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Given under our hands and seal at Manchester aforesaid this Nineteenth day of February 1820

Ephraim Stevens jur
Joseph Moor

On the foregoing Warrant was endorsed as follows.

State of Newhampshire Hillsborough ss

Manchester February 26th 1820 Pursuant to the within Warrant I have notified the inhabitants of said Manchester to meet at the time and place within mentioned by posting up at the Meetinghouse in said town a true and attested Copy of this Warrant

Jesse Baker Constable A true record Attest.

Frederick. G. Stark town Clk


At an annual meeting of the inhabitants of the town of Manchester held at the meetinghouse this 14th day of March 1820 in pursuance of the foregoing Warrant Nathaniel Moor was chosen Moderator Frederick. G. Stark was chosen Town Clerk and sworn

Motion was made to pospone the Choice of Select men untill after balloting for state and county officers — and reading town accounts — and Voted accordingly proceeded to ballot for state and County officers

Votes for Governor Samuel Bell had 88 which was all the votes that were Cast for Governor

Votes for Counsellor Richard. H. Ayer had 87 which was all the votes that were Cast for Counsellor Votes for Senator James Parker had .

62 John Gould had

31 Votes for Treasurer David Stewart had

93 for Register Isaac Brooks had

93 which was all the votes that were cast for Treasurer and Register. Isaac Huse was chosen to represent this town in the Legislature the ensuing year

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Voted That all accounts against the Town be read, and submitted to the Committee who were appointed on accounts at the last march meeting and that the Committee report to the selectmen

Chose — Joseph Moor - Ephraim Stevens jur and Amos Weston jur Selectmen who were all sworn into office

Chose Gilbert Greely Constable who was sworn
Chose Nathaniel Moor Treasurer who was sworn
Voted That the Selectmen be Fire Wards and fence view-

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Voted — To divide the 5th, Highway district at the beach of the Pond on the line between Jonson and Websters land, and form a new district, from said place of division to John Fryes which district shall be called No. 10

Voted Samuel P. Kidder Clerk of the Market and sealer of weights and measures

Voted Nathan Jonson Sealer of Leather

Voted James H. Saunders Jessee Saunders and Samuel
Davis Hogreeves and James H. Saunders was
Samuel Davis sworn
Voted David Dickey
Samuel Hall

Corders of Wood
Jess Jonson


Surveyors of Lumber

Voted Nathaniel Moor sworn

Samuel Hall
Frederick G. Stark sworn
Israel Webster sworn
Jonathan Heseltine
James Griffin sworn

Samuel P. Kidder sworn
Choose Samuel Hall

Joseph Moor sworn
Ebenezer Corning
John Frye
Ebenezer Webster
John Harwood
David Webster jur
James Griffin

Cullers of staves

Fish Wards

Samuel Jackson Pound Keeper and meetinghouse keeper Voted To dismiss the 12th Article in the Warrant

Voted To raise one dollar on the poll for the purpose of repairing Highways.

Voted To raise fifty Cents on the poll for the purpose or repairing Highways in the Winter should the same be wanted

Voted That the Selectmen be authorized to prosecute Jonas Harvey for neglecting to take the Arwen family — provided they find it expedient.

Voted That the Selectmen be a Committee to investigate the situation of the nonresident land in town.

Voted To disannex James MoQuesten from school district No. 2 and Amos Weston jur from district No 3 and annex them to district No 4

Voted To allow the Estate of the late Samuel Moor Esq. four Dollars for his services as a Selectman

Voted To raise five hundred Dollars for the Towns use

Voted To raise One Hundred Dollars in addition to the above

Voted To Adjourn the meeting to Mr. Quimbys House to vendue the town paupers


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Proceedings of March meeting Continued Met at Mr. Quimbys house agreeable to adjournment

present the moderator the select men the town Clerk and Citizens

The Collectorship was set up at auction and struck off to John Dwinnel the lowest bidder at one and a half


Cent for Collecting —

And it was voted to accept him as Collector on his giving sufficient bonds proceeded to vendue the Town paupers - and the following paper was drawn up and signed by the several undertakers as below

We the subscribers hereby bind ourselves firmly by these presents to take and support the poor persons belonging to the Town of Manchester at the rate below stated—one year following the 16th of March 1820 or to pay all damages that may accrue to the town in consequence of our neglect.

in case of the death of any of the paupers mentioned below previous to the Expiration of the year - the pay to be proportioned to the time — Cloathing and Doctors excepted Paulina Smith

John Ray one year for Ten Dollars Samuel Hall Benjamin Smith one

Isaac Stevens year for Thirty-Eight Dollars Phillip Stevens Abigail Davis one

Elisha Quimby year for Thirty-nine

John Dwinnell
Dollars and eighty-five cents
Old Mrs. Porter one year

Daniel Harwood for Eighteen Dollars and

Job Rowell forty five Cents Samuel Porter one year for nothing and give the

Israel Webster town fourteen Dollars besides Cloathing him The Arwin Family with the use of the Porter farm no wood to be cut off except for fire

James Nutt ju wood to be used in the house and re James Nutt pairing the fences for Seventy-four Dollars





REPORT OF COMMITTEE The Committee appointed by the town of Manchester to examine adjust and settle the accounts against said town having attended that duty Report as follows That they have examined the account of Ephraim Stevens jur and find it equitable to allow him

$27.00 They have likewise examined the account of John Stark 4th and agree to allow him

16.02 They have likewise attended to John Stark 4th's account for procuring Guardianship for Theophilus Griffin and on condition of his agreeing as guardian of said Griffin to refund the same to the town agree to allow him

13.48 To allow James McQuesten for furnishing Cloathing for Mrs. Porter

8.50 And to allow Joseph Moor for his services as Selectman &c as pr his acct

12.25 And to allow Frederick. G. Starks account for services as town Clerk for 1819

5.00 To allow Jessee Bakers account for services as Constable for 1819

1.50 To allow Job Rowells account for services as Committee man in 1819

1.00 To allow William Wallaces acct. for doctoring paupers

2.35 To allow part of Israel Websters account which is to be in full for boarding the Arwin family

103.33 To allow on David Websters account for house rent for the Arwin family.


$202.43 Which is submitted to the Selectmen agreeable to a vote of the town passed the 14th day of March 1820 March 18th 1820

Israel Merrill
Nathl Moore
Isaac Huse


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