor in Archaeology, Universitas Indonesia (since 1987); he was Director of the Archaeological Service (1953-1973), and Director of the Borobudur Restoration Project (1970-1983). He has published extensively on archaeology and ancient history.

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