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for dower, wbo to be made deseadants, 251
to obtain title, when occupying claimant may file, 264
may be filed against i rustee by purchaser of land held in trust for banks,

adants, 2511y file, 264

...for butiken


10 the opinion of the court may be taken, 75
julges must sign and seal, ib.
may be taken in criminal cases, 160


pegotiable by indorsement, 217
proteated, what damages drawers and indorsers shall be liable to pay, 452


on canal boats, what to contain, 386
to what collectors to be presented, 387
penalty for omitting to exhibit, 388
must be veritied by raih, if required, ib,
false, penalty for signing or delivering, ib.
at what time to be exhibited, 395

may be detained by coltector till tolls are paid, ib.

must be delivered to opposite party in suit, if required, 72
must be filed with justices of the peace, 175
must be sent up with transcript on appeal, 178
of officers' fees, till made out, payment may be refused, 227


inspection of, 480

to produce certificates of freedom, 439
citizens not to employ without certificate, ib.
to have certificates of freedom recorded, 440
not to settle in this State without giving bond, 441
not complying may be removed, ib.
pot to give evidence when either party is white, ib.
owners of, may prove property before judge or justice, 440
not to be removed without proof, 440 442
persons preveoling owners from taking, how punished, 440
free, seizing or detaining of, with intent to transport, how punished, 412


what description of, may navigate the canals, 381.393
size and structure of, may be regulated by canal commissioners, 377
manner of passing each other on the canals, 382.
manner of passing locks, ib. .
registry of, how made, 385

may be changed, 386
naine of, to be painted thereon, ib.
each to have a separate clearance, 388
may be detained fill tolls are paid, 389, 397


liable for the payment of penalties incurred by owner, master or boatmeri,
may be detained till penalties are paid. 390

[383, 390
not to be upladen till permit is obtained, 396
navigating the capris without authority, may be stopped, ib.
of the U. S. may navigate the cabals toll iree, 397
adrift, may be taken up, 475

when to vest in taker up, ib.

when to be sold, and how, 476

for appearance of defendant, (see Bail bond.)
in criminal cases, (see Recognizance.)
taken by justices of the peace, (see Recognizance)
to be taken on allowance of habeas corpus cum causa, 66
to be given by plaintiff in error, 77
to be given on appeal from C. P to S. court, 78
not required of administrator, &c., appealing, ib.
to be given on allowance of injunctions, 87
injunction and appeal, when suit may be commenced on, 108
to be given by plaintiff in replevin, 128
of plaintiff in replevin, when may be sued, 130
may be taken for the delivery of property levied on and remaining unsold,
may be required of garnishee in attachment, 131
to be given on allowance of certiorari, 179. 212
arbitration, what to contain, 2015
what negotiable by indoreement, 217
to be given by agents of foreigo insurance companies, 303
to be given by blacks and mulattoes belone settling, 441
to be given by insolvent debtor applying for reliei, 331, 2
for privilege of prison bounds, 340
to be given by applicant for alteration of state road, 355

for laying out or altering county road, 352
to be given on appeal from decision of crunty commissioners, 364

of towuship trustees, 306

of auditor of state, 500
of state treasurer, 503
of chief clerk in auditor's office, 50%
of clerk of courts, 57
of sheriff and coroner, 112
of county auditor, 280
of county treasurer, 291
of county assessor, 270
of justices of the peace, 169
of constables, 486
of cxécutors and administrators, 231, 2
of guardians. 248
of county surveyor, 400
of notary public, 409
of auctioneer, 305
of commissioner of insolvents, 329
of county recorder, 345

BONDS OF OFFICERS--(continued)

of collector of tolls on the canals, 384
of treasurer of school district, 418
of township treasurer, 488
of inspectors of four, beet, pork, fish, etc. 477
how sued, 267


parties may be required to produce, 75

may be proved by oath of party, 122

o co inties, bow established, 497

of townships, may be altered by commissioners, 484

limits of, 340, 1

for killing wolves, 468

may be increased by commissioners, 469

altering or defaciog of, how punished, 148

of inspector, counterfeiting of, deemed forgery, 483

assigninent of in pleading, 66, 7

made subject to taxation, 272

how valued for taxation, 277

at elections, how punished, 54
of judge, justice, arbitrator, juror or witness, 150
of ministerial officer to procure an escape, ib.
of commissioners fixing seats of justice, 496


unlawful destruction of, how punished, 147. 374
an act for the security of, 372
across the canal on new roads, to be constructed at the expenge of the

county, 375

how taxed, 302

public, what to be erected in each county, 315

what subject to taxation, 272
prohibited, and how punished, 163


planta at, in streets, prohibited and punished, 162

how punished, 138


or hay, corn, &c., maliciously, how punished, 150
of woode and prairies, 151

of buildings, (see Arson.)

taking dead body from, how punished, 148

not exceeding ten acres, exempt from taxation, 272

how packed and inspected, 480

stolen notes, &c., with knowledge, how punished, 139
stolen goods, 140
stolen horse, 141


may be summoned as jurors, 96. 98

penalty for trespassing on the towing path of, 373

for obstructing the navigation of, 373. 383
for injuring lock, gate, bank, dam, culvert, &c., 374. 381
for taking water out of, without permission, 374, 379

for opening or shutting gates without permission, 378
persons injuring, how proceeded against, 375, 6
what descrip!ion of boats may navigate, 381. 393
at what rate floats may move on, 381
collectors of tolls on, how appointed, 384

principal of coinmon school fund appropriated to the construction of, 426
CANAL BOATS,(see Boats.)


miy muke rules in relation to the navigation of the canals, 377
shall furnish superintendents and collectors with copies of rules,
shall appoint collectors of tolts, 384
shall furnish auditor of state with dames of collectors &c., 392
may sell surplus water, 378, 380
may sell lands purchased by, or graoted to the State, 380
may purchase water power, mill or mill sile, in certain cases, 398
acting, may appoint appraisers to assess damages, 376
may change roads when necessary to the construction of the canals, 376.


to be charged with drafts on the school fund, 426

standing in the name of deceased persons, how transferred, 399.

ad respondendum, wben to be first process, 117

bow executed and returned, 117, 8
alias and pluries may issue, 118
against two or more, how executed and retrned, ib.
when surety may sue out against pripcipal, 462
before justices, when first process, 172, 3
sur demanded to be indorsed on, 174
proceedings before justice on return of, 174
may be issued by justice on transcript, 187

form of, to be used by justices, 193
ud satisfaciendum, discbarged by delivery of sufficient property, 109
issued to another county, how executed, 107

tees of sheriff for executing, 226

how to be indopsed, ib.
on an indictment, how executed, 118, 9

may issue to another county, 119


of merchants and exchange brokers, subject to taxation, 272

how listed, 273

judgment oot rendered against, without ten days' votice to tenant, 68
who may be made defeodant insiead ot, ib.
judgment against, at first term, anless consent rule be entered into, 69


to be constructed in jails, 310


taking dead bodies from, how punished, 148

of election, to be given by clerk without fee, 54
to be used by officer taking depositions, form ot, 126
of the performance of labor on roads, its effect, 367, 370
of purchase at lax sale, to be given by auditor, 288

made assigpable, ib

so of forteited lands, 298
of commissioner of insolvents, what to specify, and its effect, 333
granted by court to iosolvent debtor, its effect, 336
of the acknowledgment of deeds, what to contain, 347
of registry of canal boats, what to contain, 385
respecting the cargo of canal boats, to be signed by the master and sworn

to if required, 394
of the oath of office by a judge, to be deposited with clerk in 20 days, 407
of qualification to be obtained by school teacher annually, 420
of freedom, to be produced by blacks and mulattoes, 439

to be recorded in clerk's office; 440
of inspectors of beef, flour, &c, what to contain, 483

of secretary of state, to be appended to the laws, 504

who may allow writs of, 56, 7
not to issue till bond given, 179

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