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Daniel Hall was chosen Constable and sworn

The following persons were chosen Surveyors of highways and all sworn Viz for District No 1 Samuel Stark jur

No 2 Job Rowell
No 3 Joseph Young
No 4 Israel Brown
No 5 Ebenezer Webster
No 6 Benjamin Corning
No y Jonas Harvey
No 8 Joseph Moor
No 9 Nathaniel Baker

No 10 Phineas Bailey
The following persons were chosen Tything men Viz

Reuben Sawyer
John Griffin

Joseph Andrus
The Selectmen were chosen Fence Viewers
John Stark jur was chosen Clerk of the market
Nathan Jonson was chosen Sealer of Leather

Frederick. G. Stark was chosen Sealer of Weights and measures The following persons were chosen Hogreeves Viz

David Dickey Junr
Peter Young
John Stevens
Nathaniel Moor
John Emerson sworn
James Griffin &

Ebenezer Corning
The following persons were chosen Corders of Wood Viz

Amos Weston junr
Joseph Moor
Daniel Hall
James Griffin &
Samuel Hall

The following persons were chosen Surveyors of Lumber

Joseph Moor
Nathaniel Moor
Jessee Johnson sworn
James Griffin sworn Apl 16th
Frederick, G. Stark
Granderson Morse
Benjamin Corning
Jonathan Heseltine
Jonas Harvey
Josiah Marden

Israel Webster sworn
The following persons were chosen Cullers of Staves

Nathaniel Conant

Nathan Kimball
The following persons were chosen Fish Wards viz

Samuel Jackson
Asa Heseltine
Cyrus Moor sworn June 2nd by N. Moor
John Young sworn
Israel Webster sworn

Peter Emerson Elisha Quimby was chosen Pound keeper and sworn March 29th

David Dickey was chosen Surveyor of Brick

Voted To raise Three hundred Dollars to pay Town Charges the present year

Voted That the Selectmen be directed to make up a Statement of the Town Expences, for the year ensuing, and Report the same at the next March meeting

Voted To raise One Dollar and fifty Cents on the poll to repair highways the present year Viz. One dollar summer Tax and Fifty Cents Winter Tax to be worked out if needed

Voted To Dismiss the 11th article in the Warrant
Voted To Dismiss the 12th article in ditto
Voted To Dismiss the 13th article in ditto
Voted To allow Benjamin Stevens Five Dollars in addition

to the sum allowed him by the Selectmen for Land taken for road laid out last fall

The Collectorship was bid off by Israel Webster at 34 per Cent for Collecting and he was chosen Collector accordingly

Voted To dissolve this meeting

Frederick. G. Stark Town Clerk


We the subscribers Selectmen of Manchester hereby grant unto Samuel Jackson Licence to retail Spirituous Liquors at his dwellinghouse and Store in said Manchester for and during the term of one year. Manchester March 15th 1823

Amos Weston jur
Nath' Moor

Selectmen of Manchester Recorded March 16th 1823

F. G. Stark Town Clerk

We the subscribers do hereby approbate and Licence Elisha
Quimby to keep a public house for and during one year from
Manchester March 15th 1823

Amos Weston jur
Nathl Moor

Selectmen Recorded March 30th 1823

F. G. Stark Town Clerk

Manchester April 1st 1823 We the subscribers, Selectmen of Manchester hereby Licence Frederick. G. Stark to retail Spiritous and mixa Liquors, at his house and Store in Manchester, one year from the present date

Amos Weston jur
Nathi Moore


March 11th 1823 - We hereby licence and approbate Joseph Moor to keep Tavern and to sell spiritous liquors for one year from this date at his house in Manchester

Amos Weston Jur
John Proctor

Selectmen of Manchester Recorded May 11th 1823

F. G. Stark. Town Clerk

State of New Hampshire Hillsborough ss. (L. S.)

To Israel Webster, Collector of Taxes for the Town of Manchester for the year 1823 — Greeting

You are hereby required in the name of said state to levy and collect of the several persons named in this list of Taxes the sums affixed to their names respectively, and you are to pay to the Treasurer of the Town of Manchester the sum of twenty six dollars, and eight cents which is the amount of this tax bill on or before the first day of March next, and if any persons neglect or refuse to pay said sums affixed to their names You are to follow the rules and regulations of the Law in that case made and provided and this shall be your sufficient warrant for collecting the same

Given under our hands and seal at Manchester this thirtieth day of May Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and twenty three

Amos Weston jur
John Procter
Selectmen of Manchester

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Bowman & Moulton

farm joining Esq. Starks Land

250 150 95 35 15 200 Saml Head Ezra Kimballs

8 80 40 24 15 6 3 32 Benja Baker near Moses Davis

25 25 13 8 5 2 1 11 Charles Cox 1 part

Haseltine Saw

50 30 19 3 40 Mark Dutys heirs

joining Nath Bakers farm

on the South . . 10 25 13 8 5 2 1 11 Richard Dole join

ing Griffin Farm 25 80 40 24 15 6 3 32 Robert Nesmith near Smith .

20 30 15 9 6 2 1 12 Nath' Smith part of his farm

60 30 18 12 4 2 24 Robt Bartley's heirs Meadow Land

4 50 25 15 10 4 2 20 Benja Leach Meadow Land

3 30 15 9 6 2 1 12 George Menter

30 30 15 9 6 2 1 12 Jedidiah Morse 40 100 100 50 30 19

3 40 Havey & Emerson part home farm

30 18 12 4 2 24 Redfield & Adams

house near Greeley

60 30 18 12 4 2 24 Richardson of Chester 34 24 24 12

2 1 10 Thomas Patterson saw mill

200 1.20 76 28 12 160 Newell

39 60 80 40 24 15 6 3 32 Adams & Dickey

70 42 217 10 4 56





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