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The fourth Battle continued, in which Neptune affifts the Greeks: the acts of Idomeneus.

NEPTUNE, concerned for the lofs of the Grecians, upon feeing the fortification forced by Hector (who had entered the gate near the ftation of the Ajaxes) affumes the shape of Calchas, and infpires thofe heroes to oppofe him: then, in the form of one of the generals, encourages the other Greeks, who had retired to their veffels. The Ajaxes form their troops in a close phalanx, and put a stop to Hector and the Trojans. Several deeds of valour are performed; Meriones, lofing his fpear in the encounter, repairs to feek another at the tent of Idomeneus: this occafions a conversation between those two warriours, who return together to the battle. Idomeneus fignalizes his courage above the reft; he kills Othryoneus, Afius, and Alcathous : 'Deiphobus and Æneas march against him, and at length Idomeneus retires. Menelaus wounds Helenus, and kills Pifander. The Trojans are repulfed in the left wing; Hector ftill keeps his ground against the Ajaxes, till, being galled by the Locrian flingers and archers, Polydamas advises to call a council of war: Hector approves his advice, but goes firft to rally the Trojans; upbraids Paris, rejoins Polydamas, meets Ajax again, and renews the attack.

The eight and twentieth day still continues. The fcene is between the Grecian wall and the fea-fhore.






HEN now the Thunderer on the fea-beat coaft
Had fix'd great Hector and his conquering hoft;

He left them to the Fates, in bloody fray

To toil and struggle through the well-fought day;
Then turn'd to Thracia from the field of fight
Thofe eyes that shed infufferable light :
To where the Myfians prove their martial force,
And hardy Thracians tame the favage horse;
And where the far-fam'd Hippemolgian strays,
Renown'd for juftice and for length of days;
Thrice happy race! that, innocent of blood,
From milk, innoxious, feek their fimple food:
Jove fees delighted; and avoids the scene
Of guilty Troy, of arms, and dying men :
No aid, he deems, to either host is given,

While his high law suspends the powers of Heaven.
Mean-time the Monarch of the watery main


Obferv'd the Thunderer, nor obferv'd in vain.
In Samothracia, on a mountain's brow,

Whose waving woods o'erhung the deeps below,
He fate; and round him cast his azure eyes,
Where Ida's mifty tops confus'dly rife;

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* Neptune.


Below, fair Ilion's glittering fpires were seen,
The crouded ships, and fable feas between.
There, from the crystal chambers of the main
Emerg'd, he fate; and mourn'd his Argives flain.
At Jove incens'd, with grief and fury stung,
Prone down the rocky steep he rush'd along ;
Fierce as he past, the lofty mountains nod,
The forest shakes! earth trembled as he trod,
And felt the footsteps of th' immortal God.
From realm to realm three ample strides he took,
And, at the fourth, the distant Ægæ shook.
Far in the bay his shining palace stands,
Eternal frame! not rais'd by mortal hands:
This having reach'd, his brafs-hoof'd steeds he reins,




Fleet as the winds, and deck'd with golden manes.
Refulgent arms his mighty limbs infold,

Immortal arins of adamant and gold.

He mounts the car, the golden fcourge applies,


He fits fuperior, and the chariot flies:

His whirling wheels the glaffy furface sweep;
Th' enormous monsters, rolling o'er the deep,
Gambol around him on the watery way;
And heavy whales in aukward measures play :
The fea fubfiding spreads a level plain,
Exults, and owns the monarch of the main 1;
The parting waves before his courfers fly :
The wondering waters leave his axle dry.

Deep in the liquid regions lies a cave;
Between where Tenedos the furges lave,
And rocky Imbrus breaks the rolling wave:




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