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Recognizance to required, proceed thus: And abide the order of the court therekeep the peace on, and in the mean time to keep the peace, and be of good

behavior towards the citizens of the State generally, and especially towards the said C. D.; then this recognizance shall be void: otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue in law. Taken and acknowledged before me, on the day and year first above written,

A. B., justice of the peace. 8.--Form of a commitment for want of bail, and in cases not bail

able by law. THE STATE OF Ohio,

county, ss. To the keeper of the jail of the county aforesaid, Greeting: Form of a

Whereas, C. D., late of said county, has been arrested, on

Whereas, V. Dog la the oath of E. F., for [here describe the crime or offence), and has been examined by me, A. B., one of the justices of the peace in and for said county, on such charge, and required to give bail in the sum of

dollars, for his appearance before
the court of common pleas of said county, on the first day of
the next term thereof, [or forth with, as the fact was; but this
requisition of bail is only to be made and stated in bailable
offences;] which requisition he has failed to comply with:
Therefore, in the name of the State of Ohio, I command you
to receive the said C. D. into your custody, in the jail of the
county aforesaid; there to remain until he (or she] be discharg.
ed by due course of law.
Given under my hand and seal, this

day of .
A. B. (SEAL.)


an examination

9.-Form of commitment, pending a trial. THE STATE OF Ohio

county, ss. To the keeper of the jail of the county aforesaid, Greeting: form of com

. Whereas, C. D., of the county aforesaid, has been arrested, mitment pending on the oath for affirmation) of E. F., for [here state the crime

or offence according to the fact,) and has been brought before
me, A. B., one of the justices of the peace in and for said coun-
ty, for trial, at the seat of justice thereof; which trial has been
necessarily postponed by reason of the [here state the absence
of a material witness, or other cause of delay, according to the
fact]: Therefore, I command you, in the name of the State,
to receive the said C. D. into your custody, in the jail of the
county aforesaid; there to remain until discharged by due
course of law. .
Given under my hand and seal, this

day of

A. B. (SEAL.)
10.— Form of a subpoena for wilness.

county, ss.
To any.constable of the county, Greeting:
You are hereby commanded to summon

Form of suir poena for wit.

to be and appear before me, A. B., one of the justices of the peace, in and for said county, at

forthwith, and There to give testimony and the truth to say, touching a certain cornplaint made on behalf of the State, against and hereof fail not, under the penalty of one hundred dollars; and have you then there this writ. Given under my hand and scal, this day of

A. B. (SEAL.) This act to take effect and be in force, from and after the first day of June next.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

March 11, 1831.

Speaker of the Senate.

AN ACT allowigs and regulating writs of attachmen: before justices of the



consta bie

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, That if any creditor', his agent or attorney, shall file an Justice to issue affidavit with any justice of the peace within this State, setting writ upon oath

of creditor, &c. forth that his debtor absconds to the injury of his creditor, or of ¢¢ that such debtor is not a' resident of the county, as he verily believes, the said justice shall thereupon issue a writ of attachment under his hand and seal, directed to any constable of his proper

" Command of county, commanding him to execute the same, on the goods, writ chattels, rights, credits, moneys and effects of the defendant, within the county, and make return thereof within twenty days.

Sec. 2. That the constable, in executing such writ of attachment, shall go to the place where the defendant's property love may he found; and in the presence of at least two credible per shall execute sons, declare, that by virtue of the writ to him directed, he at. Writ taches the goods, chattels, rights, credits, money's and effects of said defendant, at the suit of such plaintiff in attachment: and the sait constable shall take to his assistance two respectable freeholders, who, under onth or affirmation, (which oath or at firmation the constable is hereby authorized to administer) shall make a true inventory and appraisement of the at-Constahie, foto tached; which shall be signed by the said constable and free-make an inveu. hoiders, and returned with the writ: and the constahle sball indorse on said writ, the time and manver of serving the same. To indorse writ and subscribe his name therrto; and such writ when served, sbal} which shall bind

property bind the property so attached from the time of executing the same.

Sec. 3. That any person taking out a writ of attachment Party in a from a justice of the peace, shall forth with drėrtise, in three of visa and prore the most public places in the proper county, and in some news. " paper printed in the county, if a newspaper be printed therein;

property, unless bond be given



ed by another,

and is no paper be printed in such county, such notice shall be advertised in some paper in geueral circulation in said county, that an attachment has been taken out from such justice against such absent or absconding debtor: and shall transmit to the justice a copy thereof, and shall produce to bim satisfactory evide ice of having advertised agreeably to the requisitions of this section, thirty days previous to rendering judgment.

Sec. 4. That the property attached shall be taken into the Constable to take care of the said constable, unless the garnishee, or person in

** whose custody or possession the said property may be found, shall enter into bond to the constable, with two good and suffi

cient sureties, within the county, in double the appraised value Condition of of such property, conditioned that such property, or the apprai

sed value thereof, shall be forthcoming to answer the judgment on said attachment: Provided, That if the said property, or any part thereof, shall be lost by unavoidable accident, said justice, upon sufficient proof being made, shall remit the value thereof to the person so bound.

Sec. 5. That if any constable, by virtue of a writ of attach

iemment, shall attach any goods, chattels or effects, which shall be bow to proceed claimed by any other person as his property, the claimant may

at any time within ten days after the levy, prefer his claim in writing to the justice of the peace who issued such attachment, setting forth therein the particular items of property which he claims: whereupon, the justice shall make out in writing, under his hand and seal, and deliver to the constable, a notice, setting forth the name of the claimant, the property claimed, and the day and place at which the right thereto will be tried; a copy of which notice shall be delivered to the plaintiff in attachment, his agent or attorney, or left at his usual place of abode, at least three days before the day of trial: and the original notice shall be returned by the constable to the justice of the peace, with the time and manner of service indorsed thereon; and the justice shall issue such subpoenas for witnesses as may be demanded by either party.

Sec. 6. That if on trial the justice shall determine the right

of property to be in the claimant, he shall enter up judgment Justice to enter judgment on on his docket that the said claimant recover of the plaintiff in docket, and how attachment, the goods and chattels so claimed, or such part

thereof as may be found in him, together with his reasonable costs; and if the right of property be found against the claimant, the justice shall render judgment against him for costs :

and where part of the property claimed is recovered by the Costs of trial claimant, and part thereof is adjudged to be in the defendant in

attachment, the costs shall be divided in such manner as shall be reasonable and just: and in all cases when any property so claimed is adjudged to be in the claimant, if no appeal betaken or writ of cert orari issued out and served, within ten days after the rendition of such judgment, the justice shall issue an


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order to the constable in whose custody the property may be, Order for deliver

rad ery of property describing with reasonable accuracy the property so recovered, ery of and commanding the constable to deliver over the same to the successful claimant; which order the constable shall forthwith obey, and he shall not be liable thereafter to an action for having attached such property.

Sec. 7. That in all cases when the right of property shall An appeal or be disputed by any claimant, and a trial shall be had, the judg.certiorari allow. ment of the justice therein may be appealed from, or taken up by certiorari to the next court of common pleas, as in other cases, on the appellant giving sufficient security for the costs of such appeal. Sec. 8. That if on trial, the justice adjudge the property

When plaintiff claimed to be in the claimant, and the plaintiff appeal, or sue out." a certiorari, if such appeal be perfected, or such certiorari served to keep property within ten days after the rendition of such judgment, the pro-or claimant gire perty shall remain in the custody of the constable, and be dispo-* sed of in the same manner as if it had not been claimed; unless the claimant shall, within ten days after the rendition of such judgment, file with the justice, a bond, payable to the defendant in attachment, with good and sufficient security, in double tho appraised value of such property, conditioned that if final judgment shall be had in the court of common pleas against such claimant, that he will pay the appraised value of such property to the said justice, or such other justice as shall have charge of the suit, for the use of such persons as may be legally entitled thereto: in which case the property shall be delivered to the claimant in the same manner as if no appeal had been taken; and the justice shall file such bond in his office for the use of such persons as may be interested therein: and if final judgment shall be given against the claimant, on an appeal or certiorari, such claimant, (or if bond shall have been given as aforesaid, the obligors therein) shall be held indebted to the defendant in attachment, in the full amount of the appraised value of such property; Condition which debt shall be bound in his or their hands by the attachment, and judgment therefor shall be had against him or them on a scire facias sued out from such justice, at any time after the Scire facias mas rendition of judgment on such attachment, by order of the plain- issus tiff in attachment, or other person interested therein; which shall be served and returned as in other cases.

Sec. 9. That if, on such trial, the justice shall adjudge the When appeal is right of property not to be in the claimant, and an appeal.shall taken, claimant

may have pro. be taken thereon, or a certiorari served within ten days after pe such judgment, the property shall be delivered to the claimant, bond on his giving bond and security, as provided in the eighth section of this act: but if no such bond and security be given within w ten days after the rendition of such judgment, the property shall sord, avails hom remain in the hands of the constable, to be disposed of in the applied same manner as if it had not been claimed; and in al cases when the property so claimed shall be sold by the constable,

perty on giving

When property


claimant ghall be plaintur

How disposed of pending the appeal or certiorari, the avails of such sale shall be r final judg. paid over to the justice, and remain in his hands until final judga

ment shall be given: and if on final judgment, the property shall be adjudged to be in the claimant, the property, or the money made by the sale thereof, shall be delivered or paid over to bim; otherwise, it shall be apportioned in the same manner as other moneys paid in on such attachment.

Sec. 10. That all cosis which shall be adjudged against the Costs how taxed

cd plaintiff in attachment, on the trial of the right of property, and paid

whether the same accrue before the justice, or in the court of common pleas, shall be taxed in the general cost bill, and paid in the same manner as the other costs on such attachment; and any creditor who shall have filed his claim therein, may appeal from the decision of such justice, adjudging the right of property so attached to be in the claimant: and in every case, unless an appeal be taken within ten days after the rendition of judgment, or a certiorari be sued out, and served before the end of the next session of the court of common pleas for the proper county, the judgment of the justice shall forever conclude the right of property between such creditors and the claimant.

Sec. 11. That on every appeal taken as aforesaid, the claimUpon appeals, ant shall be plaintiff in the court above, and may declare against

the plaintiff in attachment in detinue; and the cause shall be tried at the first term of the court to which it is appealed, unless good cause for a continuance be shown.

Sec. 12. That if the plaintiff, or other credible person, shall make oath or affirmation, that he has good reason to believe, and does verily believe, that any person is indebted to, or hath property, (describing the same as nearly as may be) in his possession, belonging to the defendant in attachment: and if the said constable, making service of such writ of attachment, cannot come

at the property of the defendantin attachment, in the hands and

may possession of such person; the said constable shall summon such be summoned garnishee, by leaving with him, or at his usual place of resi

dence, a copy of such writ of attachment, and a copy of the Service

affidavit, together with a written notice to such garnishee, to appear before the said justice within five days; who shall give

attendance accordingly, and make answer, under oath or affirma. Must answer on

tion, to all questions that shall be put to him, touching the property and credits of the defendant, in his hands and possession, or within his knowledge: and from the day of such service, such garnishee shall stand accountable to the plaintiff in attachment, to the amount of the moneys, property and credits, in his hands, or due from him to the said defendant in attachment.

Sec. 13. That the suit instituted against such garnishee, shall ainst gar: be continued without trial or decision, until the action against

such defendant in attachment shall be determined; and if in such action nothing shall be found due from the defendant to the plaintiff, then the garnishee shall recover costs against the plaintiff; or if, in such suit, so instituted against the garnishee, the

Garnishec may

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nishee shall be continued

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