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State of New Hampshire Hillsborough ss

To Ephraim Stevens Jur Constable in Manchester, Greeting

You are Hereby required in the Name of the Statee of New Hampshire to warn all the Quallified voters in sd Manchester to Meet at the Meeting house in Sa Manchester on the Second Monday of January next, Insuing at one oClock P. M. To act on the following articles (viz)

first To Choose a Moderator to govern Sd Meeting

2nd To See if the Town will vote to divide the third school district into three different parts or school districts agreeable to a vote passed by sd district on the 26th day of March A D 1817 (viz) that all those Living on the River Road below Joseph Moors be one part or School district that those Living on the River road in sd district above sd Joseph Moors, including him the said Joseph Moor be a Second part or School district --- & all those Living East of sd river road in sd district, be a third part or School district

3d To see if the Town will disannex Amos Weston from the third school district & annex him to district No. 4 and -- fourth* to drw two Jurrors duly quallified to Serve at the next Court of Common pleas to be holden at Amherst on the Second Tuesday of February 1818 Make due return of this warrant with your doings there on to us on the day of holding Said Said Meeting

given under our hands & Seal at Manchester this 27th day of Dec-1817

Isaac Huse
John Dickey

Seltmen of Manchester *Elijah Flint & Israel Webster Jurors

January 12th 1818

the Inhabitants Met according to warrant and Chose Isaac Huse Esqr Moderator

After some warm conversation on both sides Motion was made and, voted

that all those living below Joseph Moors be a school district

2d then motion was made that all living on the River road above Joseph Moors (Including him) be another district, but was negatived by a large majority

3 motion was then made that all east of the River road living in said district No 3 be a nother School district but the motion did not prevail

4th Voted To disannex Amos Weston from the third School district; and annex him to the fourth which Closed the warrant

John. G. Moor. T. Clerk.

To the Selectmen of the Town of Manchester We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the 3d School district in said Town, being destitute of a schoolhouse, and cannot a gree where to have one Set; we therefore pray you Gentlemen to appoint a place for the Same—and as in duty Bound will ever pray Manchester Dec 1st 1817

Joseph Moor
David Webster

School Committee petitioners Nath? Moor

Jesse Johnson Jacob Brown James Griffin

Amos Weston Jur
Sam? Moor
Enos Webster

John Brown
Deck 4th 1817

Having considered the Substance of the foregoing Petition we have agreed, that a schoolhouse be erected at the Intersection of the Roads on the Plain west of Jonas Harveys Mills to accomodate the third school district in the Town of Manchester

Signed Isaac Huse

John Dickey
Selectmen of sd Town

January 19th 1818 Being requested by Sundry persons belonging to the third school district in Manchester to locate the place where a schoolhouse shall be Built to accomodate sd district, pro

ceded to measure from M? James Nutts house to Joseph Moors and find it by measure 821 rods and Six links then proceeded to the centre & agreed to Locate the place for said Schoolhouse on the westside of the road Leading from WM Perhams to said Joseph Moors, on Jonas Harveys land, opposite to the south end of Jonas Harveys field Sixteen rods nearer to sa Joseph Moors than to James Nutts

Isaac Huse
John Stark 4th

Select Men John G Moor T Clerk

We the subscribers have opened a road on the reserve land for that purpose

- from the great Pond by Levi Russels & John Proctors, to the road leading from the Meeting house to the road leading to John Fryes in Manchester; on the 6th day of June 1817 Febr 21 -1818

John Stark 4th
John Dickey

Select men

State of New Hampshire Hillsborough ss
To Ephraim Ju Constable in Manchester Greeting

You are hereby required in the Name of the State of NewHampshire To warn all the legal voters in sd Manchester to Meet at the Meeting-house in sd Manchester, on Tuesday the tenth day of March next at ten oclock A M. To act on the following articles (viz) first to Chuse a Moderator to Govern Sd meeting

2d To Chuse a Clerk & Selectmen for the year ensuing 3d To Chuse all State & County officers & Representative

To Chus all other Town officers 5th To hear all accompts against the Town

6th To see if the Town will vote to abate Genl Starks Wm Farmers & Ruth Porters Taxes in John Youngs List of taxes for 1815


7th To See if the Town will vote to discontinue the Road from where Moses Merrill Formerly lived to the Road Leading to Chester

8th To See if the Town will take into consideration the dificulty existing in school district No. 3 respecting their School money & decide the Same

9th To See if the Town will open the road from Moses Haseltines to James Nutts

10th To See if the Town will vote to repair the road from the Hall road so called, to the rockey Brook near Wm Combs house

11th To See how much money Shal be raised for the Towns use the present year

12th To See how much money Shall be raised to repar the high ways

Make due return of this warrant with your doings thereon to us on the day of holding sd Meeting

Given under our hands at Manchester this 21st day of February A D 1818

Isaac Huse
John Dickey
John Stark 4th

Select men

March 10th 1818 Met agreeable to the foregoing warrant and Choose John Stark Esq Moderator

Choose John G Moor Clerk Sworn
Choose Isaac Huse John Dickey Nathaniel Moor Select-




Votes for Governor

William Plumer had.

William Hall do .
for Counsellor Richard H Ayers .

Moses Eastman
for Senator Thomas Chandler

For Treasurer David Stuart Register of deeds Isaac Brooks .

63 32

95 1.00 . 1.00

Choose John G Moor Representative for 1818 do

Capt Ephraim Stevens Jur for Constable do do Samuel P Kidder town Treasurer for 1818 Surveyors of High ways Amos Kimball district No 1

John Ray

do 2
Moses Davis do 3
Samuel Hall do 4
Daniel Harris


Gilbert Greeley do 6
John P Webster do 7
Joseph Moor

do 8
David Webster do 9

Surveyors of Lumber Sworn

James Griffin
Samuel Moor
Joseph Moor

Samuel P Kidder
Reuben Sawyer
Jonathan Haseltine
Benjamin Corning

Corders of Wood
Joseph Moor
Saml Moor

John Brown

Saml Hall
Nathl Baker

Hog reaves

James Mc Questin James H Saunders Rogers Stevens
Samuel P Kidder Sealor of weights and measures
Elisha Quimby Pound Keeper
Fish wards
Israel Webster

Peter Emerson
John Stark Esq

Gilbert Greeley
James Nutt

Jesse Johnson sworn

Voted to except the Report of the School Committee

Report We the Subscribers, a committee appointed by the Town of Manchester for the purpose of looking into the concerns of the several school districts; After having spent much time in looking into the Business, and examining the records. have

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