Talking with Christians: Musings of a Jewish Theologian

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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2005 - 269 halaman
This edition: - Uses the clear, easy-to-read Popular format - Contains a Concordance with approximately 1000 entry words and over 10,000 Bible references - Is beautifully bound in popular soft-tone leather - Has a flexible cover, with blind embossing - Has gilded page edges - Has a ribbon marker and head/tail bands - Has pagination to match TNIV Pew and Lectern Bibles, so it can be easily used in church TNIV is a thoroughly accurate, fully trustworthy Bible text built on the rich heritage of the NIV. It presents the fruit of the ongoing study of the same team of translators that were responsible for the original NIV. The uniqueness of TNIV rests in its ability to speak God's word clearly and accurately in English that has developed and changed over the last quarter century. The result is a Bible text that reflects the NIV but also clarifies and updates passages and words to provide a more timely, contemporary English rendition for a new generation of Bible readers. The royalty from every Hodder & Stoughton TNIV Bible that you buy helps to fund the International Bible Society's effort to translate and distribute Bibles to people in need around the world.

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