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Geology and Mining Industry of Leadville, with atlas, by S. F. Emmons. In preparation.
Geology of the Eureka Mining District, Nevada, with atlas, by Arnold Hague. In preparation.
Lake Bonneville, by G. K. Gilbert. In preparation.
Dinocerata. A Monograph on an extinct order of Ungilates, by Prof. O. C. Marsh. In preparation
Sauropoda, by Prof. 0. C. Marsh. In preparation.
Stegosauria, by Prof. 0. C. Marsh. In preparation.
Of these Monographs, Nos. II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII are now published, viz:

II. Tertiary History of the Grand Cañon District, with atlas, by C. E. Dutton, Capt., U. S. A. 1882. 40. 264 pp. 42 pl. and atlas of 26 double sheets folio. Price $10.12.

III. Geology of the Comstock Lode and Washoe District, with atlas, by G. F. Becker. 1882. 4°. XV, 422 pp. 7 pl. and atlas of 21 sheets folio. Price $11.

IV. Comstock Mining and Miners, by Eliot Lord. 1883. 4o. xiv, 451 pp. 3 pl. Price $1.50.

V. Copper-bearing Rocks of Lake Superior, by Prof. R. D. Irving, 1883. 4o. xvi, 464 pp. 29 pl. Frice $1.85.

VI. Contributions to the Knowledge of the Older Mesozoic Flora of Virginia, by William M. Fon. taine. '1883. 4o. xix, 128 pp. 54 I. 54 pl. Price $1.05.

VII. Silver-lead Deposits of Eureka, Nevada, by Joseph S. Curtis, 1884. 4o. xil, 200 pp. 15 pl. Price $1.20.

Nos. VIII and IX are in press and will soon appear. The others, to which numbers are not assigned, are in preparation.

BULLETINS. The Bulletins of the Survey will contain sach papers relating to the general purpose of its work as do not properly come under tho beads of ANNUAL Rurorts or MOXOGRAPHS.

Each of these Bulletins will contain but one paper and will be complete in itself. They will, how. ever, be numbered in a continuous series, and will in time be united into volumes of convenient size. To facilitate this oach Bulletin will have two paginations, one proper to itself and another which belongs to it as part of the volume.

of this series of Bulletins, Nos. 1 to 13 are already published, viz:

1. On Hypersthene-Andesite and on Triclinic Pyroxenc in Augitic Rocks, by Whitman Cross, with a Geological Sketch of Buffalo Peaks, Colorado, by S. F. Emmons. 1883. 8o. 42 pp. 2 pl. Price 10 cents.

2. Gold and Silver Conversion Tables, giving the coiping value of Troy ounces of fine metal, &c., by Albert Williams, jr. 1883. 80. ii, 8 pp. Price 5 cents.

3. On the Fossil Faunas of the Upper Devonian, along the meridian of 760 30', from Tompkins County, New York, to Bradford County, Pennsylvania, by Henry S. Williams. 1884. 89. 36 pp. Price 5 cents.

4. On Mesozoic Fossils, by Charles A. White. 1884. 8o. 36 pp. 9 pl. Price 5 cents. 5. A Dictionary of Altitudes in the United States, compiled by Henry Gannett. 1884. 8o. 325 pp. Price 20 cents.

6. Elevations in the Dominion of Canada, by J. W. Spencer, 1884. 8o. 43 pp. Price 5 cents.

7. Mapoteca Geologica Americana. A catalogue of geological maps of America (North and South), 1752-1881, by Jules Marcon and John Belknap Marcou. 1884. 8o. 184 pp. Price 10 cents.

8. On Secondary Enlargements of Mineral Fragments in Certain Rocks, by R. D. Irving and C. R Vanhise. 1884. 8o. 56 pp. Price 10 cents.

9. A Report of the Work Done in the Washington Laboratory during the fiscal year 1883–'84. F. W. Clarke, chief chemist; T. M. Chatard, assistant. 1884. 80. 40 pp. Price 5 cents.

10. On the Cambrian Faunas of North America. Preliminary studies by Charles Doolittle Walcott. 1884. 8°. 74 pp. Price 5 cents.

11. On the Quaternary and Recent Mollusca of the Great Basin; with Descriptions of New Forms, by R. Ellsworth Call; introduced by a sketch of the Quaternary Lakes of the Great Basin, by G. K. Gilbert. 1884. 89. 66 pp. Price 5 cents.

12. A Crystallographic Study of the Thinolite of Lake Labontan, by Edward S. Dana 1884. 80 34 pp. Price 5 cents.

13. Boundaries of the United States and of the several States and Territories, with a historical sketch of the territorial changes, by Henry Gannett. 1885. 8° 135 pp. Price 10 cents.


A fourth series of publications baving special reference to the mineral resources of the United States is contemplated. Of that series the first has been published, viz: Mineral Resources of the United States, by Albert Williams, jr. 1883. 89. xvii, 813 pp. Price 50 cents.

The second volume of this series, Mineral Statistics 1883 and 1884, is in preparation and will soon be put to press.

Correspondence relating to the publications of the Survey, and all remittances, which must be by postal note or money order, should be addressed to the DIRECTOR OF THE UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY,

Washington, D.O. WASHINGTON, D. C., January 15, 1885.

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