Rent Control for Business Accommodations, Hearings Before ..., 78-2 on S, 2176 ..., November30, December 1 and 4,1944

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Halaman 88 - And I tell you what I am going to do. I am going seriously to learn the profession of poverty, and make myself master of it.
Halaman 195 - If there are any questions, I should be glad to answer them. Mr.
Halaman 91 - York, and having its principal office and place of business in the Borough of Manhattan, City, County and State of New York (herein called the "Association").
Halaman 110 - UNITED STATES SENATE, COMMITTEE ON BANKING AND CURRENCY, Washington, DC The committee met at 10:30 am, pursuant to adjournment on yesterday, in room 301, Senate Office Building, Senator Robert F.
Halaman 214 - Extract from the minutes of a meeting of the executive committee of the Real Estate Board of New Orleans, Inc., held this day, a quorum being present.
Halaman 226 - ... therefore, be it Resolved (if the Senate concur), 1. That a joint legislative committee be and hereby is created to consist of three members of the Senate, to be appointed by the Temporary President of the Senate, and five members of the Assembly...

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