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Voted Isaac Stevens

Cullers of Staves Reuben Sawyer Voted John Hall - Pound and Meetinghouse Keeper Voted The Select Men— Fire Wards and Fence Viewers Voted—To pospone The 7th Article until the Committee on

accounts make their report Article 8 Voted to raise One Dollar on the poll for repairing Highways

Article 9 Voted That the Select Men see that the Road in question be opened and repaired, and annex it to some district or districts

Voted to dismiss the 10th Article

The Comittee appointed to settle with the Select Men &c brot in the following


We the subscribers being a Committee appointed by the Town of Manchester to examine and adjust accounts with the Selectmen Having attended the duty assigned them do agree to Report as follows On settlement with the Treasurer we find he has receved of the several Collectors the sum of 455.29 and has paid over to the Town 455.29 which leaves the balance Even - also On settlement with Isaac Huse Esq we find due to him for services the year past

31.14 We also find that he has received from Collectors and other persons the sum of

406.40 and that he has paid out for orders &c


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We also find due to John Dickey for services &c

paid for venduing the Poor To Nathaniel Moor for


150.31 38.04

.80 13.50


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« John G. Moor for

do 6 Samuel Moor for

do Ephraim Stevens for

James Griffin for attending on Committee

Money the town oed
Pesely Debt

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Due from Nutt to the town
Due from I. Huse


309.40 309.40

149.08 Ephraim Stevens jur. Job. Rowell

Committy Joseph Moor Which Report was Accepted Voted to proceed to the choice of Selectmen

and Samuel Moor

Ephraim Stevens jur.

and John Stark 4th were chosen and sworn Voted to choose a committee to examine and settle the accounts against the Town. previous to the next March Meeting and report at the same Israel Merrill, Nathaniel Moor and

Isaac Huse Committee Voted That Abigail Davis, Paulina Smith and Benjamin Smith, town paupers, be sold to the lowest bidder at Quimby House

Voted To Excuse William Gamble and John Griffin of colour from paying a poll Tax this present year

Voted To raise 400 Dollars for the Towns use
Voted To raise 200 Dollars in addition to the above

Voted To Authorise Frederick G. Stark to procure Glass and Glaze the Windows in the Meeting house — and that he should be paid out of the money raised for the Towns


Voted To Allow Nathaniel Baker ry Dollars in full for his

account 7.00 Voted To Allow Israel Merril's account amounting to 5.29

The meeting repaired to Mr. Quimbys to sell the Town Paupers &c

The meeting being opened in Mr. Quimbys southeast room the Collectorship was sold at Auction to John Young at 24 pr Cent for Collecting

The Towns poor was then sold on the following Conditions The purchaser to keep the person struck off to him. free from any Expense to the Town one year from this 16th of March 1819 – Cloathing and Doctors bills excepted

Abigail Davis was struck off to Jonathan Young at 49.50 Benjamin Smith was struck off to Joseph. B. Hall. “ 39.50 Paulina Smith was struck off to John Stark jur 12.00 Old Mrs Porter was struck off to James McQuesten 38.00 Old Arwin and Wife was struck off to Jonas Harvey

66 75.00 James Arwin was struck off to Jonas Harvey nothing

Samuel Porter was struck off to Asa Heseltine who agreed to cloath him and give the town ten Dollars The Porter Farm was Lett at auction to Job Rowell a 12.75

Recorded by
Frederick. G. Stark. Town Clerk

Manchester, March 16th 1819 - We the subsribers do hereby Licence Nathaniel Moor to sell Rum or spirits at his House in Manchester for the term of one year from date

Ephraim Stevens jur
John Stark 4th

Select Men

We hereby Licence Frederick G. Stark to sell all Kinds of Spirits and Mix Liquor by great or small quantities one year from the 16th day of March 1819

Samuel Moor

Ephraim Stevens jr Select Men of Manchester

We hereby Licence Joseph Moor to keep a Tavern at his House in Manchester one year following this 13th day of April 1819

Samuel Moor
Ephraim Stevens ju

Select Men

State of Newhampshire Hillsborough ss

To Joseph Baker - Constable in the town of Manchester geeting

We command you in the name of the State of Newhampshire to win all the Leagal Voters In sd. Manchester – To meet at the Meeting House In sd Manchester on tuesday the thirteenth Day of April Next At one of the clock in the afternoon To act on the Following Articles — Viz

1st To choose a moderoator to Govern sd Meeting

2d To se What the town will Due with Alexander Arwine and family

3th To se if the Town will support David Stevens and others In A Sute Brought Against them By Esq Kidder and Robert Hall for cutting they Say wood and other stuf on there Land

4" To Se if the town will chuse one or more persons as a committee to Examinen Into Esq. John Stark Selling the Land He Sais Was Nonresedent and se if he sold that Land Lawfully and report the same to the town

5th To se How much Monney the town will raise to repair the Meetinghouse and to act on any other thing that may come before the meeting and make Due return of this Warrant with your doings thereon at or Before the Day of Holding said Meting to Us Given under our Hands and Seal at Manchester this 27th Day of March A. D. 1819

Samuel Moor

Ephraim Stevens ju Sellect Men of Manchester

Hillsborough ss. Manchester March the 29-1819 in obedence to the within Warrant I have, warnd all the

Legal voters to meet at the time place within menched by posting up at the meeting house in Manchester a true atested copy of the within Warrant as the law directs

Jessee Baker Constable

At a special meeting of the Inhabitants of the town of Manchester held at the Meetinghouse on Tuesday the 13th of April 1819 - agreeable to the foregoing Warrant John G. Moor was chosen Moderator

Voted that the person who bid off the Arwine family shal beholden to support them

Voted That the petition upon which the third article was inserted in the warrant be produced and Lodged with the town Clerk to be recorded

This Vote being disputed the house was polled and there were 23 in favour and 29 against it so the motion did not prevail

Voted To dismiss the 3rd Article

Voted That the Selectmen be the committee contemplated by the 4th Article

Voted Captain Stevens be sole agent to examine into Esqr. Starks selling the Nonresident Land Voted to dismiss the 5th Article

Voted to Dissolve this Meeting
A true Record Attest

Frederick. G. Stark. Town Clerk

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