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See that ye walk circumspectly; not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time because the days are evil.

Ephes. ch. v. ver. 15.

When I think of the days that are past,

Of the months—of the years—that are flown;

When I know not how long they may last,

Or how

on this short life



gone :

When into my Bible I look,

And see what my life should have been ;

My practice compare with my book,

And view such an opposite scene :

When I read of the regions of bliss

For those that have walk'd in its way;

Or look on the frightful abyss

For sinners that wander and stray:

Whilst I stand on eternity's brink

And reflect what my being has cost;

From the past and the future I shrink,

And weep for the time that is lost!

O Jesus ! my Lord and my friend,

Who diedst for


soul on the cross,

Once more let thy mercy descend

Thy merits recover my


Record not the years so misspent ;-

To kindle thine anger forbear,

Lest I perish before I repent,

And perish alas ! in despair.

O grant me thy grace to begin

A life from ingratitude free

A life of abhorrence of sin

A life of affiance in thee.


From the twenty-fifth Chapter of St. Matthew.

When thou, Great Judge! with glory crown'd

Shalt bid the last loud trumpet sound;

When from their graves the dead shall rise

And trembling millions seek the skies;

Thrice happy they! whose anxious fear,

The dawn of endless bliss shall cheer;

To whom thy gracious love shall say

“ To Heav'n, ye blessed, haste away.

“ When hunger drove me to your door ;

“ Or thirsty I besought your store;

- Your hands the kind repast bestow'd,

66 And led me where sweet waters flow'd:

“ When want compelld my feet to roam

“ A stranger reft of house and home

“ Your care my naked state improv’d,

“ And all my poverty remov’d:

“ When on the bed of sickness laid,

“Or pining in the dungeon shade;

“ Your visits taught me there to pray,

“And wip'd my bitter tears away."

Lord, at that dread tribunal spare !

Let all behold a Saviour there !

There let thy tender mercies shine

And clothe us with a robe divine.

Printed by Manning and Smithson, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row.

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