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State of New Hampshire Hillsborough ss

To John Griffin Constable in Manchester Greeting

You are hereby required in the name of the State of NewHampshire, to warn all the Qallified voters in the Town of Manchester to meet at the Meetinghouse in Sa Town on Tuesday the Eleventh day of March next Insuing at ten oclock fore noon, to act on the following articles (viz)

1st To choose a Moderator to govern smeeting
2nd To choose a Town Clerk
3rd To choose Selectmen for the present year

4th To choose by Ballot, all State & County officers and a Representative to represent this Town the present year

5th To chuse all other Town officers for this year
6th To hear all Town accts
ryth To see how money they will raise for Towns use

gth To see how much money they will raise to repaire highways

gth To See how much money they will raise to hire preaching

10th To See if the Town will vote to divide School districts 1 & 3

11th To See if the Town will vote to repair the Meetinghouse and make due return of this warrant to us, on or before the day of holding Said meeting

Given under our hands at Manchester this Twentieth day of February in the year of our Lord 1817

Isaac Huse
John Frye
John Stark 4th

Selectmen of Manchester A true record

Attest John G Moor Town Clerk Agreeable to the foregoing warrant the Inhabitants have been notified of time and place, and the warrant returned in Common form by

John Griffin Constable

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March 11th

Met according to notice. the Meeting being opned, made Choice of John Stark Esqr for Moderator

John G Moor Clerk

Chose Isaac Huse Esq John Stark 4th John Dickey Selectmen

The votes being cast for State officers, Stood as follows for Governor the Hon WILLIAM PLUMER


25 Jeremiah Mason

4 for Councillor Benjamin Pierce .

70 John Orr

29 Senator Thomas Chandler .

no John Folsome

29 for Register of Deeds Isaac Brooks.

99 Treasurer David Stewart

99 Voted Isaac Huse be representative for the Town of Manchester the present year

Voted Cap Ephraim Stevens be Constable
Voted Samuel P Kidder Esq be Treasurer

Voted John Dickey Nathan Jonson Elisha Quimby Nath Baker John Emerson Fish Wards all sworn

Voted Amos Kimball John Harwood Junr (sw) Joseph Farmer Hezekiah Young (sw) Moses Roaf (sw) Elijah Flint Granderson Morse John Boyes John Brown Jr (sw) Surveyors of Highways

Voted James Griffin (sw) Sam? Moor (sw) Joseph Moor (sw) Sam' P Kidder (sw) Israel Webster Surveyors of Lumber

Voted Joseph Moor sw Sam' Moor sw Sam Hall sw Corders of wood

Voted Nath' Merril (sw) Josiah Perry Israel Merril (sw) Charles Emerson hog reaves

Voted Sam' P Kidder sw Sealor of weights & measures Voted Elisha Quimby be Pound Keeper SW

Voted To allow M' Huses acct respecting petitioning and publishing the order of Court on the Alewife Matter $12.25

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Voted to allow John Stark 4ths acct

Voted to allow John Stark 4th acct on the Bickley matter

3.00 Voted to allow Isaac Huse acct of

15.75 Voted to allow John Frys acct of .

12.00 Voted to allow John Harvey Bill for powder. 8.25 Voted to allow Samuel P Kidder

3.50 Voted to allow John G Moor

3.00 Voted to allow John Griffins acct of

1.50 Voted to raise 150 dollar to pay Town Charges 150.00 Voted to raise one dollar on the poll to repaire highways Voted to dismis the ninth article

Voted to divide the School district No 1 provided the Inhabitant of Said district do agree

Voted to dismis the article of the 3d district

Benjamin Smith was struck off to Nathan Jonson at one dollar pr week

Voted to Choose a Committee to Settle with the Selectme, and to see how much money there is due to each School district if any as far back as the year 1810 inclusive

Voted Samuel P Kidder Samuel Moor Reuben Sawyer Samuel Hall John Frye Committee

The Collectorship was struck off to Sam Hall at four dollars & forty Cents on the hundred dollars, and was chosen accordingly

Attest John G Moor Town Clerk

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56 150
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Roger Dutton.
Nathan Kimbal
John Emerson
John Stark 30
Amos Kimball
Nehem Porter
Charles Emerson
Gen' J Stark.
John Stark Jur Esq
John Stark 4th
John Ray
Jerem Ray
John G Moor
James Griffin
Samuel P Kidder
Israel Merrill
John Griffin
Eliza Stark wido

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