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gth To see what method the town will take to support paupers the present year.

10th To see if the town will vote to raise an additional sum of money for the purpose of Schooling the present year

11th To see if the town will vote to sell all or a part of the Land belonging to said Manchester

12th To see if the town will disannex Henry R. Barret from School district No 2 and annex him to district No 1

13th To see if the town will Vote that all the Taxes be made in the month of April

14th To see if the Town will Vote to alter the road as it now runs from Capt. Merrils to the Bridge to the road from Mr. Nutts to sd Bridge

15th To see if the town will vote lay out and open a road from Mr. Westons to the main Road near the old house at the crotch of Chester Road.

Article 16th To see if the Town will relinquish a Note of hand they hold against Ezekiel S. Merrill

Byth To see if the Town will vote to run out all the Land in said Manchester under the L. Derry claim and in the warning and notification of sd meeting you are to give fifteen days notice by posting up a copy of this warrant at the meetinghouse and make return of this warrant to the town Clerk or selectmen on or before the hour of holding said meeting. Given under our hands and seal at Manchester this twentieth day of February 1821

Joseph Moor
Ephraim Stevens jur
Amos Weston jur

Selectmen Manchester

State of Newhampshire Hillsborough ss

In obedience to the within Warrant I have warned the within named meeting by posting a true and attested copy of the within warrant agreeable to custom

Gilbert Greeley Constable

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At an annual meeting of the inhabitants of the town of Manchester duly notified and holden at the Meetinghouse in said town on Tuesday the thirteenth day of March 1821 -John. G. Moor was chosen moderator Frederick. G. Stark was chosen Town Clerk and sworn Amos Weston jur Ephraim Stevens jur and John Proctor were chosen Selectmen and sworn into office

Votes for State and County officers
For Governor Samuel Bell had 113 which were all the

votes that were cast for governor For Counsellor Richard H Ayer had 116 which were all

the Votes that were cast for Counsellor For Senator John Gould had.

62 Samuel M Richardson

46 James Parker

1 For County Treasurer David Stewart had 116 For Register of Deeds Isaac Brooks had 116 Isaac Huse Esq, was chosen Representative,

Voted — To sell the Constableship at auction in one minute by the Watch - the person bidding it off to be subject to the acceptance or rejection of the town — and it was bia off by John Young at five dollars

Motion was made to accept John Young as Constable provided he procure bonds to the Satisfaction of the Town Which motion was rejected and it was voted to reconsider the vote respecting selling the constableship and to proceed to choose a constable by ballot

Amos Weston was chosen Constable and sworn Nathaniel Moor was chosen Town Treasurer and sworn

Voted That the selectmen be Fire Wards and Fence View


Highway Surveyors

District No 1 Archibald Stark

2 John Stark 4th sworn
3 Moses Davis sworn
4 Benjamin Stevens sworn
5 Jonathan Heseltine sworn

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6 Hugh Boyes sworn
ry Israel Merril sworn
8 Jacob Whittemore sworn
9 Joseph Andrus sworn

10 Nathan Jonson sworn Sealer of Weights & measures

Isaac Huse
and clerk of the market
Sealer of Leather Nathan Jonson

John Dwinnel sworn
Jonas Harvey sworn
Israel Young

John Young jur
Hog reeves

John Heseltine jur sworn
Willard Harris
Ephraim Stevens jur
Israel Webster sworn

Amos Weston jur
Corders of Wood Joseph Moor sworn

Nathaniel Moor sworn
Surveyors of Lumber Samuel P. Kidder sworn

Jonathan Heseltine sworn
Nathaniel Moor sworn
John Mulliken
Israel Webster sworn
James Griffin sworn
Samuel Hall sworn
Daniel Hall
Reuben Sawyer sworn

Aaron Seavy
Cullers of Staves, Benjamin Stevens

Joseph Moor sworn
Fish Wards John Griffin

Jonathan Dickey sworn
Hugh Boyes sworn
Joseph Moor
Nathaniel Moor
John Dickey sworn


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Pound Keeper and meetinghouse Keeper Samuel Jackson

Town Accounts—Israel Merrils account for serving on a committee

1.00 allowed Joseph Moors account for services as Selectman &c.

19.68 allow Nathaniel Moor account services as Treasurer and comittee man

4.00 allowa Joshua Blodgett “ for supporting Polly Wilson

5.45 allowd Amos Weston jur Selectman

16.75 allowa Ephraim Stevens jur“


18.42 allowd F. G. Stark “ Town Clerk .

4.00 allowa

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Jonas Harvey presented a demand against the Town for Plank for the Bridge near his mill and it was voted the demand be returned to the person who presented it amt of demand 18.61

Voted To take the sense of this meeting respecting a revision of the Constitution and there were for revising None - against it 58

Voted To sell the paupers to the lowest bidder at Quimbys House after the meeting is adjourned

Voted To Adjourn this meeting to meet at this place on Tuesday next at one oclock P. M.

Attest Frederick. G. Stark Town Clerk

Benjamin Smith to Nathaniel Baker .
Abigail Davis “ Job Rowell
Paulina Smith “ John P. Webster
Old Mr. Arwen and Wife “ James Arwen .
Polly Wilson “ Joshua Blodgett

$32.00 38.75

8.00 50.00 20.00



Samuel Porter “ Israel Merril to give the town.

Tuesday March 20th Met agreeable to adjournment

Voted to raise one dollar and fifty Cents on the poll to repair highways

Voted To raise fifty cents on the poll to repair highways in the winter if needed at the discretion of the highway surveyors.

Voted To dismiss the 10th Article
Voted on the 11th article to sell the Ministerial Lot
Voted To Choose a committee of three to sell the same

Capt. Joseph Moor, Samuel Hall and Jonas Harvey were chosen a committee to sell the Ministerial Lot

Voted That the Committee advertise and sell the same at Auction on five years credit with good security on interest payable annually stand adjourned

Voted That the sixth article stand adjourned to Monday next at 3 oClock.

Voted to disannex Henry R. Barret from school district
No 2 and annex him to district No 1
Voted To dismiss the 13th article

To dismiss the 14th article
To dismiss the 15th article
To dismiss the 16th article

To dismiss the 17th article The Collectorship was bid off by Capt. John Dwinnel at 21 pr. Cent for Collecting and it was Voted that Capt. Dwinnel be Collector on his giving the usual Bond to the Town

Voted to adjourn this meeting to meet at this place on Monday next at three O Clock P. M.

Frederick. G. Stark Town Clerk

Monday March 26th 1821 – Met agreeable to adjournment and Voted To raise five hundred dollars to pay Town charges the present year Voted To dissolve this meeting


Frederick. G. Stark Town Clerk

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