The Old New York Frontier: Its Wars with Indians and Tories, Its Missionary Schools, Pioneers, and Land Titles, 1614-1800

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C. Scribner's Sons, 1901 - 432 halaman
Largely a history of the upper Susquehanna valley.

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Halaman 40 - If a white man, in travelling through our country, enters one of our cabins, we all treat him as I do you ; we dry him if he is wet, we warm him if he is cold, and give him meat and drink, that he may allay his thirst and hunger ; and we spread soft furs for him to rest and sleep on ; we demand nothing in return.
Halaman 164 - Scalping-knife of the savage ; to call into civilized alliance the wild and inhuman inhabitants of the woods ; to delegate to the merciless Indian the defence of disputed rights, and to wage the horrors of his barbarous war against our brethren ? My lords, these enormities cry aloud for redress and punishment. But, my lords, this barbarous measure has been defended, not only on the principles of policy and necessity, but also on those of morality ; " for it is perfectly allowable," says Lord Suffolk,...
Halaman 313 - Also sixtytwo farmers, killed in their houses, the hoops red ; the skin painted brown, and marked with a hoe ; a black circle all round, to denote their being surprised in the night ; and a black hatchet in the middle, signifying their being killed with that weapon
Halaman 40 - ... spread soft furs for him to rest and sleep on: We demand nothing in return. But if I go into a white man's house at Albany, and ask for victuals and drink, they say, where is your money; and if I have none they say, get out, you Indian Dog.
Halaman 31 - The Empire State, as you love to call it, was once laced by our trails from Albany to Buffalo — trails that we had trod for centuries — trails worn so deep by the feet of the Iroquois that they became your roads of travel, as your possessions gradually eat into those of my people.
Halaman 427 - BOOK CARD DO NOT REMOVE A Charge will be made if this cord is mutilated or not returned with the book GRADUATE LIBRARY...
Halaman 334 - Prompted by these actual observations, I could not help taking a more extensive view of the vast inland navigation of these United States, from maps and the information of others ; and could not but be struck with the immense extent and importance of it, and with the goodness of that Providence, which has dealt its favors to us with so profuse a hand. Would to God we may have wisdom enough to improve them.
Halaman 8 - Amsterdam merchant) — 1st, a miserable little fort called Fort Orange, built of logs, with four or five pieces of Breteuil cannon, and as many swivels. This has been reserved, and is maintained by the West India Company.
Halaman 150 - Na" tions. On this occasion General Haldimand told us what * had befallen the King's subjects, and said, now is the time for " you to help the King. The war has commenced. Assist the " King now, and you will find it to your advantage. Go now " and fight for your possessions, and whatever you lose of " your property during the war, the King will make up to you
Halaman 359 - I am now descending into the vale of life, and I must acknowledge that I look back with selfcomplacency upon what I have done, and am proud of having been an instrument in reclaiming such large and fruitful tracts from the waste of the creation.

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