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bort the same:

may be appre

the arrest to be given to the executive authority making such demand, or to the agent of such authority appointed to receive the fugitive, and to cause the fugitive to be delivered to such agent, when he shall appear: but if no such agent shall appear within six months from the time of the arrest, the prisoner may be discharged. And all costs or expenses, incurred in the apprehending, securing and transmitting such fugitive to the State or Territory making such demand, shall be paid by such State or Territory.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That any agent, appointed as aforesaid, who shall receive the fugitive into his custody, Agents appdintshall be empowered to transport him or her to the State or Co. Territory from which he or she shall have fled. And if any iody, may transperson or persons shall, by force, set at liberty, or rescue the porti fugitive from such agent, while transporting, as aforesaid, the person or persons so offending, shall, on conviction thereof, be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars, and be imprisoned not exceeeding one year. .

Sec. 3. And be it also enacted, That when a person, held to Fugitives from labor in any of the United States, or in either of the territories labor of service, on the northwest or south of the river Ohio, under the laws hended in the thereof, shall escape into any other of the said States or Terri- State or Territo

ry to which they tory, the person to whom such labor or service may be due, his may have fled. agent or attorney, is hereby empowered to seize or arrest such fugitive from labor, and to take him or her before any judge of the circuit or district courts of the United States, residing, or being within the State, or before any magistrate of a county, city or town corporate, wherein such seizure or arrest shall be made; and, upon proof to the satisfaction of such judge or magistrate, either by oral testimony, or affidavit, taken before and certified by a magistrate, of any such State or Territory, that the person so seized or arrested, doth, under the laws of the State or Territory from which he or she fled, owe service or labor to the person claiming him or her, it shall be the duty of such judge or magistrate to.give a certificate thereof to such claimant, his agent or attorney, which shall be sufficient warrant for removing the said fugitive from labor, to the State or Territory from which he or she fled.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That any person who shall Persons hineira knowingly and willingly obstruct or hinder such claimant, his ing or obstruct

ing the appreagent or attorney, in so seizing or arresting such fugitive from bension or fugilabor, or shall rescue such fugitive from such claimant, lis agent tives from labor or attorney, when so arrested, pursuant to the authority herein "o be given or declared; or shall harbor or conceal such person, aster notice that he or she was a fugitive from labor, as aforesaid, shall for either of the said offences, forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars: which penalty may be recovered by, and for the benefit of, such claimant, by action of debt, in any court proper to try the same; saving moreover to the person claim

to be fine

ing such labor or service, his right of action for, or on accoud of the said injuries, or either of them.

Approved, February 12, 1793.

IN ACT concerning the mode of surveying the public lands of the United States.

and contents of the several sec.

1. All the cor


run and marked in the surveys

established, etc.

Sec. 7. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

lives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That She boundarius the boundaries and contents of the several sectious, half sections,

ce and quarter sections, of the public lands of the United States, tious, to be as. shall be ascertained in conformity with the following principles, certained, &c. any act to the contrary notwithstanding:

ist. All the corners marked in the surveys, returned by the hiers marked in surveyor general, or by the surveyor of the land south of the the surveys re. State of Tennessee, respectively, shall be established as the pro

per corners of sections, or subdivisions of sections, which they The corners.of were intended to designate; and the corners of half and quarter half and quarter sections, not marked on the said surveys, shah be placed as Sections, not marked on the nearly as possible equidietaut from those two corners which surveys, etc. stand on the same line. 2, The boundary 2d. The boundary lines, actually run and inarked in the sur bines actually veys returned by the surveyor general, or by the surveyor of

Sed the land south of the State of Tennessee, respectively, shall be returned, to be established as the proper boundary lines of the sections, or sub

etc. divisions, for which they were intended, and the length of such

lines, as returned by either of the surveyors aforesaid, shall be

heid and considered as the true length thereof. And the boun

1. dary lines, wbich shall not have been actually run and marked ly run, to be as ás aforesaid, shall be ascertained, by running straight lines, teilajned, etc. from the established curners to the opposite corresponding cor

ners; but in those portions of the fractional townships, when 10 such opposite corresponding corners have been or can be fixed, the said boundary lines shall be ascertained by running, from the established corners, due north and south, or east and west, lives, as the case may be, to the water course, Indian boundary line, or other external boundary of such fractional township.

3d. Each section, or subdivision of section, the contents

e whereof shall have been, or, by virtue of the first section of this of' have been re-act, shall be, returned by the surveyor general, or by the sur

veyor of the public lands south of the State of Tennessec, ressurveyor gener al, to be consid- pectively, shall he held and considered as containing the exact 4, etc.

quantity expressed in such return or returns: and the half sections, and quarter sections, the contents whereof shall not have been thus returned, shall be held and considered as containing the one-half, or the onc-fourth part, respectively, of the returncd contents of the section of which they make part.

Amproveil, February 11, 1805.

The boundary lines not actual.

Nach section, the contents where

iurned by the

AN ACT to appropriate lands for the support of Schools in certain townships and orac

tioaal townships, not before provided for.

tities of land, where none is

in certain town.

Sec. 1. Be it enacterl by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress asseinbleil, That, to following quan; make provision for the support of schools, in all townships ori fractional townships, for which no land has been heretofore ap- appropriated for propriated for that use, in those States in wbich section num- the use of schools ber sixteen, or other land equivalent thereto, is by law directed ships, or frac to be reserved for the support of schools in each township, tional town.

ships, to here. there shall be reserved and appropriated, for the use of schools, served for such in each entire township, or fractional township, for which no purpose. land has been heretofore appropriated or granted for that purpose, the following quantities of land, to wit: For each township or fractional township, containing a greater quantity of land than three quarters of an entire township, one section; for a fractional township, containing a greater quantity of land than one ball, and not more than three quarters of a township, three quarters of a section; for a fractional township, containing a greater quantity of land than one quarter, and not more than one half of a township, one half section; and for a fractional township, containing a greater quantity of land than one entire section, and not more than one quarter of a township, one quarter section of land.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the aforesaid tracts of Aforesaid traets land shall be selected by !he Secretary of the Treasury, out of of land to be se. any qnappropriated public land within the land district where cret

cretary of the the township for which any tract is selected may be situated; Treasury. and when so selected, shall be held by the same tenure, and upon the same terms, for the support of schools, in such township, as section number sixteen is, or may be held, in the State where such township shall be situated.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That there shall be select- A certain section ed, in the manner above mentioned, one section and one quar.. ter section of land, for the support of schools within that tracted the French

Grant, in Ohio of country, usually called the French Grant, in the county of Scioto, in the State of Ohio.

Approved, May 20, 1826.

lected by the Se

and quarter seetion, usually calle

to be selected


AN ACT to provide for election of Electors of President and Vice President of the United


sue proclama tion to be insert

per in each

shipe on the fifth Friday prece.

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Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, That the Governor of this State, sixty days previous to Governor to is. the time provided by this act, for the election of Electors of die President and Vice President of the United States, shall, by ed in a newspa proclamation to be inserted in one of the newspapers priated P

county. in each county in this State, where any such paper is printed, give notice of the time of holding such election, and the namber of Electors of President and Vice President, there to be chosen.

Sec. 2. That the qualified Electors of this State shall, on Elections to be the first Friday of November next, and on the fifth Friday pre- held in town. ceding the first Wednesday in December, in every fourth succeeding year, assemble in their respective townships, at the ding the first

Monday in De usual places designated for holding elections, and proceed to elect a number of Electors of President and Vice President of the United States, equal to the number of Senators and Representatives, this State may be entitled to, in the Congress of the United States; which election shall commence and close at Election the same hours, and be conducted in the same manner, and of opened and clo: which the sheriffs of the respective counties shall give the same *

o ted by law for notice, as is or may be directed by law, for electing members election of mem: of the General Assembly of the State; but no Senator or Rep-bere of general

assembly. resentative in Congress, or persons holding an office of trust or profit under the United States, or any director of the Bank of Who shall not be the United States, or any of its branches, shall be eligible as an Elector of President apd Vice President.

Sec. 3. That it shall be the duty of the judges of elections, in each township, forthwith after the close of the elections, to zo seal up one of the poll books of the election, which shall tion to seal one be carried, within three days after the day of election, to the poll book and sheriff of the proper county, who shall attend the two days next ift, who shall atsucceeding the election, at the seat of justice of his county, tend at seat of

justice to receive for the purpose of receiving poll books as aforesaid; and if the poll books. judges of election, or any one of them, shall fail to carry the Judges liable to

penalty for neg. poll book as aforesaid, they shall forfeit and pay to the State, le the sum of one hundred dollars, to be recovered by an action of debt, before any court having cognizance thereof.

Sec. 4. That the sheriffs, upon receiving the poll books as gher aforesaid, shall administer an oath or affirmation to each judge, ister an oath to who shall deliver said poll book, that he was à judge of said each judge,


Judges of elec

Sheriff to admin.

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