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Samuel Moor

5 92 Richard Young 1 82 Joseph Moor 24 22 John Calfe

1 82 Nathan' Moor

15 61 Jonathan Harvey . 1 82 Burnace Prichard 1 82 Peter Young

3 85 Jesse Johnson 2 35 James Griffin .

2 49 James Nutt

14 70 James Nutt jr

1 82 William Perham

5 25 Robert Perham 2 10

May 18th 1818– The time for Collecting the Sum of Money in the foregoing warrant is extended to the first day of November Next By order of Selectmen August 30th 1818

John. G. Moor. T. Clerk

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State of New Hampshire Hillsborough, ss.

To the Town or parish Clerk of Manchester in our County of Hillsborough Greeting

Pursuant to an Act of Said State directing & regulating the appountment and Choice of Petit Jurors, you are—hereby required to Cause one man of those duly quallified in Said Manchester to be appointed and returned to Serve as petit juror at the Court of Common pleas to be Holden at amherst within and for sa County, on the Second Tuesday of February next; and the person who Shall be appointed for that Service, you are to cause to be duly notified thereof to attend the Same on Monday next following the the Second of February at ten o clock in the fore noon; and make return of this writ with your doings there on

dated at Amherst the 30 day of November 1818 By order of the Court M Eastman Clerk

Agreable to the foregoing notice John Stak ju Esq was appointed to Serve as Juror man at February Term. 1819.

Attest, J. G. Moor. T. Clerk.

Manchester January 26, 1819 (L. S) State of New hampshire Hillsborough ss. To Ephraim Stevens jur Constable in Manchester Greeting.

You are hereby required in the name of the State of Newhampshire to warn all the qualified Voters in sd Manchester to meet at the meeting House in sd Town on Tuesday the ninth day of March next at ten 0 Cloc fore noon, To act on the following articles. Viz.

1st To chuse by ballot a Moderator to govern sd meeting.

2nd To chuse by ballot a Town Clerk, three Selectmen, a Representative Town treasurer & Constable for this present year.

3rd To Vote by ballot for Governor Counsellor senator County Treasurer and Register of Deeds.

4th To Vote by ballot for Six persons duly qualified for Representatives of this State in the Congress of the United States.

5th To Chuse all other town officers for the present year. 6th To hear all town accounts.

ryth To see how much money the town will vote to raise for the Towns use this present year.

gth To see how much they will raise on the poll to repair highways this year

gth To see if the town will vote to open & repair the road from James McQuestions to James Nutts

10th To see if the Town will vote to Layout a road from Heseltines saw mill to the road by Asa Heseltines House-or to the school house near Mrs conants

11th To see what method they will take to support town paupers

12th To see if the town will vote to exempt certain poor persons from poll tax

13th To see how much money they will vote to raise to repair the meetinghouse.

Make due return of this warrant with your doings thereon to us on or before the day of holding said meeting — Given

under our hands and seals at Manchester this 15th day of February 1819

Isaac Huse

John Dickey
Select men of Manchester

The following return Endorsed on the above

Manchester March the gth 1819_ Pursuant to this warrant I hav warnd all the Leagal Voters in the town of Manchester By posting A True and attest Coppy at the meeting house giving Notice as the Law Directs.

Ephraim Stevens ju Constable

At a meeting of the inhabitants of the town of Manchester held at the Meetinghouse in said town on the 9th day of March 1819% agreeable to the foregoing Warrant proceeded to the choice of a Moderator and Samuel Moor was chosen Frederick. G. Stark was chosen town Clerk and sworn

Voted to pospone the remainder of the 2nd article in the warrant unil after the town accounts are Exhibited

Voted to allow Samuel. P. Kidders account amounting to three Dollars

Voted to choose a committee to settle with the Select Men. and all others having accounts against the town — and that the committee be autharised to settle with the town treasurer – and make report at the adjourment

Job Rowell. Joseph Moor and Ephraim Stevens jur - Committee

Voted To postpone the choice of town officers, and proceed to the choice of State officers and John. G. Moor was chosen to represent this Town in the Legislature. Balloted for State and County officers, and the following is a Statement of the Votes

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For Governor Samuel Bell

had 40 Votes David L Morril

27 William Hale .

6 John Dwinnel

1 For Counsellor Richard H. Ayer

41 John Orr

6 For Senator James Parker

John Gould
John Folsom

8 For County treasurer David Stewart

85 For “ Register Isaac Brooks For Reprentatives to Congress— Josiah Butler

43 William Plumer ju 43 Nathaniel Upham 43 Clifton Claggett. 37 Joseph Buffum jur. 43 Arthur Livermore. 43.



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Voted To adjourn this meeting to meet at this place on Tuesday next at 10 oClock A. M.

Frederick. G. Stark Town Clerk.

Met according to adjournment

Voted to pospone the choice of Select Men until the Committee on accounts report and in The mein time proceed with the Choice of other Town officers

Voted Joseph Moor Town Treasurer
Voted Jesse Baker Constable who was sworn

}Tything Men

Voted Israel Webster

sworn Jonathan Heseltine do Jacob Brown


Fish Wards.
John Calf

Peter Emerson
Voted John Stark 3rd for No1
Job Rowell

2 sworn.
Joseph Young 3
Hezekiah Young 4 sworn

Surveyors of
Israel Webster 5 sworn

James McQuestin 6 sworn
David Dickey

ng sworn
Samuel Moor

8 sworn John Brown

9 Voted John Dwinnel

Richard Hardy
Voted Samuel. P. Kidder Sealer of Weights and Measures
Voted Joseph Moor

John Brown
John P Webster

Hog Reeves
Asa Sawyer
Jonathan Harvey
John Griffin

Voted James Griffin
Samuel Hall

Corders of Wood Nathaniel Baker

Samuel Moor Voted James Griffin

sworn Samuel Hall

Samuel. P. Kidder

Israel Webster
Reuben Sawyer sworn Surveyors of Lumber
Jonathan Heseltine
John Stark jur sworn
Samuel Moor
Nathaniel Moor

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